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There’s a search query done recently that caught my attention – “4d”. Although I don’t know exactly what the person is trying to find, a possible assumption is on the 4D (4-digit) lottery system that is currently available in Singapore.

Many people spend their health gaining wealthI remember talking to my son a few years ago (before Covid-19 starts) after he went to his friend’s place for a gathering. He saw a copy of my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” in his friend’s house. Out of curiosity, he asked and found that his friend’s mother was applying the EON principles for her passion – 4D lottery.

Could his friend’s mom devise a technique to increase her wealth, using the EON method to help her in the game of luck and chance?

I would not recommend the use of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as a quick way to identify four-digit numbers for betting on the lottery system, even though I am aware – through feedback – that some users have done so. While the initial “beginner’s luck” might be tempting, it could lead to addiction to the game if it is not handled properly. And I believe that there is no lottery system or algorithms that can generate precise winning numbers each time. It’s like a lot of AI-based software that analyses and predicts consumer buying trends. Although there may be general patterns, these predictions can never be specific and always accurate because of the complexity of human behaviour, emotions, distractions, budget, and economic uncertainty.

Never put your happiness in someone's else pocket. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingFurthermore, numerology trainers who promote wealth enrichment through lottery predictions and forecasts, are likely to increase their own wealth instead by “embracing” the greed of students who have paid to attend their classes.

Increasing your wealth through investment in gambling or lottery, is not a long-term enrichment activity that you should undertake. Everything must be done moderately. Sure, it’s okay to try out your luck once in a while, as long as you don’t live a life making a living out of “gambling” hope.

The ideal investment is to bet on yourself, to prove to yourself that you can change and grow your wealth. Perhaps, you can pursue wellness activities, like investing in projects and passions that can enliven feelings of happiness, contentment, and accomplishment. I know you can do the right thing and set goals to achieve every step. Learn to apply the EON method of behavioural profiling to transform yourself and become a better version of you. And when you can change yourself, you can change your perspectives and your purpose in life.


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingThere is one other search done by somebody – 9821.

No, it’s not (I think so) a 4-D lottery number. If you buy this number and win the lottery, this is your luck. From an EON perspective, check your lucky vibes on the various charts. And if you have the FEON+ software, verify the tendency signs from the extended charts and periodic tables (Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day). Oh yeah, know the direction and timing, and apply the Qi Tapping techniques, especially for FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. Again, the result is subjective, vary, and questionable depending on the actions…

Now, back to 9-8-2-1 (or 9821) pattern. A simple technique is to interpret the pattern using the standard keyword approach, like [Success – Stress – Talk – Alone]. Next, try to connect them to form a story. From one perspective, it’s like “in order to attain the success you desired, you have to face the challenges and stress that could influence and affect you when you communicate with others. And accept the result that when done wrong, you may end up on your own.

Simple, right?

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingYet, from an extended EON perspective, we could interpret 9821 as [Vision – Responsibility – Collaboration – Leadership]. Hmm, it does seem most promising and positive. That means, “in order to actualise your vision, you need to be responsible to collaborate with others as a team player for shared success. Others will eventually consider you to be a visionary leader.

Well, wouldn’t you want that?

There is no fixed rule about how to construct and interpret a number pattern. All this is subjective and based upon your knowledge and understanding of the elements and numbers. I don’t know about the external trainers conducting other courses, but if you’ve attended my EON Workshop or FEN Workshop before, you’d have wider choices and “vocabulary” to choose the word associated with each number.

And letting my creative juice flows, I could interpret the 9821 pattern as [Greed – Temperament- Gossip – Backstabbing], [Vision – Control – Manipulate – Political Leader], [Product vision in mind – Responsible actions through Design-Thinking process – Communicate and Collaborate – Innovate, Conceptualise and implementation], and many more. Oh, one more thing… if you interpret this based on the principles of the Five Elements, the 9-8-2-1 pattern could be about the [WoodFireWaterMetal] interactions. Can you form a story out of this?

Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONFinally, the interpretation of number patterns may provide both sides of the coin’s perspective. However, it’s like the hypothetical case of the coin spinning on an uneven level, and where the uncertainties come into play. Like, is the coin going to hit a thing, is it going to fall off the table, and so on? Aside from the hypothetical case, the real concern is to be aware of the influential energies that could affect the 9-8-2-1 pattern. And from EON perspective, these are the “hidden numbers” that could influence the result of a person’s behaviours and actions.

My FEN students would understand and know the meaning of the “hidden numbers” beyond the 9821 pattern. Basically, this means that you must be conscious of your own vulnerabilities – your emotions when dealing with stress. The conscious need to set aside your egos and pride. The need to stay calm and composed while carrying out your actions. And reckless, hasty behaviour may lead to an inconclusive outcome. In short, it’s like the phrase, “more haste, less speed.” Oh yes, this phrase is relevant to the interpretation of the [WoodFireWaterMetal] interactions.

To understand a new idea, break an old habit. Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character ProfilingHuman behavioural profiling is more than just making presumptive observations based on numbers or number patterns. It’s more than that if you learn the proper techniques. Behavioural profiling is useful with knowledge of behavioural and emotional flexibility. Understanding the individual’s personality and characteristics through various charts (behavioural profiling) is only part of the entire profiling framework. You still need to know and implement the other part – the corrective measures found in the behavioural and emotional flexibility aspects.

With an applied knowledge and understanding of both positive and negative influences, you would be able to handle any undesirable situation that arises, tactfully. You’re able to make the right decisions and actions to achieve better outcomes. Each day can be a good day when you have invested in yourself rather than become addicted to gambling based on luck and chance, and hope. Or just naively check the number patterns only without understanding the reason and purpose of good behavioural profiling practices.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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