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Samantha has been a regular supporter, reading my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and applying her knowledge to improve her profiling skills. She is an active reader and digests the articles I have posted here too. As she put it, “to better understanding the meaning behind the power of numbers relating to our lives. I have seen you answer the enquiries and helping to analyse for other people in your blog. Hence, I am reaching out to you for a similar purpose so that I can learn better.

Here are Samantha’s edited messages.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling[Samantha] I’m really curious to learn more about a case study I did. I have done some basic analysis myself, and I have concluded, based on both Birth Chart and the Combined Birth Date & Time Chart.

  • Not good with communicating with other people, has difficulty communicating effectively.
  • Need to learn to take in constructive feedback and be less stubborn.
  • Can earn money fast, but money may also flow out fast.
  • Suitable to work alone (self-employed or businessperson).
  • Have signs of carelessness, stubbornness. Hence may lose money.
  • Quick temper, gets stressed easily (mood swings).
  • Will quit and take flight if negative/low confidence.
  • Health wise, be concerned about heart, respiratory, liver and mental illness.

Elements of Numbers FEON+ Pro chartI am pleased that Samantha took the initiative to make her comments and ask me if she is on the right track or not. This is the right approach if you want to learn and upgrade your profiling skills. I have often encouraged others to share their observations first, prior to asking for my feedback. To me, Samantha’s proactive actions suggest that she is taking the correct steps to map out the profile in the right way.

Samantha’s observation was spot-on, when we based solely on the tendency signs present in the chart, putting the person’s possible changed behaviours aside. It shows that Samantha could use the knowledge gained by practicing and reading my articles to lead to her observations. There is one point that I’d like to highlight, i.e., the “suitable to work alone (self-employed or businessperson).”

Whether an individual has the potential to be an employee, an employer, or have entrepreneurial skills, depends on many factors, including attitude, behaviour, state of mind, and dynamism. According to the EON chart, Audrey needs to work on her ‘blind spots‘ such as improving her listening skills, tactfulness, and other aspects that Samantha observed. If not, the 1-3-4 [Self – Fast – Plan] pattern could suggest “selective listening” tendencies and potential issues due to lack of appropriate planning to address all areas – pros and cons, pain points and barriers. Worst-case scenario could suggest the 7-5-3 [Supporter – Obstruct – Anger] pattern leading to some form of contractual disagreement. In the not so extreme case, it could all be about monetary loss due to carelessness and distractions on her part, likely because of hasty planning without factoring “Plan-B” as secondary fallback, should primary Plan-A fail.

As I mentioned earlier, if Audrey could work on the blind spots that I outlined, she could be a better person and perhaps an entrepreneur with positive results. Of course, this includes the need to control her emotions and social skills. Her PY2021 chart shows the 1-5-6-2-7-9 patterns which could suggest the desire for her to focus on expanding her passion and capabilities for global outreach (1-5-6) and attracting more customers (2-7-9).

[Samantha] While analysing her charts, I realise that there may be some differing explanations between Birth Chart, Combined Birth Date & Time Chart, and Reflection Chart (which I have yet to fully analyse). Which chart is the most accurate to use?

The Birth Chart provides primary signs on a person’s outward character on the day of birth, especially the signs at locations I-J-M-S-T-U. However, as the years go by, the external energies in K-L-N-V-W-X locations may influence their beliefs, behaviours, mentalities and habits. And their responses to the situation could be interpreted by other people to assume that Audrey’s personality is exactly the way it is. Well, if you followed me through reading my articles or attending my classes, you would know that this is completely untrue as the personality of individual changes regularly. It’s similar to the different preference on design styles and colour of your clothes, at different times; people may perceive you as being fun or serious.

The Combined Birth Date & Time (CBD&T) Chart provides extra signs to the person’s inner characters, which are seldom displayed outside. It is likely due to these additional signs that Samantha can suggest, “suitable to work alone (self-employment or businessperson)” since the tendency signs from the 4-1-5-6-9-6 pattern, is present – suggesting a potential entrepreneurial spirit and visions. This means, Audrey could outwardly be seen as an action-driven, but a careless person who plans hastily, she could quietly be working on her plans “a long time ago” without others knowing. Yes, as Samantha has observed, Audrey has to “learn to take in constructive feedback and be less stubborn” and improve on her “carelessness, stubbornness” behaviours. The CBD&T Chart comes handy when the time of birth of the person is available. You may think of this as a secondary chart for identifying the inner clues.

