Can anyone predict when you will die?

Some years back, I attended a free talk by a Feng Shui practitioner at the HDB Hub auditorium, Singapore. With him was a female ‘Bazi & ZiWei Master’ from China who claimed she can predict when a person will die.

Gosh, is she God?  Or is she God’s messenger?

She told the audience (about 200 of them) they can give her their birth dates and she will tell the person when they will die.  Naturally many people gave her their birth dates, out of fear. She picked the elderly ones and told them that it is better to save the thousands of dollars if they ended in hospital, suffer and die. Instead, she can help them overcome the ‘critical period’ and change their fate for just a mere few hundred dollars.

I was shocked. How can these people abuse their metaphysics knowledge and create fear on others? Can they really predict when a person will die?

I doubt so.

No one can predict when a person will die of natural death or sickness, through the birth or life chart. No one can even predict when an accident will occur, since it is an unplanned event. That is why it’s called an ‘accident’.

Recently, a woman committed suicide because she was feeling sad. She had visited a fortune-teller some time ago, who told her she would not survive beyond certain age. The woman became depressed and emotional. She jumped down from a building and died. The fortune-teller had indirectly killed an innocent person for the sake of money.

Yes, there could be telltale signs on health issues. But that doesn’t mean a guaranteed death note. Instead, the purpose of understanding and practising metaphysics is to help people cross the impending obstacles for a better and healthier wellbeing.

If we know there are “Double Effects” of a person with strong Fire elements in both their birth and Personal Year charts, we should advise that person to control his temper, reduce smoking or alcoholic drinks, and so on. We hope that person can crossed the obstacle and continue to live the life they want. If you tell them they will die, then they may die. And if they die, it’s not because of the impending health symptoms but because of the circumstances you had created to made them emotionally worried and depressed. They died, because they believed in you.

When you learn Elements of Numbers (EON) and/or other metaphysics, you should constantly remind yourselves not to misuse or abuse the system. I believe there is an ‘upper calling’ where some people are ‘into’ metaphysics, while others are not. Everything goes around in circles. What comes around goes around. What you do unto others will also do unto you. When you create negative and bad energies on others, their negative and bad energies will manifest and in turn, goes back to you – the giver.

Don’t be so simple-minded to believe anyone who tells you they can predict when you will die. If any metaphysician can predict when you will die, then ask them to tell you when they will die too.

We are not God or God’s messenger, and should not behave like one. We all have emotions. Playing around with other people’s fear and emotions would have a retribution effect.

Learn EON or other metaphysics system, identify your health symptoms, and take charge of your own life!

Regards, Ron


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