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The saying “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime” is a metaphor for the value of teaching someone a skill rather than just providing for their immediate needs.

It emphasises the long-term benefits of education and empowerment over temporary assistance. Essentially, it encourages self-sufficiency and independence rather than dependency on others.

Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ Sun.

For the past few years, I’ve been gradually transitioning EON/FEN into a transformational lesson that guides you to move away from “taking a fish a day” and towards “learning how to fish” instead.


Why learn numerology only to be stuck within its constraints, without moving out of your comfort zone?

Starting this year, there will be no Numerological Predictive Observations (NPO) posts, meaning no NPO2024, NPO2025, and so on.



You might have noticed I’ve been quiet for the past few years and are wondering if there’s anything wrong. My absence was a lesson indeed, as it empowered me to better reflect on the guiding lights of how to improve my lifestyle, and in turn, how I can help you discover ways to improve your own lifestyle too.

Understanding the elements and numbers in your birth chart, as well as the potential influences of periodic energies, is just the beginning. From there, you must take small progressive steps forward.


In my NPO2023 post, I mentioned new war zones that, unfortunately, have emerged last year in 2023. Other forecasted areas have also surfaced.

But what’s the point of being able to identify the signs leading to such devastating problems?

It doesn’t matter if you pride yourself on interpreting the power of numbers and telling the world about your abilities. At the end of the day, what have you or the trainer done to help others improve their lives, so they don’t have to depend on their numerology skills?


That’s why I’ve decided to shift my focus to sensible transformational profiling, which goes beyond the basic universal methods and science on the power of numbers.

Some students have benefited from transformative changes last year after my coaching and mentorship, and I’m glad they took positive action to make those changes.

An overseas FEN student reached out to me following an online forecast seminar for 2024 that took place in December 2023, hosted by someone else. She asked (rephrased), “Ron, when will you be holding a class? I’ve just attended a session by XXX, and it was quite dull with the same old content. I know you’re more generous with your knowledge than he is.



Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ Sun. The phrase “Practice what you preach” resonates with me. I’ve shared with EON/FEN students the importance of harnessing the incoming yearly energies based on their Birth Charts, which can manifest in smart genes, career, and achievement elements.

We should maximise these energies to our advantage. That’s exactly what I have been doing for the past few years. For me, it involves activating my smart genes through active learning, building knowledge, applying techniques, and then sharing them with you so that everyone can improve their lives.



When you identify signs that are not so positive, consciously remind yourself not to manifest the negativity. Otherwise, when incidental events happen, don’t use the excuse that “it’s fated.” Your life experience is shaped by your outlook, thinking, behaviour, and actions.

Fate has little to do with what you experience. It’s your emotions and reactions to situations that often make matters worse.



Elements of Numbers EON. Five Elements Numerology FEN. Ron WZ Sun. RonWZSun.comI’m expecting this year to be transformational for me after consistently taking small, progressive steps to actualise my vision.

This year is also one of disruptive changes, with the transition from Period 8 to Period 9 from a Feng Shui perspective. It’s the year of embracing new technologies and lifelong learning, with outdated skillsets impacting many of us, and it’s time to “learn, unlearn, relearn.”

And that’s what I’m doing—I’ll be quietly focusing on completing the last lap of my learning enrichment priorities until later this year when I have ample time to conduct EON/FEN classes.

Meanwhile, I’ll make time to share more articles on how transformational profiling techniques can help you make mindset shift beyond numbers, for a better you.


Feel free to email me at if you need any assistance beyond what you’ve learned on your own or from other external trainers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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