Using EON in Feng Shui auditing

I came across one Feng Shui site recently. This Feng Shui Master was stating that it may not be necessary to do a destiny or personality profiling to conduct a “proper” Feng Shui house audit.

Can a Feng Shui house audit be complete without checking the person’s birth chart?

In Chinese metaphysics, enthusiasts and professionals would know the five foundations in a person’s development and life:

1. Destiny – it is important to know more about ourselves and our “road maps” in life. We can then shape our life paths through our personality, behaviours, habits, thoughts and actions.

2. Luck – we need to know how to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Many people use Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), ZiWei DouShu (PurpleStar Astrology) or Jiu Gong Ming Li (Nine Star Ki) for destiny profiling to know more about themselves and others, and how to improve their “luck” throughout their lifetime.

3. Feng Shui – once we know our destiny (or life) path and luck, we can then use Feng Shui to manifest the positive Qi (chi) or energies to harmonise the surrounding environment. We then apply the Five Elements metaphor and rearrange placement to “receive” the good energies. The good and positive energies would then influence our thoughts and actions.

4. Virtue – family upbringing, education, moral and social values do influence our wisdom and inner thoughts. Having good virtues and wisdom will help bring our life to a more rewarding, satisfying and healthy level. It is important to correct our negative habits and thoughts to positive ones to enjoy the “luck” in our life. These would allow us to be more tolerant, charitable, accommodating, empathetic and understanding to enjoy and harmonise ourselves with others.

5. Knowledge – we build up our skills and knowledge from our education and experiences. Knowing our destiny, luck and virtues is just a “theory” unless we transform these positive theories into a reality. Knowledge is also about giving back to society what we took from them. When we pass on our knowledge and heal others to improve their lives, it becomes a self-learning lifelong experience for us. Remember the phrase “To Teach is To Learn Twice.”

When we use Feng Shui to harmonise a house, it is like treating patients using Western medicine. For example, many doctors would prescribe paracetamol (or other painkiller medicine) to suppress the pain, headache and toothache. These doctors simply looked at the symptoms, and not the root cause to the problems. Thus, it is important to include life and destiny profiling of the people staying in the house to ensure they receive the good energies optimally.

Bazi, ZiWeiDouShu (ZWDS) and Nine Star Ki (9StarKi) are one of the popular methods people use for life and destiny profiling. Like the game of Othello (Reversi), it is easy to learn them but difficult to master. Many people are not confident enough to do a Bazi destiny profiling because of the profound and confused theories taught by their mentors. Until today, some experts are still relying on the strength of the Day Master in Bazi, to decide the overall health and life state of the person. Then there are others who are unsure whether an Earthly Branch or Heavenly Stem can be combined or clashed, or which rules should come first.

Forget about favourable and unfavourable elements of the person. The strength of the “Day Master” in Bazi is never forever strong or weak in your lifetime. There is no absolute favourable element in our lives. The elemental energies change and move rapidly, and the quality and levels of the energies vary. So, the favourable element today could be unfavourable tomorrow.

How can we use Elements of Numbers (EON) as one of the essential applications in a Feng Shui house audit then?

EON is another life or destiny profiling method, just like Bazi, ZWDS and 9StarKi. You can use EON as an alternative method, or when your knowledge on other destiny profiling is not strong enough. In fact, I would recommend learning EON and using this method for destiny profiling because of its simplicity. The Five Elements concept used in EON is identical to those used in many Chinese metaphysics. You only need to focus on understanding the meanings, patterns and functionality of the numbers, and its elemental influences using the Five Elements.

In addition, there is no need to refer to any traditional Chinese calendars to plot a person’s birth chart, minimising the possibility of using mistaken data to plot a wrong chart.

Once you have build up your knowledge on EON, you can then confidently use it to analyse a person’s birth chart. Use EON as if you are using Bazi to look at a person’s destiny. Check their health state and encourage changes and actions from the person. If you need to use Feng Shui, then use suitable sectors (or directions) in their house to energise the good Qi.

If you need to enhance the social life of an unmarried person, look out for 2-7/7-2/3-3 number combinations in the Personal Year chart and activate the “Flower of Romance” sector of the house. For direct relationship, look out for 4-2/2-4 numbers. Enhance it by activating the favourable sector for that person. If need be, do it on a macro-level, within the sector of the room and not the house. You can even use EON to check on good period to conceive a baby, and use Feng Shui to enhance the positive energies. You can also use EON with Feng Shui to improve other areas like career, academic, wealth and health.

Try using EON as an alternative life and destiny profiling. It’s easier and simple. Once you understood the fundamentals and applications of EON, the next step is to identify the issue first and then focus on the resolutions to the problems.

With more confidence in your knowledge and skills, I strongly believe you would be able to maximise your knowledge and experience to help others become a better and healthier person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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