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The Indonesia government is stepping up efforts to fight the fire now that the worsening haze has reached southern Thailand and Philippines. While we recognises their great efforts and commitments, neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore are affected (health and increasing medical fees; outdoor/sports event cancellations and tourism visits). Many people felt there should be proactive preventive measures done by the Indonesia government, and current step-up efforts are too little and comes too late.

CaseStudy_Indonesia_2015Millions of people are affected by the haze, and these meant more people might suffer from immune, skin rashes, lungs, or respiratory-like symptoms. To make matters worst, millions of Indonesia’s citizens are breathing the unhealthy haze today and for many, their health conditions could surface or worsen within the next few months.

The signs of fiery Year 2015 energies are there when we review them. You can interpret the year 2015 as [2+0+1+5=8; 2: movement. 1: haze, immune, air. 5: earth or ground. 8: fire, volatility]. This means the Universal Year (UY) for 2015 is 8. There are also tendency signs suggesting more people might suffer from respiratory, lungs, and immune-like symptoms and lung cancer next year 2016. Using the same analogy, we can interpret the year 2016 as [2+0+1+6=9; 2: movement. 1: haze, immune, air. 6accidents, particles. 9: growth, forest, upward trend]. The Universal Year for 2016 is 9.

That’s scary, isn’t it?

We’re already experiencing the 2016 energies today as the yearly energies are transient and constantly in motion. Besides the earlier mentioned health symptoms, there are signs of increasing people having migraines, headache, mental madness (and craziness), strokes, breast cancer for women, diabetics, asthmatic attacks, and limp injuries. In addition, accident rates might increase on roads (involving cars, buses, trains, and motorbikes), air (involving planes, rockets, and satellites), and sea (involving ships, military and security vessels, boats, and subsea locations and/or oil rigs.)

Indonesia_Haze2015Last Saturday morning, I was driving and heard the radio presenter quoted NASA mentioning the haze situation this year could be worse than the previous incident in 2006. “That’s 9 years ago and it might have a rhythmic cycle effect,” I told myself. True enough, when I did a quick check yesterday on Indonesia’s haze, the heightened ones happened in 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, and 2015. If you calculate the gap between years, they’re all 9 years apart. That means unless there are strong legal laws and committal enforcement and cross-border cooperations between neighbouring countries to tackle the yearly haze recurrences, we might experience another worsening haze condition in 2024.

The curiosity sits in and I quickly plotted Indonesia’s EON chart. The birth root is 8 which we could associate as Fire (oh no!). I then looked at their Rhythmic Cycle chart. I’m surprised the cyclic years where haze was worst (i.e., 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, and 2015) all happened on UY 8 (Fire). And the Personal Year (PY) for the five cyclic years mentioned are all 6 which we could associate to Metal (immune, mental, haze, smoke). That’s implying during the cyclic years, there are signs of strong manifestations of 8 (Fire) on 6 (Metal). In the Five Elements principles, strong Fire (8) attacks/controls Metal (6). Could these imply Fire and Metal are constantly in ‘attack mode’ during these cyclic years resulting in strong fire and haze around?

RhythmicCycle_Apple1I introduced the Rhythmic Cycle chart years back (before 2013) while conducting my EON WORKSHOP sessions. I noted it was possible to plot the ‘seasonal cycles’ of a person’s life aspects (career, wealth, health, etc.) which was why I plotted Apple’s chart and shared my observations in previous workshop sessions and posted articles too. Yes, you can use the ‘Rhythmic Cycle’ chart to analyse a person and company; and apply its seasonal influences on industry sectors for financial stocks. Technically, you can also use it to identify a company’s financial cycles, probably for stocks investing!

BANNER2aFeeling your career is stagnant today? Check what happened in 9 or 18 years ago. Chances are; you might experience similar (or opposite) signs on your career. For those interested, you’ll learn more about the Rhythmic Cycles and its applications at my FEN Level 2 (Advanced) module.

Until then, take care of your health!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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