On Anson: The Choice to Change, and Move On

In an earlier article, “On Anson: Wealth and Relationship, or Mental Clutter,” I highlighted some of my observations on Anson’s character and possible health concerns.

After I’ve posted the article in the morning, Anson replied around noon, “I am very much amazed. I did think of ending my life two years ago…. But no worries, I was already out of that insane state for sure. To me, I am competitive. I often ask myself “why they can have that, but I can’t?” or “what I must do to achieve that?” – this type of mentality. I tend not to let others into my life or even find it unpleasant when someone tries to understand me… Maybe its upbringing of my family, betrayal, betrayal and betrayal, so I do not let other people too close into my life.

Since Anson has “open up” and commenced to share some of his issues, I thought it was worth explaining the correlations of his experiences with the signs present on his birth charts. And perhaps, to explain the potential conditions that could have influenced his beliefs and affected his behaviours somehow. This way, it could offer some clues for Anson to understand that it might not be his fate that caused him to live the kind of life in the current state. Perhaps, for him to be aware, made the choice, and move on…

Anson mentioned about family upbringing and “betrayal” which caused him to be defensive toward others, and the fear or someone trying to understand him better. As a result, Anson might be placing a “false front” – the protective shield closely guiding his sensitivity, and possibly wearing a mask showing the confident and idealistic face.

The 2-7-9-7-2-9 pattern in the father’s sector could also describe some form of scandalous or social activities faced by Anson’s dad. It could as well be related to sabotaging, betrayal, or being manipulated by others, whether it’s from his partners, customers, relatives, work colleagues, social friends, or acquaintances. That could put a certain tone influencing Anson’s family upbringing and experience not to trust others easily, and whatever he does, he must first protect his own “back.…” and to be extremely cautious of others. Next, the 1-8-9 pattern on the mother’s sector is suggesting Anson’s mom could frequently remind him about the importance and need to be successful, be self-reliant and not depending on others, no matter what the circumstances might be. This could instill the self-belief that he should aim for the eventual target and not the process, to determine the success outcome. However, from another Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective… whether it’s betrayal from others or the need for perfections might have nothing to do with his father or mother, but towards similar experience Anson faced during his twenties or earlier.

Anson needs to snap out of his enclosed zone, and let go of some of the negative self-beliefs that have blocked his mind, for far too long. He is like those cracked barks on the aged tree trunk that precluded him from getting out of the enclosure to enjoy life in a better and unrestrained way. Anson has the smart genes – both street-smart and book-smart genes – which signifies he is capable of tapping on his own instincts, gut feelings, and resourcefulness to decide what he needs to do, and recognise that he can still live a successful and happier life without being so perfect.

Anson has four missing numbers in his birth chart – numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6. When a chart has missing numbers, it doesn’t imply the person does not exhibit or display traits or features related to the missing numbers. That’d be a naïve and incorrect message or assumption. Rather, while it implies you have the energies related to the missing number, there are many deficienciesfrom TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Elements Theory – that you need to work on, to harmonise the energies in your body.

And from the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, that means, Anson must start focusing on taking out his plans by prioritising his needs and not the wants; be more open-minded, accept challenges, willing to adapt and adjust, be more humble, and be less self-principled; and to work towards a happier and healthy lifestyle.

Oh, some of you might correlate the number 6 as a family. Sure, we do… but for now, let’s put aside the “happy family” and regard it as one of the many outcomes that Anson could get to enjoy once he’d consciously changed and transformed his life positively.

I did think of ending my life two years ago… But no worries, I was already out of that insane state for sure.” I’m glad Anson overcame the mental illness and snapped out of the situation without suicidal consequences. If you have installed the FEON+ software, you would notice that Anson is facing the Double Effect (DE) two years ago with the PY2016 showing similar signs as his birth chart. When a person is facing a DE year, the energies are said to be manifested doubly. When the positive energies are manifested, it might lead to a Double Blessing. However, when the negative energies are manifested, it could lead to a Double Whammy outcome. In many instances, when a person is facing a DE year, their health condition is usually the first to be ‘attacked’ and affected. In Anson’s case, the 9-9-9-9-9-9 patterns are far too emotionally stressful, and I’m glad he’d snapped out of the suicidal extremes. From an extreme case, Anson could have tried suicide but survived; or he planned to die but withdrew his intentions due to last-minute distractions. Anson has a chance to change his life, put aside past resentments (the fears, worries, betrayals, and blames), and work towards the good path in positive ways.

The EFV FLOW sign on Anson’s chart is suggesting two possibilities – the need to focus on what he wants to get along and carry them out, or to focus more on materialistic growth. If Anson focused on the latter, he could achieve the money oriented benefits, but at the expense of mental wellness issues. His EFV2018 sign is once again, like the single atom passing through two tiny holes. He could reinforce his leadership, business acumen, greed, and egoistic mindset. Alternatively, he could focus on prioritising which pan to execute, and manifest the positive energies while consciously visualising he’s enjoying the fruitful outcomes every day.

I also applied the 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar (9YLCP) theories that I have recently formulated for the EON method, to help identify more clues to the periodic influence on a person. I began researching on various ways to formulate the 9YLCP some years back, but decided to put on lower priority subsequently. It was only around late last year that I resolved to put the 9YLCP research on higher priority, and it’s still a “work in progress” inconclusive method. Anyhow, if you’ve read the earlier article “On Anson: Wealth and Relationship, or Mental Clutter,” I highlighted the effects of the 3-2(5) influencing vibes on Anson. It could be a challenging period for Anson with stumbling blocks and obstacles in front. However, once he could set aside the fear and unfounded worries; he could focus on finding the opportunities to help him regain the confidence and self-reliant mindset that success is not always about the feeling of reaching the final target or achieving the goal, but the satisfaction from the knowledge and experience gained during the process.

I replied to Anson, “Thanks for opening up your issues, and I hope it could somehow ease and unlock the feelings inside. Glad you’ve snapped out of the suicidal thoughts – it doesn’t warrant taking away your life from your loved ones, including your parents. I have identified some areas that you can target to change, perhaps a little at a time, and not entirely at once as it could be more stressful. You need to unfold the fears – attraction is not about handsome or good-looking face. Instead, it’s all about the heart and behaviours. Open up, unlock the closed door and slowly open it, and get rid of the stale air to let in the fresh energies. Easier said than done, but it’s your life, and you got to decide what’s best for you, and not your wife [or your loved ones]. Yes, family upbringing does influence our beliefs. Even so, at times, we got to remove the “not so good” ones as life today is different from our parents’ time. Focus your negative and excess energies toward charity or humanity’s projects. Need not always to be about donations. Volunteerism is one way to cut the excess number 9. Do it and chances are, you will find life less stressed. And perhaps, you need not to center your life around your Wife [or others]. Pass me your wife‘s birth date, and I will do a relationship analysis. Yeah, my analysis would be different again from the Bazi or Thai readings.

Anson replied, “I was looking for volunteer work at the orphanage. I like kids (chatty and obedient type), but I don’t think I have any chances to have my own at the current state.

Anson provided me with his wife’s birth date. When I plotted out her chart – within seconds from my FEON+ software – the first visualisation image that came across my mind, is like the heavy clinging creepers (like ferns, morning glory, or vines) around the tree. I’ll share my observations on Anson’s relationship with his wife in the next episode… I mean I will post the third-part article later.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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