On Matthew Mellon and Bill Gates

Billionaire banking heir Matthew Mellon has died. He was 54,” according to this Yahoo news article page. “Police in Cancun, Mexico, said he was found dead in a hotel room. He had struggled with drug addiction, and a rehabilitation center in the resort town said he had been due to check in there Monday.

Let’s check on his EON chart, and see if there are any tendency signs based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method that we could unravel, to determine one contributing factor leading to his death.

Here’re some comments retrieved from the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group:

  • Double-Effect year
  • Chart on 16 April 2018, has 4-8-3 pattern crisscrossing. Could it mean separation from life?
  • There are also [removed] pattern and 3-3 in his chart. Maybe, he died from a heart Attack.
  • His chart is same as Bill Gates’ 1-1-1-1. Bill Gates has Double-Effect and 4-8-3 is present as well, but nothing happened to him.

Matthew has the “mirror” chart, and it shows there are strong Metal and Fire elements present. When a chart has too strong Metal element (numbers 1 and 6) from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, his body is cold and chilling, and requires some form of heat to dissipate the excess coldness. Many celebrities and wealthy people would resort to habitual alcoholic drinking, addictive smoking, including taking drugs, and bingeing or indulging on anything that could warm up their bodies. The multiple 3s present in his chart, could depict a person with high sexual desire as well; and in extreme cases, could lead to the behavioural of a sex addict when the number 3 is excessive manifested unnecessary.

Matthew has more than the Double-Effect vibes this year. If you look closely at the screenshot showing his chart, he has the Triple-Effect vibes, where the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q-R of his Birth Chart, Personal PY2018 Chart, and the Selected Day Chart, are identical. And as explained in many of my earlier articles, the first sign that could affect a person having multiple-effect vibes, is on their health. There are other tendency signs suggesting some form of hallucinations, madness, and mental-related illness too.

The double crisscrossing of 4-8-3 in his Combined Day Chart could depict some form of separation, when we analyse them from a negative extreme perspective. From a positive extreme perspective, it could have a good influence when you understand how it can be applied correctly. I noticed there are multiple 3s present as well. Yes, besides the triple-effect vibes on the number 3s, and the multiple 3s in his Combined Day Chart, there is a likelihood of Matthew suffering from a cardiac arrest, or a heart attack. And one possible contributing factor could be due to excessive drugs or sexual activities earlier on, or having the fatal attraction in the midst of having his drugs or sex fantasies.

And now, what about Bill Gates?

Both Matthew and Bill are billionaires, and these are the actions they did to grow their wealth. In basic EON theory, the 1-2-3 pattern is like the “Ready-Get Set- Go” action in a typical sports event, while the runners would run as fast as they could to reach the finishing line. Likewise, with the multiple 1-2-3 patterns on both Matthew and Bill’s chart, the influence of the patterns made it easier for them to reach their wealth creation goals in an easy and fast manner. This could be mainly because of their high or strong intellectual and cognitive thinking, coming from the multiple 1s on their charts.

In this The Telegraph article, Bill Gates “has revealed that his father has Alzheimer’s and that he fears he too will get the disease.

From the Five Elements principles and the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspectives, we could associate strong Metal elements with traits or health symptoms like mental depression, hallucination, mental madness or craziness, cognitive or intellectual vibes, brains and memory-related illness (including Alzheimer and dementia). Based on the EON theory and the strong Metal elements present in his chart, there is a cause for concern as unnecessary manifestations of the Metal element could lead to the earlier-mentioned health symptoms. Fortunately, Bill is focusing on his philanthropic passions and pursuits on biotechnology, medical research, and healthcare improvement industries.

In my FEN WORKSHOP classes, I shared the visualisation techniques to enable students to identify traits with their “eyes wide opened.” We could also associate the number 9 with the humanitarian and charitable traits. And from the Five Elements Cycles, strong Wood element could “counterattack” and weakened the Metal element. I’ve also shared the methods to plot and identify the life force energies, and you can use it to determine its influences and strengths as well.

Both Matthew Mellon and Bill Gates shared similar charts (numbers from I-to-X locations). This reinforced the notion that nothing is carved in stones, and that specific number pattern present in a chart does not always lead to similar outcomes. In layman words, this means while the birth chart could be like our destiny map, it is up to us to take action to adjust and adapt to situations, to empower us to decide how we want to experience the life journey, and quality level of our own fate. That said, if Matthew Mellon were to divert his excessive indulgence and binge habits towards humanitarian or philanthropic pursuits, he might have controlled his own fate and survived, just like Bill Gates.

And now, brief analysis using the NSQ PROFILING approach…

Sometimes, and in instances like this, it is also ideal to know and understand more than one numerology system. These could provide us the means to identify more clues about a person’s behaviours, from a different method. I started researching the nine-square chart method and enhanced it to form the NSQ PROFILING method, and have conducted few classes previously.  Let’s look at Mathew Mellon’s NSQ chart, and as well as Bill Gates’ NSQ chart, and see if we can identify special behavioural traits between them. From NSQ perspective, Matthew’s NSQ chart is not the same as Bill’s NSQ chart.

Bill has both the emotional balance and determinationarrow strengths” – meaning he could check his emotions well, and is determined to pursue what he wants. On the other hand, Matthew has no “arrow strengths” but the “arrow weaknesses” suggesting the “scepticism” mindset. This means he is tuned to himself only and not others, tends to distrust others indiscriminately, and does not believe in hearsay, unless the facts are present. The tendency signs are suggesting the lacks of compassion, spiritual consciousness, and wisdom traits. His cognitive lines are a lot stronger than Bill’s, and these could have manifested the mental-related indulgence, including drugs, medicine, and alcohol.

That’s all for today’s analysis. Happy Profiling…

May Matthew Mellon’s soul Rest In Peace.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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