Trigger Sign of Leukemia

There’s a popular saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

I’m always excited and happy when I received emails from people who benefited after reading my book and in turn, bought extra copies and gave them as presents to their friends. These people are teaching others to “fish for life.” They hope their friends can make a change to be better and better every day in every way.

Anna is a “giver” who goes beyond self-learning. She recently sent me an email and wrote “I bought your books to give as Christmas presents – one was for my brother’s friend, who lives in Berlin and another for my niece in Sydney. They were fascinated with the examples you have featured in the book. Thanks for writing them down to share your findings, even though they are pretty basic.”

Thanks to Anna and others who bought extra copies of my book and gave them as presents to their friends whom they believe can “learn to fish for life.”


Anna has a friend Bob who does not have the “cancer” number in his birth chart. According to Anna, her PON mentor told her the “cancer number” is number 1. Bob was diagnosed with leukaemia last year (2011) and is undergoing treatment. Anna commented “My guess is number 2 which signifies the Water element, relating to blood… although I would want to think that blood is denoted by number 6, which is Metal and blood’s content is iron – a Metal element.”

I’m identifying the tendency signs appearing in the Birth and Personal Year (PY) charts using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.  Let me highlight that I’m not an expert knowledgeable in the fields of western medical science. Please consult a specialist doctor for professional advice.

There are different health conditions caused by cancer. It’s not possible for anyone using metaphysics to confirm a person would have specific cancerous health condition in the future. Doctors use modern medical detection equipment to detect the symptoms, which by then would already be late since the symptoms could only appear after prolonged period.

What we can do is to identify the tendency signs or symptoms that a person may inhibit, and its manifestations if they do not take care of their health.

Most people worries about cancer. I’ve shared my observations and methods at the EON Workshops, and do not mind sharing them with you here. I hope every one of you can benefit from this article as I strongly believe that wealth is nothing without health.

The triggering “spark” is often similar.

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Otherwise, they may experience the symptoms during that year, including the effects on following years.

Take a look at “Five Elements and Internal Organs” table on Page 132 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.”  Check the elements related to the organs and tissues. Check following pages to identify the potential Health Symptoms. Then check my observations and case studies on Page 220 to learn how to identify the potential health problems that may happen in a particular year.

Look at Bob’s chart.  Last year (2011), the

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Suggesting number 1 is a “cancer” number is not wrong. However, other numbers (2-9) could also be “cancer numbers” since cancer affects different body organs. You need to look beyond the “root cause” of the problem, and focus on the “affected” element that could cause potential health conditions. And when strong Fire is present, the burning awakens the cancerous cells, causing the health condition to worsen if the person does not take precautions earlier.

Bob has to take extra care this year (2012) as Wood “produces” Fire. There is a tendency for Fire to be strong this year too. Besides relying on western medicines, Bob may want to look at alternative medicine or natural cures too, including practising regular healing exercises. It helps when a person believes in them. Bob has to control his emotions and depression if he wants his health to improve. Taking up QiGong, meditation, and other relaxation exercises may help.

Now that I’ve shared my discoveries here, I hope someone can do more research in these areas. Your contributions can benefit everyone and more people can “survive” the cancerous periods without awakening the cancerous cells, or take early precautions without major consequences.

Don’t worry if you’re still confused about the effects of the Five Elements. Support my research by buying a copy of my book if you’ve not already done so. Besides learning from the book and articles posted here, you can also register for my next 4th EON Workshop once I’ve confirmed the schedule which would be around the Feb-Mar period. I’d be able to share more “extended” discoveries and “visual” case studies with you on health conditions and other areas.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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