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You may have read or already seen the video clip of Will Smith walking up on stage and slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday evening (March 27, 2022). Upon returning to his seat, he shouted at Chris with profanity twice.

In this article, I’ll share some insights on how you can use the FEON+ software tool as a handy profiling tool to look at a person’s potential behaviours at a specified date. And in the case of Will Smith, we can verify and identify potential signs that might prompt his emotional reaction.

FEON+ Profiling tool for Elements of Numbers

In previous articles, I have mentioned the potential effects – both positive and negative – that could arise when a person faces a Double-Effect period (DE). And depending on the EQ (emotional intelligence, which include self-care and self management) and the resilience of the person, this may lead to a Double Blessing or a Double Whammy outcome, or both.

Many people spend their health gaining wealthDuring a DE-year, there are potentials for the person to succeed in their career or projects, which could lead to a Double Blessing outcome. Will Smith won the Best Actor award.

In many cases, I have found that the Double Whammy is generally linked to the weakest linkHEALTH. Physical and mental health and spiritual wellbeing. This often happens when the person is anxious to succeed, neglects the self-care aspect and therefore their health (or emotional behaviours) could be affected.

When I developed the FEON+ v1.x tool (click here for info), I discovered that the DE impact could also be felt as long as the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R on one chart, is same as another. The charts are Birth Chart, Personal Year Chart, Selected Day chart, Reflection Chart (RC) and Combined Day Chart.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONIf it’s a DE-Year, the person needs to be more conscious of their health during that year. If it’s a DE-Day, it implies the need to be careful throughout the day.

Will Smith has the DE-Year impact this year, as the 7-6-4-1-2-3 pattern in M-N-O-P-Q-R location of his Personal Year (PY2022) chart is same as his Birth Chart. This means that energies, theoretically, manifest themselves twice. His Root number is 4, which we could associate with the Wood element. The characteristics and traits of number 4 would be more evident this year for Will Smith. The tendency signs associated with number 4, include emotions. For other traits associated with the number 4, you can check out my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling(click here to find out more or to purchase).

Will Smith EON Chart (2022) - FEON+ v1. tool, Elements of NumbersAnother feature that I’ve also added to the currently available FEON+ v1.x (Android) tool, is the Universal and Personal Pillars for the Year, Month, and Day which allows more in-depth probing of the tendency signs. The screenshot on the left shows Will Smith’s EON chart, taken from the FEON+ v1.x tool, with the tables displaying the Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Day numbers. And in the top right of the screen, are the “Periodic Pillars” information (pillars for Year, Month, Day) displayed, which I adapted from the Bazi’s four-pillar structure. This feature comes in handy. Note that the 9-7 pattern on the Month pillar is similar to the Day pillar. This means that Will Smith has a DE-Day on the selected date.

The 9-7 pillar is suggesting Universal 9 and Personal 7. On a positive note, 9 suggests that there are vibrations of success in the air, and as a universal number, the vibrations apply to everyone. Personal 7 suggests that Will Smith must rely on his supporters for success. That said, Will Smith also took home the Oscar award for Best Actor, that day because of his supporters (votes).

Will Smith Personal Year 2022 EON Chart. Elements of Numbers

Screenshot of Will Smith’s Personal Year charts, taken from FEON+ Pro (iOS) device

Now, on the negative side, the number 9 may also be associated with high expectations (like an arrogant and demanding leader) that lack empathy, patience and tolerance. And the negative aspect of the number 7 is like agitating your followers. There were calls to revoke his Oscars or take disciplinary action against the “Oscar slap or SlapGate” incident.

According to this article, ““He’s Not Kryptonite Yet”: Hollywood Execs on Will Smith’s Career Damage Post-Slap“, the reporter mentioned that Will Smith “will not have a major impact on his movie-star career, though his future awards prospects may dim.

Whether that is true or not, one does not know what his future will be, because the decision is not made by one person, but by a committee. Anyway, let’s find out, from the tendency signs in his EON charts.

