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Using the Five Elements principles, what are the additional areas this single male business person can improve or work on?

That’s the question posted by one student (let’s call him Charles, and the subject person as David) in the FEN COMMUNITY chat group on Friday (5/2/2016).

CaseStudy_DavidCharles provided a screen shot of David’s EON chart. The question is wide and vague as there are so many areas a person can improve or work on. Is Charles asking about behaviour, habit, career, wealth, sex life, or relationship associated to the Five Elements? Or is it about the projects he needs to do to expand his customer base and product range? I’d prefer answering specific questions so that we can focus on providing the answers to the question rather than trying to guess what Charles is asking. In many ways, as time is of essence to all, the more specific the question is, the more constructive and relevant the answers will be.

While drafting this article, Charles replied to my query and said David just wants to know in general the areas he could improve. Instead of the usual case study approach, I decided to apply my ‘research-in-progress’ Oracle method, which basically expand the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for Oracle and forecasting. So I plotted a separate EON chart (let’s differentiate and call it as EON Oracle chart) to find out what David is keen on knowing but not opened to share his concerned areas. In the order of sequence, the signs are suggesting might be curious to know about his career, relationship, and his personality (traits).

YetToComeDavid’s Internet marketing business is getting increasing awareness lately with more people knowing about his business products and services. Outwardly, the company is successful, and is. Internally, there might be stressing moments at the management level. Behind the confident looking and smiling mask lies the stressful and worrying face. There are tendency signs suggesting David might be feeling financial-squeezed or concern over his ROI (Return of Investment) on company’s profitability and sustainability. The current market volatile and stock market uncertainty could have influenced the company’s profits.

There are signs he might have to overspend on certain projects or got distracted somehow, and it might have impacted the company’s plan for better future growth. David might be stressed up to prove his skill sets, his ability to steer the company forward, and the importance for him to regain the trust and support of his financial backers, probably including the monetary support from his dad or family members.

Let’s move on to the Relationship. In the FEN COMMUNITY chat group, one student posted on the same day his analysis on David’s sex life aspect. He mentioned, loosely translated, “seductive, charismatic, flirtatious, and sweet talks. Convincing and might flaunt his wealth. He tends to overspend unnecessary on others.” That was an interesting observation.

SEX APPEALCoincidentally his EON Oracle chart shows tendency signs we can associate with strong sexual desire, and other traits mentioned by the student. One point to note, it does not imply David is a sex maniac, or con man (or charlatan) – these are signs only at extreme cases. In general, it means David might have inhibited and/or display traits like charismatic and having sex appealing looks, and people might interpret his dressing as a flamboyant, confident, and successful person. People might be attracted to his positive energies and energetic vibes. In short, these are signs of many successful people we often see or heard in high social lifestyle. David has to manage his relationship with his girlfriend (if he’s attached to one currently) or female friends, and show off the real him and not his public persona. He needs to put aside the fear that his girl might love him for material comfort, and not the true love. He needs to be more humble, adaptable, reduce his “selective listening” habits. David has the intuitive traits, and that might prevent him from enriching his personal life purpose if he relied too much on gut feelings and instinctive thoughts. He needs to open his mindset and accept the fact that two people with incompatible characteristics can still come together and yet enjoy their differences as loving couple together.

AnnualCodeLet’s look at David’s EON chart now. I’ll focus on his Personal Year (PY2016) chart. The 2-9-2-2-4-6 number sequence in his PY2016 chart is depicting signs of increasing competitions and excessive efforts to promote (and communicate) his business outreach. In simple keywords, we can associate it as [Talk – Visions – Dialogue – Express – Action Plans – Goals/Money]. Clients might be dilly-dallying signing on the dotted line to confirm the projects due to attractive competitions elsewhere. His Annual Code signs are suggesting David is feeling stressful repeatedly explaining to his customers how he could carry out the plans to realise their goals. It could also be about trying to convince his financial backers about his ability to manage the budgets and operating expenses well, and his responsibility to maintain or grow the profits. There are signs suggesting, at the end of the day, when the smiley mask is taken off, there lies an owner with a lonely heart. He might not be alone and is usually in the accompany of many people in his social life, but inwardly, it’s just a task he needs to deliver. Deep inside the heart, is the loneliness one might feel when it comes to life purpose and contentment.

EON_outside_the_boxSeparately, when I re-look at his EON Oracle chart, it suggested David might want to focus on prioritising on his niche and core innovative expertise, be willing to work harder, accept responsibility (and accountability), and withstand stress. There are signs of fulfillment and financial gains with 9-6-6 [Success – Money- Money] indications present in the EON Oracle chart. To achieve that would require ACTION, and not just talk only. Invoke the Creative sparks and think differently. Like the late Steve Jobs once said, “Stay Hungry. Stay FoolishWhen a person is contented, there isn’t much pushing beyond achieving company’s KPI goals. However, when a person is hungry, his positive actions is the driving force to compel a person to achieve his goals faster and better, and more often than not, in much fulfilling ways.

The Book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"And on his personalities and traits… well, you can always read up from my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Read the basics and understand how your can profile a person’s basic traits easily at your own time, pace, and comfort. I’m expecting to start the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class sometime next month in March. You can get to learn more, in unique and varying ways on how you can profile a person differently from others. As for the Oracle method,  it’s still a work-in-progress state. I might consider sharing the techniques later, when I’m happy with my findings.

Until then, have fun.

To my Chinese readers and students, “GONG XI FA  CAI” and to all, Have a Prosperous, Joyful, Lucky, and Healthier NEW YEAR ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun









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