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I recently received an email from a new EON supporter from Malaysia who bought three copies of my book ‘Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ direct from me. Angela profiled a popular person in Malaysia recently during the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday period and wrote, “I tried to do some homework and did study on [a popular person in Malaysia]. I cannot see anything special from his chart and have many questions to ask you on. But before I start blasting my questions, need to seek your permission if you be kind enough to answer them. Have around 10 questions.

I replied to Angela and told her to send me the questions, thinking it’d be all related to the same case study. I was wrong. Angela sent me questions on three separate case studies she’d recently did as she could not identify the reasons.


I’m focusing on the second case study as it’s related to my earlier articles posted here. It’s also related to the “cause and effects” details I’d be sharing at this Saturday’s EON WORKSHOP on 2nd March 2013. If you’re free this weekend, why not support me and attend the workshop. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 to register quickly.

In one of my earlier article “World Mental Health Day”, I wrote “we can correlate the number patterns to health matters [Worry-Worry-Thoughts-Stress-Stress-Mental]. From these patterns, we can say that excessive worries (1), emotional (Hidden Number 4) and muzzy thoughts (2) could manifest the depression (temperamental and stress, 3) vibes that influenced the mental state (6) of a person.”

Angela asked, “How did you derived on the health-related matters?

Angela’s question surprised me as she’d attended the Mastery module of the Power of Numbers (PON) course in Malaysia. But on second thought, I realised Angela was not the only PON mastery student who could not analyse beyond numbers and personality profiling. I’d experienced such confusion until I decided to do more research based on my knowledge on the Five Elements and other Chinese metaphysics fundamentals. I’m glad I did as I could now share with you my Elements of Numbers (EON) profiling method.

BANNER2There’s nothing secretive about the ability to correlate a person’s health signs to the numbers once you understood the ‘Whys and Hows’ of the effects on the numbers and the elements. Let’s refer to the phrase “[Worry-Worry-Thoughts-Stress-Stress-Mental]” which I’d correlated them to the number patterns 1-1-2-3-3-6.

Today, I’m teaching you one simple method to correlate the patterns to health. The number 1 is Metal, and we can associate to the WORRY emotional state. Number 2 is Water, and it’s all about THOUGHTS. Number 3 is Fire, and like fire, the burning desire getshotand creates unnecessary stress and tensions. The number 6 is Metal, and like number 1, is about WORRY or MENTAL state. You can check out my book ‘Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ for basic traits associated to the numbers. Of course if you hate remembering patterns without understanding the reasons, you can learn all about the numbers and elements through visualisation methods at this Saturday’s EON Workshop session. By them, you could quickly frame your analysis, link them on any number pattern shown and correlate them to health and life matters.


In another article “When Liver can cause Heart Attack”, I wrote “Based on 5E (Five Elements), the energies of Yang Wood are strongest between 3am – 5am; and Yin Wood is between 5am – 7am. Just as I’d suspected, the Wood may be the contributing factor.

Angela asked, “Where do you obtain the 5E timing from?  I’ve included one chapter to explain the FIVE ELEMENTS in my book, including reference on the body organs and its associations to the numbers and the elements.  I included it in my book as I felt it is important to know and understand the fundamentals of the Five Elements. It’s always good to understand other metaphysics methods as no single method is always ideal for all profiling cases. I’d adapted the time range of the “12 Earthly Branches” from other Chinese metaphysics and Feng Shui methods since the usage and applications of the Five Elements are similar. Now that you know a ‘little more’ on the elements and the time range, go ahead and explore…


Yet in another article “Stress and Anxiety for Joe,” I mentioned “Though Joe is “street-smart” and has high ideals, he lacks the persistent drive (willpower and determination) and action to complete his plans often.”

Angela asked, “Where did you derive the number for “Street-Smart”, “High-Ideals” and “Lacking Will Power & Determination”? What do you mean by high ideals?

While researching to expand the EON method, I discovered a fast method to identify if a person is street smart or book smart without relying on number patterns. I’ve shared the method to identify them at my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions. Support me and I’ll share them with you! 8))

BANNER1When there are so many 8s in Joe’s chart, he’s forever moving around physically and thinking mentally. We can associate the high ideals (high ambitions, expectations, and perfectionist traits) with the 1-8-9 [Alone-Stress-Goals]. One useful method of applying the Five Elements techniques is to identify the deficiency of any of the five elements; and then apply the remedies to create a better, harmonious and balanced vibes. When Joe is so stressful and moving around, the strength to stay strong is like a flaming candle – strong, focused, and bright at first but soon drained quickly because of the lack of fuel … the willpower. The result – distracted, ‘crazy busy’, and frequent muzzy thoughts.

Many participants who’d attended my earlier EON WORKSHOP sessions could now analyse beyond numbers, and are applying the EON knowledge. I did what I had to do at the workshop – share the extended methods and unveil the many “hidden traits” mentioned in my articles.

I look forward to share more “interesting” observations at this Saturday’s workshop. Call McCoy at 8356-0179 now if you can still make it for the workshop.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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