What Your Birth Date Says About You

There is one unique technique that sets my EON method different from the other trainers teaching methods like Power of Numbers (PON), Universal Character Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP), and few others. I included the Five Elements principles, fundamentals, and applications to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. While the PON and UCMHP methods are similar to each another, the level of inclusion on the Five Elements are basic and simple associations to the numbers 1 to 9, unlike the full level of applications used in EON.

In my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the understanding, knowledge, and application of the Five Elements principle are a core fundamental. That, to me, means the numbers 1 to 9 are used as an association to the elements; reversing the association sequences from PON, UCMHP, and others. It is not because I want my EON method to be different than others. On the contrary, it’s as a result of my decades of learning on various Chinese Metaphysics systems (like Feng Shui, Chinese Almanac, 8 Mansions, Bazi, YiJing, and others); developing additional software tools (like Chinese Almanac, BaziShenGua, HSIA Calendar, and others) for these systems that require researching and data mining; and my realisation that the Five Elements is commonly applied among these methods. Because of these experiences, I felt the importance and necessity to include the Five Elements principles and applications fully to the EON method. That means the Five Elements is the core essence in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method used for Human Behavioural and character profiling analysis, and forecasting observations. If your trainers (from PON, UCMHP, or others) are sharing methods similar to EON in the last few years, you now know where there got the information and lessons from. 8))

Helen asked, “In the Element Of Numbers’ theory, the number 9 is related to business or success. I would like to ask the reason why? Another question I want to ask: Number 4 is related to emotional. Since number 4 and 9 are of the same element, and number 9 is related to big trees, does it means the number 9 person is more emotional then number 4?

I replied to Helen, telling her how her questions reminded me of myself years back, when I began attending Chinese Metaphysics courses taught by my wonderful mentors. I began asking for the why’s and the how’s from them. When there isn’t a logical answer, I’d pursue to do my own research to identify the “root cause” to these ancient-times theories and reasons, and then try applying them to present-day context responses. I told Helen it’s always great to ask the whys and how’s, instead of simply following what the trainer said in class.

Today’s topic is about addressing Helen’s questions. And since the numbers 4 and 9 are both belonging to the same Wood element, I thought I might just as well share extra insights here, to get you kick-started on the journey to discover who you are, using the EON method. And to encourage you to uncover why you are what and how you think, feel, plan, act, and adapt yourself to life’s reactions and responses.

In earlier articles, I mentioned the popular Chinese YiJing’sYin and Yang” phrase, which state, “In every Yin, there is a Yang; In every Yang, there is a Yin.” What this encompasses is that a person with number 9 (Yang traits) can have traits of its Yin’s equivalent (i.e., number 4). That means an astute, uprising, confident, competitive, and aspiring person (Root 9) can unexpectedly act like a meek, emotional, moody, sensitive, and insecure person. Similarly, a Root 4 person can also abruptly act like a confident, aspiring, visionary, stubborn and shrewd, and forceful person. And he or she doesn’t resemble someone who’s easily swayed by emotions, indecisiveness, and temptations. What I’ve just said or described here is not a fallacy theory but something that you might encounter in your true-life experiences. That means you might have noticed a person with Root 4 or Root 9 could display such interchangeable traits frequently. In my previous FEN classes (both BASIC and ADVANCED modules), I have applied the visualisation techniques, to explain the possible reasons, the steps to apply the Five Elements principles to identify the person’s key traits, and the influences of the Yin/Yang at different moments.

We associate the number 9 to visions and success; and the types of successes could occur – good academic results, meeting business KPI goals, collecting on top of target set for charity donations, winning the 1st prize in competitions or contest, or even completing the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) class. We correlate the number 9 as a tall tree. We also know a tree grow upwards towards the sky, to get the “purest” oxygen, sunlight, and view. To achieve such success would require fortitude and vigilant, and competitive attitude towards other trees. When we interpret the upward growth, it’s about transforming a boy to man, a girl to lady, and from skepticism to actualisation – that’s the eventual result. It could be the vision or goals you set – life pursuits, personal goals, retirement plans, or just a self-attainment hope – and do something about, for as long as there is a hope you can believe in to transform the dreams into reality. I’d recommend Helen to check out my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if she hasn’t already bought and read them. There are other examples of the traits and associations to the numbers 1 to 9 as well.

