Basic Signs on 4-7-2-9-6-6 Relationship

I noticed there were two search requests – for “4-7-2 Relationship” and “4-7-2-9-6-6 Relationship” – done on this site, and it might be from the same person. Then, there was another recent search for “Relationship 2” which would also be relevant in today’s article.

Without the individual Birth Charts of people being profiled – there could be two or more – it is impossible to identify each person’s character traits. In typical case study profiling, knowing the birth dates of the individuals you are about to profile, is essential that you can then analyse the contributing factors as well. As if the person-A has emotional tendencies, but when together with the person-B that has stubborn tendencies, their relationship might become more communicative, idealistic, and loving.

Regardless, today’s analysis is just based on the 4-7-2-9-6-6 pattern at the M-N-O-P-Q-R locations of the Relationship/Compatibility (R/C) Chart. This implies, there might be “blind spots” that I could not identify due to the absence of their individual birth charts, and as such, what you’re about to read so simply based on the tendency signs of the 4-7-2-9-6-6 number sequence. And for convenience, I take it the R/C Chart is for two people.

The R/C root number is 2, which implies that when both are together, they could communicate and express well. However, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, there may be more than meets the eye. That said, the presence of R/C Root 2 might also involve insecurity, safeguarding, and fear between the two people, sensitivity, cautious, and hesitant thinking about trusting the other party.

RelationshipChart_SatyaNadella_JeffBezos_FEON+ ProIn the basic EON method using keyword examples, we might interpret 4-7-2 to be [Plan – Supporter – Talk]. What this might suggest is that when both parties are with each other, there’s a lot of talk about their plans, their dreams and visions, and what they hope to achieve together. In some cases, it could be one party hoping to rely on the other party’s strengths and abilities to actualise the visions and plans. It could be like the win-win situation of “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” metaphor, to do someone a good deed if they do one for you.

We could interpret the 9-6-6 pattern as [Success – Money – Money] which implies the desire to achieve the vision they hope for and receive better financial rewards. However, from an extended EON perspective, this could imply many potential outcomes. For instance, it could be greed and ambitions that are too zealous to increase their financial status, yet concerns could invoke fears and hesitations. Or not putting money first, investing, to implement the plan. On the other hand, the 9-6-6 could be about [Vision – Responsibility – Home] about two couples talking about their visions, and their individual responsibilities to have a family home together. Or for potential business partners, as shown in sample screenshot of the relationship between Satya Nadella and Jeff Bezos, it could be about strengthening their visions together, taking individual responsibilities to ensure they achieve the desired financial outcomes.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingI couldn’t share so much in today’s article. Everything depends upon the nature of the relationship. If it’s between two business partners, then the 4-7-2-9-6-6 could be as mentioned earlier, like [plan – to have more customers – through awareness like social media – to achieve success – and make profits – for stability, sustainability, and business continuity]. If it’s between two loving couples, and as said earlier, the 4-7-2-9-6-6 could be [planning – to get more support from others – and letting them know – about their vision – to have a home – and start a family].

Then again, the hidden signs could suggest it was all about adopting the NATO (No Action Talk Only) mindset, where the expression of interest is shared, but the responsibilities and taking actions, are lacking.

Who knows, what I mentioned earlier could happen. Again, this is simply based on the 4-7-2-9-6-6 number sequence. It is too brief to provide relevant clues about the relationships, without knowing the essential details such as individual birth cards.

Elements of Numbers. Profiling is more than UCMHP, Charity Numbers, Power of Numbers PONIn my FEON+ software (the current available FEON+ v1.x, and the not-yet-released FEON+ PRO), I’ve included the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY)” which basically allows you to identify the energies of the selected year that might affect or influence the relationship status. An analogy is when hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O2) are mixed, it turns into H2O (Water). The energies of the personal year will affect or influence H and O individually, and H2O also. In general, what this means is that both people could have their own PY influences, they would as well be confronted with a combined PY influence when they are together. Therefore, knowing the influence and potential effects of the personal year is equally important, to allow you to identify possible vibrations that could occur over the course of a year.

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