FEN Course Preview on 9/15 May 2014


Yet another exciting preview session specially organised for you this Friday 9th May 2014 (click here for more info). This time around the presentation slides (see sample slide images below) and format would be different from my past preview sessions to cater to attendees with the following profiles:

  1. The Beginners. Those who are new and curious to know more about themselves and others through numerological profiling.
  2. The Basic students. Those who’d completed courses conducted by other organisations and had varying lukewarm experiences, and wondered if the FEN learning experience could be different and fun.
  3. The Advanced students. These are the people who’re profiling experts in their own unique ways. They could have already completed Advanced or Mastery level courses conducted by other organisations and yet felt it wasn’t enough to boost their profiling confidence.
  4. The Professionals. Yes, there are profiling experts who’re humble and smart enough to know that lifelong learning from different trainers and organisations would help them propel their profiling skillsets to the next level.

At my last previous preview sessions, I’d taught the basic key meanings and number associations to everyone present. The ‘Beginners’ group loves it as it helps kick-start their curiosity on the basic theory. For the other half of the group – the Basic and Advanced students, and the Professionals – it was more of a revision through a different learning experience. Nevertheless I’m glad and grateful to those who’d attended the preview sessions and signed up for the FEN courses.

I’m often asked – what’s the difference between the FEN courses against those teaching the PON or UCM methods? My answer is… plentiful and insightful. If you have attended my previous workshops or the FEN courses, you’d know the difference well. After all, you deserved the best from me. Anyway, one easier method to explain is to provide the course outline table similar to the specification comparison chart between different mobile phone models. Do check the following links for more information:

–          FEN Basic Level course – click here for details

–          FEN Advance Level course – click here for details

Many trainers do not provide general course outlines for various reasons. We understand how you feel.. which is why we’re glad to provide the general course outlines when the course is confirmed. This allow potential students like you to know what you’ll be learning. And we have recently further improved on our course information by including a course outline table against the competitions to help you make the right decision. We want you to feel comfortable and happy learning from us. We want to assure you that you’d have made the right choice by learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method through the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses organised by EON INSPIRE.

On Friday’s preview (9th May 2014), I will explain the course outline comparison, and showcase more sample slides used in my training class. You can look forward to a clearer representation on the FEN techniques you’re about to learn. And I sincerely hope you can make it for this Friday’s preview session.

If you’ve faced not-so-positive experiences with other trainers, rest assured you’ll not experienced similar outcomes when you attend my training. That’s my assurance to you.

See you on Friday 9th May 2014. As we’ve rented a reasonable size classroom, seats are limited. Register now! Oh… get your profiling friends to come down too.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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