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It seems like people are still trying to find out from me more about the Life Code popularised by external PON (Power of Numbers) Trainers from other institutions. I noted there were searches done on my site the past few weeks regarding life code. In fact, someone specifically searched for “life code 4128” and got a negative result. It is difficult for me to explain the significance of the LifeCode patterns other than it being more of a “law of attraction” energy enabling symbolic object that’s both limiting and costly. And unnecessary. Many PON students assumed it as a lifelong protector of some sort, even though they might ignore its depleting effects over time. Worst, some of these students faced more negative energies that affected their livelihood even more.

EON_Workshop_LifeCodeI shared the steps to plot the LifeCode numbers to my FEN students as reference, including a revised version introduced by some external trainers, probably to confuse their students. For example, instead of 4128, the revised code is now 4218. I highlighted the potential harmful effects and explained using sample birth and yearly charts how it could affect a person’s life when they manifest the life code energies wrongly. In short, you should not rely on the LifeCode as a remedy to increase your luck, be they on success, career, or money luck. It might create the impression of “double blessing” hope at first, but eventually manifest the “double whammies” vibes when applied wrongly, and these could affect your mental and physical health, and other life aspects. The cheapest and free way to improve your luck is to change your mindset, attitude, habits, behaviours, and actions.

I wondered why this user wanted to find out about the LifeCode 4128 pattern. For easier reference, let’s call this person as Mavis. Is it something Mavis wanted to know beyond the PON theories, to understand its implications, limiting influences, or its potential effects on her various life aspects and health? I hope I could provide more clues to help Mavis, and I believe she is not my student yet as I’ve taught my students to use practical and logical methods, like applying the periodic code sequence and the Annual Code to identify short-term signs influencing them.  I can use the 4128 code as reference and explain its meanings from the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, since I don’t have her birth date. I chose to do something different this time. I decided to apply the reversal steps to identify the probable preceding number sequence. It’s a habit I have acquired over the years while decoding patterns for metaphysics software development, and analysing elemental traits for my EON research findings. One possibility here – Mavis might have the numbers 5-7-3-1-8-9 in locations MNOPQR of her birth chart. It doesn’t really matter if the numbers I’ve mentioned are wrong since there are other possible combinations resulting in similar LifeCode 4128 number. It’s all about sharing my knowledge with Mavis (and all of you here) as much as I could, within my capacity as EON researcher and author, and your profiling mentor.

THE MINDLet’s begin by analysing the number sequence 4128. From basic keywords, it could imply [Plan – Alone – Talk – Stress]. Briefly, this means there is a need for Mavis to reduce her dependency on others to decide for her. She needs to boost her confidence level and prioritise on what she wants and then starts planning on the To-Do action list. Once done, she must be agreeable to share her plans with others and accept criticisms and constructive suggestions. She must control her emotions and tempers, and be ready to work extra harder to ensure her plans get carried out and achieving the outcome she’d hope for. There might be hesitation or stumbling blocks, the fear that she might lack the persistency and passion, or unwillingness to take up challenges. Once she could overcome this initial fear and reluctance, Mavis would be capable of igniting the Creative sparks and add innovative ideas to her plans. With the confidence and focused mindset, Mavis should be competent to attain the success needed.

From an extended viewpoint, the 4128 pattern could suggest [Emotion – Mental – Thoughts – Stress]. This could imply Mavis might often get emotional easily, worrying about unnecessary issues, the fear of insecurity and lack of confidence, and these could impose undue stress on her. In short, Mavis could do better once she could control her emotions and senses, feelings and thoughts, and have positive outlook on life’s perspectives.

TEACH NUMBER PATTERNS2Identifying the LifeCode and understanding its meanings are not enough to help a person knows what she needs to focus on, and what she needs to change to actualise her plans efficiently. We should be mindful of the contributing factors and apply the root-cause analysis to find out the reasons behind the hesitations, emotions, behaviours, and actions. In short, we should also look at the birth chart for signs, like the numbers in locations MNOPQR as contributing factors. Assuming if the numbers are 5-7-3-1-8-9, then it means Mavis must control her financial budget and not ‘throw her money down the drain’ spending on items she doesn’t really need. It could also imply Mavis need to be more attentive to her work, and be more diligent, meticulous, responsible, and accountable. She must check the documents before signing and not assume other colleagues would check them earlier anyway. An oversight and carelessness habit that she must reduce. She might be feeling exhausted, worrisome, and probably getting burnout symptoms. She must avoid being a guarantor for anyone as these could create undue stress on her when the guarantee defaulted. It could imply the need for Mavis to be more realistic and practical in her pursuits, and not hope for the Stars but come down to Earth where she is, and that’s where she can achieve her goals. She has to accept the fact that nobody’s flawless and nothing’s perfect every time.

