What’s in 5-2-1-1?

I notice someone tried to check the 5-2-1-1 (or 5211) pattern recently on this site. I decided to share some insights on my brief observations on the pattern in today’s article.

First, the 5-2-1-1 pattern doesn’t looks as it’s originating from the standard M-N-O-P-Q-R location flow. Hopefully, it’s not a 4-digit lottery number. Anyway, it might be related to the LifeCode patterns some external trainers enjoyed promoting, as a remedy cure to offset bad vibes. And most probably, to harmonise the energies so that the person embracing the pattern could feel better. They’re also hyping it as an activator to attract mainly incoming luck and happiness.

I don’t know if such symbolic remedies do work. If it does, then these trainers should apply their personal LifeCode to improve their own financial and health states too. Take the case of one popular trainer (no real name mentioned for privacy reasons) who promotes the LifeCode extensively – Today, I have not received the payment for some software-development work I did for him some years back. Though we’d signed the legal contract stipulating the amount of commission earned, I’ve yet to see any commitment from the trainer to settle my payment.

I might be affected by the 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) vibes that caused me to “lose” money. Although it doesn’t hurt me financially, I just hope this trainer (let’s named this trainer as “Charlie” for convenience) can take the effort to rid or reduce the negative vibes within him. Since Charlie is promoting the LifeCode patterns as a symbolic cure, he should use it. Like the common phrase, “eating your own dog food” which implies that Charlie must test his personal LifeCode remedy and see if it improves his health and financial states, and other life aspects. Otherwise, and if the LifeCode remedy doesn’t work as claimed, a lot of people would stereotyped Charlie to a typical charlatan salesperson promoting costly “cure-all, snake oil” antidotes with little positive effect.

Now, I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or some instinctive energies influencing my mind when I began writing this article, which compelled me to made known my experience with Charlie. Generally when I received the intuitive influences, I’d to do what I usually do – launch the FEON+ software and plot the subject person’s chart. In this case, I plotted Charlie’s EON Birth chart. And sure enough, the 5-2-1-1 pattern is present in his chart.

Let’s focus on the 5-2-1-1 pattern and sets aside my experience with Charlie meanwhile. After all is said and done, it’s Charlie who’s cumulating more negative vibes daily when outstanding payment to others are not settled promptly and closed.

In basic keyword association, we could translate the 5-2-1-1 as [Stubborn – Talk – Alone – Alone]. What this means is that this person, or anyone with such pattern in their chart, tends to be apprehensive, skeptical, fearful, worried, boastful, charismatic, and stubborn in his thoughts (number 5). And when they started talking (number 2) to others, they might have the “self-centric, egoistic” feelings that everything is “around me” attitude. They have the feeling of supremacy (number 1) and the pride of a leader to others. However, when people realised that it’s just a NATO (No Action, Talk Only) symptom, this person is left all by himself and feeling lonely (number 1). When you add together the numbers 5-2-1-1, the resultant number is 9. This could imply the tendency to be ambitious, success-centric goals, greed, and competitive. Plus all the other traits we could associated with the number 9. Check out my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more examples on the traits for numbers 1 to 9. There are many ways to interpret the 5-2-1-1 pattern, like [Challenges – Discuss – Innovate – Leader] or [Digestion – Drinking – Smoking – Lung inflammation], and many others. It’s up to you to explore the possibilities and interpret the signs.

From an extended EON method and applying the Hidden Patterns identification technique, there are signs of absolute concentration to gain one’s goals and targets, despite the consequences. Additional signs suggested the lack of attentive listening (“selective listening disorder” syndrome?) habits just to ensure “the plan runs smoothly.” Nevertheless, from a fresh new angle of profiling, there is the concealed 7-5-3 pattern which implied the person is inclined to spend more money than necessary (overspend, spendthrift), losing money (carelessness, miser, thrifty, self-beneficial, calculative), and embroiled in legal entanglements (lawsuit, debts, contractual disputes).

It was a coincidental discovery after I analysed the 5-2-1-1 from another angle, and listed down the layers of subsequent indistinct patterns. That made it possible for me to identify and explain the tendency signs described earlier. And it took not much effort to correlate them subsequently to Charlie’s upfront personality. Could this “new angle” of observation paves the way for me to do more research to identify a person’s reactions and responses to the influences from the periodic vibes? Well, it’s research time again for me to innovate and do more “root cause” analysis. I will share this new finding in the next FEN class as I’m in the midst of revamping the course structure. Email me (SunTzu2796@gmail.com) if you want to be in the mailing list so that I can inform you of the class schedule once confirmed.

That’s all for my brief observation on the 5-2-1-1 pattern. Have fun profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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