The Reflection Chart is just like reinforcing the Yin-Yang mindsets of a person, and their subconscious beliefs. In Audrey’s case, the 1-4-5-9-6-6 pattern in her Reflection Chart is almost similar (like a mirror reflection) to the 4-1-5-6-9-6 pattern in her CBD&T chart. This might suggest that Audrey has strong subconscious beliefs to act upon her plans to fulfil her visions for financial growth.

[Samantha] Everyone born in the same year will have similar analysis for K-L-N as well as V-W-X. Does it mean these 2 (external factors) sections are less meaningful than the sections?

Elements of Numbers: It's not what you look at that matters; its what you seeTechnically, it is. However, from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, what you look at may not be what you see. This means that even though the numbers and external factors may be similar, it is the beliefs, habits and attitudes of the individual who could change their behaviours and responses. And these beliefs, habits and attitudes are formulated over time as a result of family upbringing, social and academic influence, and the environment – the location, the country’s economy, and financial stability. Here’s an analogy – it’s exactly like the identical smartphone models being manufactured and assembled – the battery life, the functionality, and the quality of the smartphone may vary between individuals due to external influences like usage and handling, and quality of parts. Putting all these aside, the Time of Birth Chart does provide additional clues that differentiate the potential influence of two people born on the same date, but at different time, like the late twin brothers, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb.

[Samantha] This lady is planning to move overseas together with her husband to work and live a life. But I do not see any apparent numbers that show it. I don’t seem to have a clear picture of this person’s career and wealth.

The career and wealth elements are present in Audrey’s charts. Samantha has only to pause and make a peripheral observation from all angles. Samantha attended my recent webinar on “Career Profiling” upon my suggestion, and I’ve shared with her and the others, about the external influence, and how to identify the career element. I’ve also highlighted that while there might be obvious cases of the career element not being present on the Birth Chart, you could check other charts as well.

In the basic EON method, and similar to other numerology methods conducted by external trainers, we could easily associate the number 6 with money. However, based on an extended EON method, there is a different technique for identifying the element of wealth, which is present in Audrey’s charts.

[Samantha] I can’t seem to form a sound analysis on her PY2021 chart. Can you also analyse this aspect for me to learn better? Thank you, Ron. Appreciate you spending the time and effort to impart knowledge to help others.

Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONI’ve shared brief insights on Audrey’s PY2021 charts earlier. Many external trainers conducting other methods, have shared their version of the Personal Year charts with their students. And if you’re one of their students, have you ever thought about why you always feel stuck without knowing what to do in a personal year? What are the reasons or areas where you are unsure of your learning, that created the uncertainty of profiling your own personal year chart? Why is it so hard to interpret your personal year chart? What’s the most significant lesson you’ve learned during your profiling case studies after the course lessons has ended? Whatever the feeling is… you must step out to “learn, unlearn, relearn” and understand how to profile the right way.

I understand the constraints and uncertainties many external students feel. This is why I decided to break my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) lessons into small bite-size modules concentrating on one technique at a time. Some of the confusion faces by external students, like many of you, include the charting layouts used by these trainers, which is different from the EON charting layout. The other considerations are due, in part, to the trainers’ understanding of the charts or methods; and/or the interpretations from the students, on the personal year chart. It’s not enough to look at the personal year charts; you have to unravel the hidden and external signs too.

I look forward to sharing more in-depth knowledge on the Personal Year profiling techniques with Samantha and you all, at the coming webinar “Agility in Profiling: Personal Year” on 15 July 2021. Join me and enjoy the fun and insightful lessons while learning the basics of ‘Personal Year‘ profiling. And yes, you’ll get to experience how I profile your personal year vibes during the “live” case-study walkthrough. And likely, I’ll include another separate technique: the 9-Year Cycle. Learn and understand how the 9-Year Cycle energies may influence the strengths, weaknesses, or blind spots in your personal year; and how you could take the right actions.

Agility in Profiling Webinar

I hope I’ve taught Samantha and all of you some very interesting observations in today’s article. As always, try to correlate Audrey’s chart with the explanations I’ve provided, and also with the observations made by Samantha. With regular practice and learning the right technique to build the profile, and with positive coaching, you should be on the right track to build profile charts and make your observations right.

Click this link to know more about the upcoming webinar and to register. Hoping to see more of you at the webinar!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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