Disastrous Influences and Fearful Prediction


Oh no!” That worrying thoughts came to my mind after reading the AsiaOne online article. According to the article, Dr T Selva, a well-known Indian astrology expert predicted that “Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines are among the countries likely to be hit by natural disasters this year.

SG_mapJust moments before, I was reading a Yahoo online article where “Singapore gets nuked in the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer, alongside major cities like London and Dubai.” The author then jokingly remarked, “But how else can our sunny little island be destroyed, and can the heartlands be included too? Let us count the ways.” I watched the “Independence Day: Resurgence” trailer earlier and was amazed by the special CG effects. I was also surprised to see the aliens attacking the Singapore marina waterfront.

No country is forever free from any natural disaster. The official USA Department of Homeland Security website stated, “Natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm affect thousands of people every year.

Will Singapore face natural disaster this year as predicted by the Indian astrologer? Do we know what the risks are, and the impending hazards that might affect the country’s economy and stability, and our health and homes? Are we trained or prepare to handle such disastrous events (should it happened)? Are we willing to join hands together as one united Singapore, stand tall, and aid recovery quickly to protect our precious little red dot country regardless of race, language, or religion?

I have described the events, health outbreak and disasters in my article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” and other areas that might happen this year, including the tendency signs that might influence us. The Zika virus, the North Korean satellite launch, the extreme coldness and chillness in the air, the financial scandals and corruptions, and the increasing road accidents – these are signs present in the 2016 energies from EON perspectives.

CaseStudy_Singapore2016_2017Now, let me share my observations with you after analysing the Singapore birth chart. A word of caution – what you are about to read is just my interpretation from the wildest realms of my analytical mind based on the numbers present in the EON charts, and as well as the EON Oracle chart. It does not imply such a natural disaster might happen although the imposing sign of man-made events that may happen, is strong.

Here’s my analysis from a fresh perspective, focusing on signs related to natural disasters or man made calamities. The triple 8-8-8 in PY2016 chart could suggest the people busying to help others to stabilise the country. The probable ‘natural disaster’ we might face is flooding or excessive overflow of water. If the overflow source is from Singapore direct, then it might be more of man-made than nature created ones. There might be outbreak related to urological healthcare. On the other hand, it could imply some form of drought, higher humidity level, or forest fire.

HiddenPatternsAnd since I’m in the midst of testing my EON Oracle exercises, there are extra signs related to electrical faults and fire. And if I were to put these into a hyperbolical case, it might imply an attack on Singapore – more likely to be from a terrorist strike than an alien attack. Conversely, it might be a potential calamity caused by humans rather than nature. The “falling from height” signs mentioned in my 2016 forecast could be extended from people falling from tall buildings. Could it be another falling meteorite, asteroids, or space debris hitting more people? Whatever it is, let’s hope we don’t have any building collapse or damage caused by natural disasters or terrorists attack.

Numbers & HealthThere are signs of increasing dengue alerts, including possible cases of infections from the Zika virus. There might be health scare related to immune and mental systems. From a nature standpoint, it could be related to the air that we breathe. Like I described in my 2016 forecast, it might be more chilling or worst; it could have a higher toxicity level. Could it be chemical spillage or misuse of chemical agents? Whether it’s caused by nature creations or human created ones is something we hope is just a myth and unlikely to happen.

KnowingPatternsThe natural disasters, calamities, personality traits and behaviours, and other areas that I have described in my “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016” article can happen anywhere in the world, including Singapore’s neighbouring countries. The threats are real and worrying. We should not be complacent and assume only good things will happen to us, and bad things will affect others. With social media, the Internet, and daily travel flights around the globe, pandemic diseases, terrorist strikes, and other unwanted calamities can happen anytime in multiple places quicker than we expected. Who knows, the natural calamity might happen elsewhere but as Singapore is a small city state in close proximity with neighbouring countries with frequent natural disasters, our lives and economy can be affected in one way or another.

So let’s all stays united as global citizens and extended families and take precautions to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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