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It’s amazing how we understand and apply the different metaphysics systems, and yet more often than not, could observe similar signs but in varying ways.

According to this AsiaOne online article, one Feng shui master in Hong Kong was quoted, “while the monkey may bring instability, it could also herald major innovation as technology falls into the “fire” category. There could be major breakthroughs in solar-powered energy, fire-related technologies, or the Internet…” In Chinese metaphysics like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny), this year is “BingShenFire Monkey year, and you can expect signs of the mischievous and wild monkey playing around – volatility, fiery, and uncertainty.

BANNER2aAbout a decade ago, one of my Chinese metaphysics mentors highlighted that he noticed the energies depicted in many metaphysics systems for the current year seemed to be a ‘little’ slower. That is to say, there should be some adjustment done to correct or rather, to align the theoretical tables with the events happening. I was intrigued then but didn’t pursue much since many Chinese metaphysics system relies on the 60 Bazi pillars to compute a chart. In short, it is a Fire Monkey and not a Fire Rooster year for 2016.

Now that my research on enhancing the Elements of Numbers (EON) with the Five Elements principles have come to a fruition state, I realise there might be some truth in what my mentor commented about the year energies, as depicted in many Chinese Metaphysics systems, is not aligned. I know it might stir some contradictions, controversy, alternative debates, and so on among metaphysics followers, practitioners, and authors. Let’s not dispute whether we should review the Bazi 60 pillars of references for Chinese metaphysics systems practised today. On the contrary, we should continue using it “as is” since many signs predicted by Feng shui experts and astrologers have come true for the year too.

Today’s article is about interpreting the phrase “same same but different” from another perspective, relevant to metaphysics. It’s suggesting there might be some form of coincidental similarities when we apply distinctive methods to identify the year energies. If you have read my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” article posted on 1/1/2016, you’d have read about my forecast on the events that might happen this year. And if you have read about the forecast made by many Feng shui experts for this Fire Monkey year using various Chinese metaphysics methodologies, you might read on similar signs that I’ve mentioned which I analysed from the EON perspective.

HiddenPatternsThe purpose of forecasting is NOT about the accuracies of the events that will happen during the period stated. It’s about forewarning. It’s about identifying the signs present that MIGHT create favourable or unfavourable energies, and these could impact us somehow, in varying ways. It’s just like looking at the road maps and telling you there is a Cross Junction ahead, and you need to slow down your driving speed to prevent any accident or injuries from happening. And since you are aware of the impending signs, you can then control your emotions and tempers, and not let your health get affected because of your sudden outburst. And when you consciously made an afford to control or improve your behaviours, mindset, attitudes, and habits; you’d find that the negative events and signs foretold by experts may not happen, or if it does happen, it’d not be severe as stated. By then, it’d be ridiculous to say that the forecast was incorrect as it never happened or was not as bad as said. It was erroneous not because the experts predicted wrongly. It was inaccurate because you had made a conscious change in your life. You’ve taken positive steps to rid your bad habits and attitudes, and you controlled the negativism. In so doing, you adjusted the energies and felt the positiveness instead.

Check my 2015 and 2016 forecast articles, and compare them with the major events that happened so far. These are signs of the yearly energies. We’re still in the transitional stage where the past year (2015) energies are depleting with the current year (2016) vibes getting stronger. What this means is that you may currently feel the ‘leftover’ energies for last year.

Let’s correlate the Year of the Monkey characteristics and the 2016 energies (from EON perspectives), and apply the ideal methods to better ourselves. This year, we need to be extra cautious about the things we want to do. The monkey is fiery, and as the phrase goes, “Monkeys see. Monkeys do.” This implies we might see more potential copycats toying with ideas and emulating or repeating strategies of past events this year, like terrorist attacks, corruptions, pop idols, and others. It could also imply more educationists are copying the best practices adopted by some countries to increase the social, civics, and educational levels of their young schooling citizens. And these implies increasing counterfeits, patents and Intellectual Properties (IP) lawsuits.

The monkey is mischievous, curious, and take things that could benefit them (like food) without hesitation. Correlate that to heightened malicious acts, corruptions, burglaries,, sexual scandals, money laundering, and other self-benefiting acts, including illicit activities and unauthorised transactions. The monkey is known for its agility, resistance, and survival instincts. This means this year you must start planning about improving your mental, physical, material, finance and social health. It’s not too late to act now if you haven’t already done so. Learn from your past year’s regretful signs, and identify them as something you thought you could have done better. Work on it today and improve on anything promising that can help to a greater degree, improve your life. Like make a change and transform yourself, stop the bad habit, change the way you think, have positive work attitude, adapt your analytical style, recognise and tolerate other people’s fault, learn new skills, stay focused, and help others as much as you can, in whatever ways possible.

StocksTalk_20151003The year 2016 is about completion since the resultant number is 9 (2016; 2+1+6=9) which depicts the success, reaching our destinations, relishing our goals and visions. It’s the last-mile stage that we need to withstand and be firm, amidst the external noises that are mere distractions. The stock markets’ uncertainty and volatility are not mainly caused by fundamental flaws, but opportunistic manipulators because of the money influence of the year energies. As I had told the participants who’d attended the “Seasonal Cycles and Elemental Influences on Stocks” workshops, the year 2017 is a restart, reboot, or reborn year as the number 1 (2017; 2+1+7=1) signifies a fresh innovative start, the beginning to a brand-new dawn, and a new hope.

ACCURACYMany Feng shui professionals associate “technology” with the Fire element. They may be right from their perspectives, and it doesn’t make sense for me to dispute their associations of technology to the Fire element. To me, The word technology is widely used and could have different connotations or interpretations. We need to be specific about what we’re associating the technology with. For example, software technology, fire and safety technology, biomedical and healthcare technology, instructional technology, construction technology, printing technology, automobile and space technology, military and security technology, agricultural technology, and water technology – we could associate these technologies with the Five Elements principles, like Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire elements.

I’ve shared with my students how we could associate technology, in general, to the Metal element. Technology is about innovations, the mental cognitive thinking to improve existing product or methodology, the application of knowledge for practical purposes – these are related to conceptual and intellectual applications which we could associate with the Metal element.

TakeStockThe Year of the Monkey would be more of a ‘Firetechnology, which is probable the reason why Feng Shui professionals associated the technology with Fire element. Is it because it is a BingShen year, where Bing is Fire, and Shen is Metal? From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, I could extend that to creative-intellectual abilities, the left-and-right-brain applications; the passionate and creative thoughts that invoke a person’s mental capacity beyond their wildest realms. This implies there are new innovative ideas, products, and activities coming out this year. This implies there are also bad people with strong religious passions and intellectually-inspired strategies and tactics to affect us this year. And this implies there are scientists going beyond their passion and mental scientific abilities to create medical breakthrough. There are many other ways to identify the presence of the Fire and Metal elements for this year without associating them to the Year of the Monkey signs. That is, through understanding the fundamental of the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles and applications.

I have shared with FEN Advanced students on extended EON methods to look beyond number patterns, and identify extra clues from the hidden patterns, annual codes, and rhythmic cycles. I will share them with you at the next FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. So come and join me when the FEN classes start, and I will reveal more clues about you that you thought you already knew but not.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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