UNLEASHWhen I re-look at the whole number sequence 5-7-3-1-8-9 and the resulting LifeCode 4128, there are extra signs suggesting Mavis might want to forget about planning alone to get things done. She might want to work cohesively with fellow colleagues or other people in the project, and work as a team to achieve better plans and efficient processes. A fast interpretation of the 4128 would be [Foundation – Leader – Expression – Responsibility]. These means the need for Mavis to set the foundation to her plan, to solidify them so that she can focus and take charge, perhaps to lead the team. She must then deliver her group’s plan and visions and explained the processes to execute her plans, and deliver her goals. As a responsible person, she must perform a 360-degree mind-mapping analysis, and consider other possible conditional what-if scenarios that might affect the process.

Mavis might not display or inhibit the traits mentioned since I’m assuming the 5-7-3-1-8-9 numbers are in locations MNOPQR of her birth chart. Even if the number sequences are exactly as I’d thought, it doesn’t imply Mavis will exhibit the mentioned traits since there are other equally important numbers elsewhere that we need to check. Furthermore, we also need to check her Personal Year chart and identify signs related to her questions in mind.

Does that imply Mavis is stuck with this 4128 remedial number forever in her living years? I don’t know, and guessed it probably is since I don’t apply and teach my students to use the LifeCode as a lifetime remedy. Every year, the energies are different, and so are our life aspects like health, career, pursuits, and action plans. It just doesn’t make sense to confine yourself to use the LifeCode as the changing energies might create even more harmful effects on you. For example, a person with LifeCode 9999 would be more emotional and suicidal when he or she applied the LifeCode symbolic remedies in their daily lives. Besides impacting and self-imposing, it could create unwanted tension among loved ones, friends, and working partners.

Definite MistressBe realistic and practical. What’s more important is the need for you to identify signs pertaining to what you can do in a particular year, the steps you must take to dilute the negative energies, and the steps you can take to manifest the positive energies. This way, you can be well-equipped with the knowledge to harmonise the energies for a better year ahead. To do that would require understanding the Annual Code and periodic code sequence, and its interpretations just like what I’ve done earlier. It’s similar to the way you might be taught to interpret number sequence. It’s alright if you don’t know when or how to start, and hope you can interpret the number sequences similarly to how I did it. It takes time and regular practices to identify clues by analysing from all possible angles. That is why I’m concerned when PON students quickly assume and affirm certain number sequences or patterns have absolute meanings, like 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) leading to bankruptcy and 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) leading to confirmed mistress for a female person.

KnowingPatternsIt’s OK and good to know these affirmative connotations, just like how we started learning the ABCs and associating the letters A to Apple, B to Boy, C to Cat, and so on. It creates the excitement and forward-looking feelings that we could ‘finally’ identify signs to a person’s character through known sets of patterns exist in their birth chart. However, we should remind ourselves not to impose fear or give false hope on others by associating number patterns with extreme connotations, like naively telling others that if the 1-2-3 pattern appears in a person’s chart, it is a definite sign the person is rich or have assets forever. Anyway, when our learning state improves, we need to go beyond simple associating the A-Z alphabets with apples, bananas, cats, dogs, and so on. We need to widen our perception scope and accept that we can now associate the letter A for ACTION, B for BELIEVE, and C for CONFIDENCE. This means you can extend your knowledge beyond number patterns, especially if you’d completed courses on/from PON (Power of Numbers), UCM (Universal Character Method of Profiling), LifeQuest, Science of Numbers, and other similar institutions. Learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and expand your profiling knowledge. Apply the visualisation technique to identify extra clues to a person’s traits and characteristics. Learn to identify unique clues that might influence your life path, the elemental energies coming in a specific year, month, day, and even hours, that could affect your career, luck, health, family, and academic.

EON_outside_the_boxCome and join in my class when the next FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses are scheduled. Get your questions answered and case study analysis done real-time in class. Maximise all available times, including breaks, to ask me questions. And I will share them with you and to the class as case studies so that everyone enjoys similar inclusive learning experience. Don’t worry if you are concerned about your knowledge building after completing my class. You can always check out this site for articles posted here, and chances are, you might suddenly noticed there are bits of hints that only you as FEN students would understand easily. And now with the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group, every FEN student can interact and share their observations in real-time. If need be, I will compile my observations and post them as case study articles for all to read. And for you, my case study article would have hints to reinforce the techniques I’ve shared in class, so that you can have a continuing learning experience.

confusionSend an email to Wang now at to register your name, and he will notify you of the course schedule when we confirmed the dates. Come and attend my class, and I will guide you to build a better profiling knowledge, improve your analytical confidence, and increase your observational perspectives. Put aside the LifeCode and number patterns as they’re static assumptions that are temporary attractions at preliminary levels.

Move up and advance to the next stage of profiling analysis with me, and be my profiling partners and community members. Together, we can improve our lives for a better future ahead, and while we’re riding with the waves of positive tides, we can help others to improve their lives too.

Regards, WZ Sun



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