Return of the Rhythmic Vibes


I apologise for not posting any article last week as the Lunar or Chinese New Year vibes were affecting me… positively. OK, the vibes are still in my mind today since the 15th day of the Lunar New Year is this coming Sunday. Besides the usual house visiting, I’d more opportunity to profile relatives and friends personally the past week.

Many a times, I noticed affirmative acknowledgement when heads nod agreeing each time I mentioned certain events that might happened. Yes, I’ll share some of these interesting discoveries at the forthcoming 7th EON WORKSHOP on 2nd March 2013.

And talking about the EON Workshop, do register with McCoy (Mobile: 8356-0179) now as we need to cater for food and logistics.

BANNER4The focus of today’s article is about the RHYTHMIC CYCLE vibes.

9 years ago in 2004, I decided to attend proper course on Feng Shui instead of D-I-Y and self-learned. The same year, I developed metaphysics title for the Palm OS device (without prior PDA development experience) mainly for my own use and as an important tool for my mentors to use. Soon, I added more features and it quickly became a viable product for others to use. And I’m glad my software titles quickly became a popular item for English-speaking metaphysics professionals. Since the ‘demise’ of Palm OS devices, many users have been asking me about iOS/Android titles.

About 9 years later around Nov 2012, the Rhythmic vibes are affecting me again. I’d the urge to resume working on developing metaphysics titles. The feelings I had were similar to the vibes 9 years ago except this time around, I knew the influencing vibes was conscious in my mind as I could identify them through EON method. Last week, I embarked on a new project which is going to be a revolutionary and important tool for FengShui and Chinese Metaphysics practitioners.

Now back to this article’s focusYour past actions 9 years ago would influence your experience today. And your actions today could influence your experiences 9 years later. Not everyone would experience the Rhythmic Cycle vibes as it all depends on the person’s past actions. Depending on how the vibes flow, it could influence the conscious level or unconscious thoughts of the person.

IRhythmicCycle_WhitneyHouston’ve also shared the Rhythmic Cycle methods at my recent EON Workshops. I’d presented two case studies – Whitney Houston and Apple Inc, and explain how the negative vibes are influencing the late Houston and Apple. I’ll explain at the forthcoming workshop how the Rhythmic vibes can affect you, and how you can identify tendency signs that may influence you, positively and negatively.

There’s so much you can learn at my workshop. I’d encourage you to take a step forward and explore new areas of profiling, especially if you have learned the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling methods, and are applying its technique. Be amazed how easy you can grasp the fundamentals of EON and apply the extended methods after I’ve explained them to you.

Whatever it is, there’s plentiful ways to identify the energies of 2013 simply by associating them to the number patterns and its element traits. Try thinking of and correlating the 2013 Year vibes – 2-[0]-1-3=6 as [Moving-Organic objects-Fast Stability] to the recent meteorites crashing down and the asteroid passing by, or even the rocket launches. The continuing saga of tryst, sandals, corruptions, leaks, and whistleblowing through [Sensual-Mental-Passion=Legal] and [Talk-Leadership Popularity-Action=Whistleblowing]. Imagine the emergence of SARS-like and possibly Tuberculosis or TB-like manifesting strongly this year.

Confused? For a start, read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to understand the basic traits and associations to the elements. Next, come and support me at the 2nd March workshop and learn how to extend your observation skills in identifying patterns in the numbers.

For now, I’m looking forward to enjoy the rest of the CNY vibes this week. Next week, I’ll continue to work on creating new case-study slides to share more extended theories with everyone who could take the time and effort to support me at the workshop on 2nd March 2013.

Have a Double Blessing Year Ahead!

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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