He has, in many respects, benefitted from the 3-6-9 [Fast-Money/Recognition-Success] effects in recent years. However, his 9-Year Cycle (9Yr-C) code shows the 3-6-9 vibes are present from 2014-2022; and thereafter, transit to the 2-7-9 vibes (2023-2031). The 2-7-9 pattern suggests that he has to work smarter, to gain the respect and restore the confidence and support of others, to attain the success he needs. The same influences would apply even if he refocused his energies on his own passion and personal projects, to offer better values to others.

Will Smith Double-Effect Chart, FEON+ Pro, Elements of Numbers

Screenshot of the Double-Effects vibes on Periodic Charts and Pillars, taken from FEON+ Pro on an Android device.

Now, if I need to zoom in further, the Root number 4 is also shown on his “Combined Day Chart” as well. This means three series in number 4, further accelerating emotional behavioural trends. And the number 9, being a Wood element as well, is in the Root number of the Selected Day Chart.

I developed the separate FEON+ PRO (currently available only for my FEN students) as a professional version. I added more charts and exciting features for my own use. The tool is appropriate and beneficial to you if you intend to use it as a “Profiling As A Service” (PaaS) too, for free or paid consulting work.

Have a look at the “DOUBLE EFFECTS & MORE” section on the left screenshot – a quick visual showing the Double Effects (true, when ticked) on the charts and pillars. No more questions on missing out the DE signs, no more hesitation about whether your intuition is right or wrong. Just follow the signs shown on the screen!

Moreover, the “SELECTED DAY ENERGIES” chart shows strong Fire and Wood elements. As we could associate the Fire element to tempers, anger, and rash action, this implies there are tendency signs suggesting, on this stated day, Will Smith might be easily triggered and reacted (Fire element) emotionally (Wood element).

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingI could analyse the charts with the FEON+ or FEON+ PRO tool quickly, because I added all the necessary algorithms to display key information on the screen, in seconds. I saved time to automate the charts, and instead focused on identifying signs from the various charts right away. While writing the previous article “On Zak’s health signs – Part 1-2-3“, I knew what I needed to focus on and which was based on Zak’s questions. If somebody else has similar charts and their questions are different, I’m going to focus on a different perspective. And my observations would not be the same. This means, there isn’t any hard and fast rule that a number pattern – the element and the charts – should only be analysed or profiled from a single lens of vision.

What I just said about the correlation between Will Smith’s EON charts and his emotional behaviour, and his Oscar prize may not be the same for someone with identical charts or birth dates. Or it might be different if I analyse the same set of charts some time later. This is because we are all influenced by the periodic energies, and have their different levels of tolerance and emotional resilience. And these changing attributes could influence the way we react.

Most BAD behvaiours comes from insecurity

To check how these periodic energies could influence us, you can check for tendency signs from periodic charts, such as Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day. Or from the Universal and Personal numbers in the Periodic Pillars. And now, to another expansion, checking the Personal Hours table (only available on FEON+ PRO) charts.

The tendency signs do not conclude that the person would behave or react according to the elements and numbers, and the patterns that are present. That depends upon your understanding, your observations, and your interpretations. Remember, the phrase, “In each Yin, there is one Yang; in each Yang, there is one Yin.” There are two extreme ends of each elemental strengths and weaknesses. For example, in every number 4, there’s the traits of number 9; and in every number 9, there’s the traits of number 4.

ANGER doesn't solve anything, but it can destroy everything.You have the option of deciding how you want to behave and react, depending on your emotional intelligence. Perhaps, knowing the foretell signs from FEON+ tool might help you to consciously be aware of the potential consequences if you misbehave, and thus, take a more positive approach to react. And the slapping incident and using profanity words twice, may not happen for Will Smith, if he is conscious of the potential manifestations of his emotions that day.

Violence is the wrong way to deal with a problem. Seek understanding and clarity, not slap in the face without knowing the consequences. A second of rage, a long time of regret.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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