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I was excited when I read about Google partnering with frame makers to create a new product range for their Google Glass Internet-linked eyewear. In an online article, Google was reported to have said, “If someone wants to secretly record you, there are much, much better cameras out there than one you wear conspicuously on your face and that lights up every time you give a voice command, or press a button,

Yes, it’s not about spying any more, but rather the ability to retrieve information about the person sitting in front of you. From medical and legal records, tweets and social postings, phone calls and text messages, your daily movements are tracked in public areas while jogging (through fitness bands) and at home (even in the toilet?). Privacy is fast becoming a sacred word. Imagine the future with high-tech toilet bowls that analyse your bowel and urine for health tracking. Imagine the shower water comes attached with various liquid chemical capsules, mixed to the right portion as a medicated conditioner to cure your sickness. Imagine future wireless-enabled eyewear emitting subliminal massaging pulses to your head making you feel more focus and relax. Or emitting virtual surround sounds inducing you to dreamland within minutes.

HiddenPatternsWith Google Glass now expanding their unique eyewear, I can imagine the day when we don’t have to worry too much about human character profiling any more. It might be possible to realise such visions within 5 years given the advance in technology and development tools, and people with wild crazy ideas spinning their products to get fast investment funds through KickStarter, Crowdsourcing and similar fund initiatives.

Imagine… if I can see a person standing in front of me with my Google Glass, I can easily track his personal information immediately without the person even knowing it. Look at the person, out pops up their biodata, preferences, and everything about them – social lifestyle, medical history, family history, friends, and hidden signs  – you have access almost instantaneously. I can even tell the person what’s not right with them now, and how I can help them to right the wrongs, easy and quick. Most of all, it works!

There comes a time when we’re all tracked every moment, through GPS tracking, satellite image recording, microchip implanted into our bodies, and through capsule-like medicine or the genetic-modified food we eat. By then, technology is controlling us, and could immobilise us any moment if we step across defined grounds, grey areas, political boundaries, and regulatory laws.

Getting information on someone standing or sitting in front of us could be easier (it seems). The term WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) brings a new augmented reality and multiple dimension to us. Yes, we can get the relevant information on a person through the Google Glass, just by blinking for a few seconds. We can get information just by ‘admiring them’ without the other party knowing. It’s scary and it’s starting to get real.

Numbers & HealthAs a metaphysics software developer, I look forward to the day when the Google Glass is available at “mass consumer price” as I can develop metaphysics software for the glass. Imagine no need for any software on your smartphone or rely on NewAge book. Just a blink of the eye and I can have a person’s chart plotted out immediately, with all possible tendency signs displayed. I can release EON software suite to include AuraEON (aura identification), VoicEON (voice analysing for health), FacEON (face reading, physiognomy) and ColorEON (checking and comparing colour tone against your face/skin history) to scan for health symptoms.

What’s more, there’re the predictive software analysing current location and predicting environment in later moments. Anything is possible. No more emotional angst, hot tempers, urinary leaks, cancers, and so on. Imagine the future where later generations of humans are living the life of humanoids controlled by technology.

Sorry about the distractions. I started reading science fiction books in my teens and it somehow influenced my creative imagination which can run wild when unleash… Should I patent my ideas now to prevent future patent trolls from profiteering?

Know Your LifePath. Control Your Destiny.Let’s come back to reality and profile a person by optimising the two sides (left and right) of our brain. Oh, talking about brains – some medical experts have concluded there is no ‘dominating’ or ‘domineering‘ side as we switch between our left (logical) and right (creative) brain often while analysing and thinking.

A practical purpose of learning personality profiling is to understand our true self as we can change positively and become a role model person to others. So learn to let go of the past. Stop worrying about the far future. Just take care of your present moment as today’s actions will affect your tomorrow. Just stick to your traditional eyewear specs – you can see things clearly and better for now, and you can quickly adapt your habits and actions when necessary.

Have fun. LOL. Happy envisioning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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