The Lust, Prostitution, & Sexual Tendencies

Excited when you read the title? No, today’s article is not about the art of getting up close and personal on making love and sexual advances. Rather, I’m addressing some of the search words posted on this site over the past two weeks, and these include, “Lust, prostitution, and sexual desire.

Why am I getting into this topic? Wouldn’t it be misinterpreted by someone who hastily read once and perceived them in just one naïve way?

The common idiom, “All Roads Lead to Rome” implies that there are always many ways to look at a problem and reach an ideal solution, depending on who you communicate with. Similarly, there are different perspectives on how you can identify the numbers, elements, and the tendency signs relating to the traits and behavioural states that you’re looking for.

The word “lust,” according to a simple Google search, defines “strong sexual desire” or “have a strong sexual desire for someone.Is lust really a bad thing? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.

Every number in a person’s chart is independent and interdependent. This means every number will exhibit its core energies, and at times, deflect the influencing energies from other numbers too. How is that possible? Aha, that’s where you need to broaden your horizons when it comes to profiling, and not look at numbers merely on an “as is” basis.

I’ve highlighted to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on the dependency and interdependency of each number. It’s a consistent and common sense conclusion, since every chart has different numbers surrounding it, and in every cyclic period like year, month, day, and hour – there are different numbers influencing the core Birth or Natal chart. This is, even so, when you performed a multi-layer profiling, like using a person’s PY2020 Root number and identifying its potential influence on their Birth Root number.

For a start, we could associate the number 3 with the Fire element, and a person showing traits like passionate, creative, religious, joy, warmth, focused, and sexuality. When there are multiple 3s in close proximity (directly linked or connected), the influences could be manifested strongly. This means a chart showing 3-3 might have slightly stronger tendencies. Moreover, a chart showing 3-3-3-3 could imply even stronger energies moving toward the extreme ends. That means, people with 3-3-3-3 or even 3-3-3, for that matter, could be compelled to demonstrate an extreme radical mindset. And yes, this includes the lusts and sexual desires.

Then, there are instances that I’ve noticed during my early years of research on the Elements of Numbers (EON) that suggest when the same number is present in specific multiple locations, it has the tendency signs of a highly-sexual person too.

Oh great, now I know that many 3s, when in close proximity, could show signs of lust and sexual desires,” some of you might be saying that to yourself. Unfortunately, that is not really the case.

I recalled once when a casual acquaintance asked me to profile his chart some years back. He wants to know something unique and not the usual personality profiling that he has been exposed to. I plotted his chart, and told him he had high “bodily exploratory” desires that year. I’d to be discrete as there were few women around. When probed further, I quietly told him it was all about “D-I-Y sexual” activities, and he laughingly acknowledged before walking off. And it’s not related to the number 3.

The number 1 is associated with the Metal element. In Five Elements principles, strong Metal could influence the Fire element. We could associate strong Metal with a person exhibiting signs of mental depression, hallucination, and other potential disarranged worries and thoughts. And these could, in extreme cases, invoke the sexual thoughts, which sadly, could result in non-committal lust, sex, and rape.

The number 2 is associated with the Water element, and a person with multiple 2s in close proximity could show signs of sensual or sensuous inclinations, which could eventually lead to sexual activities.

The number 6 is also associated with family, responsibility, and love. This means, a person with multiple 6s in close proximity, could be working hard to make a better home for his or her family, because of the strong family-bonding and responsibilities as a spouse to their loved ones, and a parent to their kids.

I’ve so far shared a few numbers, like 1, 2, 3, and 6. You can explore on the other numbers like 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 too, as these numbers, when it’s strongly manifested, could lead to some form of lust and sexual tendencies as well.

Some people, due to private reasons or unwarranted circumstances, be they on a willing basis or being forced to, could resort to becoming sex workers, prostitutes, or strippers. And they might not have multiple instances of the same numbers on their charts.

According to this PopCrush online page, it was quoted that “Cardi B rose to fame for talking about her career as a stripper in a Vine video that went viral.” And she was quoted to have said, “You know people be asking me like, ‘What do you do?’ Like, ‘Are you a model? Are you like a comedian or something?’ Nah I ain’t none of that. I’m a ho, I’m a stripper ho. I’m about this money.

So, it’s all about money, making a fast buck, and a personal choice. Well, in many cases, the clues and tendency signs are present. Take a look at Cardi B’s PY2010 Chart, the year she commenced her career at age 18. She has the 3-3-6 pattern in her birth chart, and from one perspective, we could associate that to the thoughts of making “fast money” tendencies. In most instances, people could resort to scams, quick cash transactions, or short-termed businesses. Nonetheless, her PY2010 shows she has the Double-Effect vibes, where the same 3-3-6-9-9-9 patterns are present. The doubled manifestations of the multiple 3s might have influenced her thinking to be a stripper to make fast money.

Oh, one more thing, I noticed there is another chart elsewhere (displayed on FEON+ v1.x software), which portrays a person having high sex desires too. Still, not everything is about sexual activities. As cited earlier, we could associate the number 3 with other traits like passion, joy, and creativity. That’s what Cardi B did, nine years later in 2019 and facing another round of DE year. According to this online Wikipedia page, she won many awards in 2019 through her songs.

Rule #1 – don’t hastily conclude a person with multiple 3s, are always having lusts and sexual desires. Or worst, a sex pervert in action. Well, that’s not always the case. A person with strong 3s, or for that matter, any strong numbers, might show signs that we assumed as sexual advancements. However, these people could have strong sex appeal instead, the way they presented to others, their charismatic and presentable face, or through their body languages. And these people might not be thinking of lust and sex at all times!

Rule #2 – as you are profiling others, you need to identify clues that covered both extreme ends – the negative and positive ones. And you need to factor in the influencing energies present in a periodic year, month, or day. Oh, even the seasonal influence does play a part too. That is why I’ve added the seasonal influence indicator in the current FEON+ v1.x software. If you’ve installed a copy of the FEON+ software, simply look at the monthly pillar tables – you’d noticed that for May, the gradient colour is displayed from green to red shades – these denote the transition of the Spring to Summer seasons. These mean if you’re profiling and advising a person to take certain actions in May, you need to consider the Wood and Fire elemental influences too.

Let’s not follow the style of using fear tactics to impose on the person you’re profiling. While there could be signs of lust and sex, it doesn’t mean that person is a sex worker, a sex addict, or a sex maniac. Even if they did, it could be for some personal reasons. Even so, we shouldn’t stereotype them to have a lifelong sexual personality. The same could apply to you, and imagine if you have similar charts as Cardi B. Would you like others to identify you as a “sex worker” because your chart has similar pattern?

In Cardi B’s case, it’s about getting fast money in 2010. However, as the periodic influences do affect us, we all change consciously, or unconsciously. Cardi B changed and focused on her passionate and creative talents, showing them through her songs years later.

Let’s not be pretentious – you are not perfect too, and so am I and all others. And we all know that it’s normal to be imperfect. That’s what life’s all about, where we all seek various paths to experience our unique ups and downs, and finally pursue our own life purpose – the pleasures, comfort, contentment, and happiness.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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