On Helen’s second question, “Since number 4 and 9 are of the same element, and number 9 is related to big trees, does it means the number 9 person is more emotional then number 4?” No, we shouldn’t assume hastily like what others did and stereotyping a person’s character only by observing their actions. As other numerology professionals might insisted, “What Your Birth Date Says About You,” it means we cannot entirely rely on “Body Language” method solely to conclude a profiling observation in a short period. In today’s context where educational and learning videos are easily accessible through YouTube and other media streaming sites, anyone can practise and perfected their outward body actions anytime – for job interviews, training, acting or role-playing, Toastmasters’ speech… and a lot more. That means the answer to Helen’s second question would be – “yes and no.” Well… it depends upon the person’s birth and other essential charts.

Uh? Why or how is this so?

Once more, I’m sharing free insights here unhesitatingly, as I wanted you to inculcate the habit of exploration and not indulge in hasty assumptions (sadly, that’s what some external trainers enjoyed impressing on) without verifying the underlying reasons. Briefly, it’s always safer and less-frustrating to others, if you take some time to think over the question asked, and explore all possibilities – like doing a mind-mapping exercise.

A person with Root 9 is inclined to have more Yang traits associated to the number 9. A person with Root 4 is inclined to have more Yin traits associated to the number 4. That’s simple, direct, and easy, right? We also know we could associate the number 4 to emotions and planning, and the number 9 to success and goals. So is Helen’s observation that a person with number 9 can be MORE emotional than number 4, is correct?

Now, let’s pause for a moment… what do you think the answer might be, before reading further?


The traits to the numbers 4 and 9 that I’ve described earlier – I interpreted the Root number on an “as is” basis. I did not take account of other numbers close by, that might have direct influence on the Root number. When there are multiple sets of identical numbers surrounding the Root number, it could impose greater influence on the person even more than his or her key traits (Root number). What this means is that if there are two or more 4s located around the Root 9 (like 4-4-9, 4-5-9, and 5-4-9) in the chart, there is generally more emotional vibes influencing the person. In that context, the person tends to be more emotional than usual. My answer then to Helen would be a “YES.” However, if the number 4 is not in close proximity in the chart of a Root 9 person (like having 6-3, 3-6, 2-7, 7-2, 1-8, and 8-9 in M-N locations), the emotional vibes is weak. That means the person has a tendency to be less emotional than usual. My answer to Helen would then be a “NO.”

I could sense many of you are feeling some form of excitement here, after I’ve shared the reasons to my “Yes and No” answers, and the probable causes leading to the concluded reply. Here’s a tip from me – for your sake, please inculcate the habit of reasoning, the curiosity to explore the whys and the how’s, and the attitude not to make hasty assumptions. You might deceive or hurt a person indirectly with your hastened profiling.

Our life path is not cast in hard rock and stones. That means our beliefs, perspective towards life, our behaviours, habits, and actions today – these traits that we inhibited since birth (as reflected in our birthdate chart) – are not permanent. We’re not coded to behave and act like a robot, with fixed AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm, day after day. The phrase, “What Your Birth Date Says About You” might be inaccurate eventually, since it’s not a correct representation or true reflection of who we are now. Sure enough, some of you might have recurring traits since the day you born. However, for the majority of you who visited this site (for whatever reasons), you might have made frequent small adjustments to your beliefs, perspectives, and habits whenever you received the influencing vibes from friends, colleagues, the living environment, the cultural places you visited, the government’s policies, and loved ones. And hopefully, from the articles I’ve posted on this site too. In addition, the elements and numbers present in your periodic charts (like Personal Year chart, Personal Day chart, and the combined charts) plays a part in influencing your beliefs, behaviours, and actions.

So, if you have a number 4 or 9 in your chart, or have friends having multiple 4s or 9s influencing their Root number, don’t hastily assume they’ll eventually behave idealistic or emotional without checking their Birth chart, and Personal Year chart. Like many of you, they can also change their behaviours and habits during a certain period when the external influences are strong. Ideally, you should include their Personal Day and combined charts for analysis as well, for better life path profiling. Plotting these charts is easy with pen/pencil and paper. However, when time is precious, and you need the various charts quickly, you might find the FEON+ software handy, like many others, if you have an Android OS compatible smartphone.

How you think before reading this article could change once you’ve finished reading it. I hope I’ve opened another window of reflections for you to explore. And I want you to know your actions today can change your outcome tomorrow.

You can now easily revise the “What Your Birth Date Says About You” phrase to “What Your Birth Date Once Said About You. That’s when you got into the act to change yourself, to transform your life to become a better person, and tweak your life’s purpose to more meaningful ones.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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