Workshop on “Seasonal Cycles & Elemental Influences on Stocks” on 7th Nov 2015


Have you wondered why the stock market this year so far has experienced high volatility, with share prices moving up trend one day and then on a downtrend  the next trading day? While some of you made profits (buying and selling at right times), there are many of you who were frustrated over the roller coaster like, up and down trends of stock prices at short time. Most felt there were no obvious reasons, no news, no catalyst to justify the stock price changes. While stock prices might be seen as manipulated by professional traders, corporations and institutional investors, there might be other factors contributing to the fluctuating stock movements. Have you noticed why some stocks are escalating higher during certain periods in a year, and then moving on to the opposite direction in certain months or another year?

We’re conducting a public workshop on “Seasonal Cycles & Elemental Influences on Stocks” on 7th November 2015 (Friday) with the following workshop outline:

Seasonal Stocks.
– How stocks can be influenced by yearly energies.
– Common stock cyclic barometers.
Understanding seasonal market cycles.
– Seasonal Calendars with key industry sectors and entry/exit references.
Yearly Influence on stocks.
– Century influences.
– Past year’s influences (2014).
– Current year influences in 2015 and 2016.
Brief introduction on Elements of Numbers (EON) method.
– Key associations to stocks and industry sectors.
– Elemental characteristics influencing stocks.
Behavioural finances.
– Identifying your personal influences on behavioural investing.
– Your characteristics and traits, emotions and impulses.
Financial software tools.
– Handy investment decision tools.
– Predictive trends, logarithmic charting.

StocksTalk_20151003The above image shows sample slides you’ll get to see at the workshop, plus the explanations, techniques, and potential industry sectors to look out for now and 2016. What I’m about to teach you is not about knowing the right time to enter/exit to gain optimal profits. I want to show you how to know which industry sectors have potentials growth during a specific period. You can then use your current TA/FA or other investment methods (including chart indicators) to find out the ideal time to buy, hold, or sell the specific stocks that falls within the industry sector. The intent is to teach and show you an easy and fast method you can apply later to gain more profits at an opportune time. When you understand the forthcoming 2016 year energies, you can identify certain industry sectors that might be in ‘key’ focus. A stock identified to be in ‘key’ focus in the year is considered to be in high active mode (including active tracking from financial analysts and research firms). Its share price is generally moving on growth trends.

EONinvestI’ve conducted a private workshop for investment enthusiasts on 3rd October 2015. A follow-up email was sent to the participants with ten stocks mentioned. Here’re just two stocks I noted during the 2-week period: Wilmar Int’l F34.SI (if buy @S$2.54 on 5/10 and sell @S$2.99 on 9/10) and SingPost S08.SI (if buy @S$1.69 on 5/10 and sell @S$1.89 on 16/10). There are tendency signs suggesting the share prices of the ten stocks I’ve highlighted might increase further in coming months and especially in 2016. Of course, there are more than ten stocks I could have highlighted. They’re provided just as an example. While I could give you a fish a day; I prefer teaching you how to fish instead. It’s easy and fast to improve your investment portfolio by including one extra ‘seasonal profiling’ layer to better your investment decision. The industry sectors are not restricted to Singapore-listed (SGX) stocks only. You can apply them to stocks listed at overseas stock exchanges (like Bursa, IDX, Nasdaq, ASX, HKex, and others).

Want to know one contributing reason for stock volatility this year? OK, here’s the answer – it has something to do with this year 2015’s energies, believe it or not!

EONinvest2While researching to enhance the Elements of Numbers (EON) methodology, I discovered I could extend the EON method beyond human behavioural and personality profiling to include “stocks profiling.

This workshop will benefit anyone who wants to know how to apply the seasonal cycles and elemental influencing vibes to their investment analysis. By understanding the seasonal and elemental trend that might influence certain industry sectors, you’d be in a better position to narrow down your stock pickings and combine them with your TA/FA (Technical/Fundamental Analysis) for more positive gains.

Click the EVENTBRITE link to register for the following course/workshop/preview now!

Workshop on “Seasonal Cycle and Elemental Influences on Stocks”

7 November 2015 (Saturday)

FEN Level 1 (Basic)

14 and 21 November 2015 (2 Saturdays)

Register now for an interesting session with me. I promise the session would be nothing you’d ever experienced before. You’ll not learn anything on TA/FA or popular charting indicators. What you will learn is the seasonal cycles and elemental influences (from different perspectives) that can affect the various industry sectors and stock prices. And with personal due diligence, you can grow your your investment portfolio too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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