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Oh no, not another “Double Effect Year” consequence again. The “Double Effect” (DE) energies can affect us within a specific period, be they manifesting during the year, month, or day. In fact, I have posted many articles on the DE effect on a person – many had enjoyed the positiveDouble Blessings” vibes during that period while others, sad to say, had experienced the negativeDouble Whammy” vibes instead.

When you are facing a DE Year, you need to take care of your health while you chase your happiness, career, and other life pursuits. I noticed, through my research on many case studies of people encountering problems during a DE year, the common “infliction” is on a person’s health. It could lead to a person’s health worsening, sudden health condition surfacing, or at extreme cases, may lead to serious or deadly consequences.

CaseStudy_Anton_Yelchin_1Sadly, the DE effect happened to the late Anton Yelchin, who died recently in a freak accident that happened on early Sunday morning (19 June 2016). He was 27. May his soul rest in peace.

According to this Yahoo online article, Anton “died around a minute after his car accident” and his “cause of death has also been confirmed as traumatic asphyxia, a condition arising from intense compression on the chest.

Anton was facing the DE Year effect this year. In the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, we could consider the number 5 as having a duality trait – it has its own characteristics and traits, and it can display the energies and traits from another number beside it. In Anton’s case, the three sets of 5s could exhibit signs of either numbers 1 or 6 – both are Metal element. In EON,
we could also associate the number 6 to fast cars, accidents, and other traits and events. When there are too many 6s around, it could manifest the negative energies. This could imply an “accident-prone” year for Anton when the three 5s manifested the three 6s vibes. In addition, the last two digit of this year (2016) is also manifesting similar accident-prone vibes. This means there might be more accidents happening this year. For more information on various effects that might happen this year, please check out my article, “Numerological Predictive Observations 2016.” You could correlate what I have mentioned in my forecast article to the recent events and government actions.

Now, let me share extra insights that is only possible when we analyse a chart using the EON method and plot the various charts from the FEON+ software. On the unfortunate day (19 June), the “Combined Day Chart” shows multiple 3s. In the Five Elements principles, strong Fire (number 3) can affect Metal (number 6), like a laser cutting a metal object. This means the Metal element is at its weakest or exhausted state. When we correlate that to a person’s body, we could associate the Metal element to the lungs, respiratory systems, the air we breathe, mental and the brain. Hmm… that might be related to the coroner’s observation that Anton has died of “traumatic asphyxia, a condition arising from intense compression on the chest.

CaseStudy_Anton_Yelchin_2I noted the time of death reported in various online media were around 1am (or 1:10am). Again in my EON principles, the energies existed in between the hourly periods (or in a year) is not absolute – like saying energies of midnight to 1am would only be ‘functioning’ and effected during the same period. On the contrary and because of the transient and transitioning energies moving in motion, it could imply the earlier night energies might also be ‘functioning‘ a few hours later before its effect gets depleted. I was curious, and decided to plot the previous day’s chart, i.e., the chart for 18 June 2016. The “Selected Day Chart” shows the triple 6s and that imply some form of “Triple Effects” on Anton, when the number 5s (in his Birth chart and Personal Year 2016 chart) absorbed and displayed the number 6 vibes. In addition, I noticed there was a separate two sets of 6-2 in the Universal and Personal pillars of the month (June) and the day (18th). Could this have implied an “accident-prone” period is forthcoming or impending in following hour? I don’t have the answers, and that might require me to do more research in this area.

HEALTHStudents who had completed the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Advanced module would be able to identify numerous signs of the “Heavenly Send-Off” patterns in Anton’s charts. This pattern has multiple associations, and is not always bad or negative. In fact, it has better and positive tendencies… However, under certain circumstances, its negative implication could suggest some form of “sending off” signs.

Once again, don’t be obsessive and worry too much when you noticed you have a DE pattern in your chart this year or next year. Just stay calm, take precaution, and stay healthy and safely. Take medical, health, or life insurance policies if you have none. You might have gone through a few DE years before, and you’ve survived! However, as we grow older each year, our health and resilience might not be the same as we were before. So exercise good healthcare regime and go for regular medical checkups whenever you can. A DE year with multiple 6s does not necessarily imply “accident-prone” period. In fact, it can be signs of anything related to the Metal element, like a mentally-exhausted or mentally-challenging year, frequent worrisome days, experiencing stroke-like or breathlessness symptoms, madness and craziness, and so on.

Whatever it is, stay calm, healthy, and safe while you continue to chase your life pursuits.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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