Quick Take on S’pore Presidential Election

The Nomination Day for the Singapore Presidential Election would be on 17 August 2011, and the Election/Polling day would be on 27 August 2011.

It doesn’t matter if your guess was right or wrong. What’s important is for Singaporeans to be objective in their choice who they think would be next President of Singapore.

I’ve sent an email on 17 July to participants who’d attended the 1st EON Workshop in late June. Here’s an excerpt of a paragraph mentioned in my email:

“There’re so many areas where you can use EON, apart from doing a personality profiling. Take the case of the forthcoming Singapore Presidential Election. Some people speculated the “election” day to fall on a Saturday, similar to the Singapore General Election in May. While waiting for the government to announce the date, I did a quick plotting to test the “probable” date. If my analysis is correct, the date could be on 27 August 2011 (Sat). I will explain the reasons in a case study article on my site if the forecast date is correct.”

Was I was lucky for guessing it right?

I don’t know. Perhaps, my understanding of the elements of the numbers, and the approach I’ve used could’ve helped me in the forecast. Maybe it’s the luck factor which influenced my thoughts and decision. Oh, the luck that I’m referring to is not the gambling’s luck (or Lady’s Luck); it’s the luck of receiving the right intuitive energies at the right time.

That’s all for now…. Want to learn how to use the Elements of Numbers (EON) to do basic forecasting?

Expect a case study article tomorrow or within the next few days.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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