On Anson: Wealth and Relationship, or Mental Clutter

Mental health is very important. This year, the energies manifesting health symptoms like mental depression and mental illness are more substantial due to the influencing signs from the periodic annual energies.

Every year on 1st January, I’d post my “Numerological Predictive Observations” (NPO) article and included a graphic image highlighting some of the probable key areas that might surface or manifested strongly in the year. In the NPO2018 article, I indicated “Emotional, mental illness, tensions, physical exhaustion, fatigue, & stress” as one of the tendency signs in the graphic image.

Just last week, we read about the apparent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. It activated the warning sign that beneath the “cheerful” face, could be an emotionally and mentally depressed person. Well, not every person, but an increasing number of happy-looking people might actually suffer from mental health conditions. And the need for us to identify these signs early so that assistance can be rendered as quickly as possible, to get the person to learn to overcome their mental stress.

Anson emailed me recently, asking if I could do a full reading of his birth date, and how much I would charge for the services. I answered and instead asked him what life aspects was he looking for? My current focus is to train the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students with the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and other complimentary systems (in near future) as well. I could start charging for profiling services if I desire to. But for now, the hunger for more research findings, willingness to share and pass on my knowledge to FEN students, and passion to “pay forward my social dues” by helping others, are strongly felt.

Anson replied, “I am looking at wealth and relationship. Lately, I have felt seriously lost and unsure. I have tried some Bazi fortune telling, and some Thai fortune reading. Seriously, the analysis and comments were contradicting, and it’s making me more confused.

I’m not sure what advices Anson received from the various Bazi and Thai profiling professionals. It is normal to receive contradicting comments when you are using different metaphysics systems as the methodology, principles, and forecasting techniques are unlike. While there might be some similarities in profiling, the charting methods are completely different. Hence, the comments made by different profiling professionals might contradict, but relevant.

When I plotted Anson’s EON chart, my first thought was “isn’t his chart almost similar to Kate Spade’s EON chart?” What this implies is a chart with multiple 9s (strong Wood elements) has the tendency to affect the Metal element. This means, when a person is facing undue stress and unable to control and manage their emotions, his mental health condition might be affected or worsen. A person suffering from mental illness or depression could have low self-esteem, high anxiety, impatience, sadness, emptiness, lack of concentration, and resistant to seek help due to public persona or social stigma. I’m more concerned with Anson’s health than his questions about wealth and relationship.

Anson found the different comments made by the Bazi and Thai professionals contradicting, which shows he might desire to seek answers that are pleasant and comfortable, and words that could enhance his self-egoistic mindset. You might want to read my brief article on Kate Spade (click here) and other articles I have posted previously on charts with multiple 9s or strong Wood elements. In any case, if Anson is not facing any mental stress, or experiencing the mental symptoms mentioned earlier, then that is good. It shows he is in full control of his mental health. Nonetheless, Anson must be consciously aware that it might be easier for him to go through similar mental symptoms whenever he could not control his stress, worries, tempers, and emotions.

Anson has strong perfectionist traits as well, which imply he could be self-imposing unrealistic goals, moving around in circles trying to achieve what he deemed as the perfect and ultimate target, and realising that there were more barriers than hurdles to overcome. In many ways, Anson is stressing himself unnecessarily, and probably, a victim of his own success.

If he could have lowered his expectations, that it is absolutely normal to be imperfect, and to accept and trust imperfect people, life would be better for him. Strong Wood could also deplete the Water element. In the extended EON theories, the tendency signs are suggesting a sensuous-deprived person who might easily make casual friends, but could not build the type of longer relationships with the person he likes. This is also partly due to the stubborn and arrogant traits present, and the “no nonsense” attitude that leaves little tolerance for failure or imperfections.

This year, the multiple 2s are present in his PY2018 chart. From visualisation aspect, it reminded me of the “wood floating on the high seas” – rocking or bouncing along with the waves, and swaying with the tides. This could depict an insecure, unsure, denial, and sensitive feelings. In extreme cases, it could influence a person’s mind and compel him to be a sex-deprived maniac. While the signals are there, Anson might not exhibit or display the traits I have mentioned because of the formative upbringing, social and environmental influence, beliefs, and habits. But if Anson does realise he is showing some of these traits mentioned, then he does need help from health professionals who could help him manage his mental health.

Let’s look at the wealth aspect. In basic Elements of Numbers (EON) theory, we could associate the number 6 as money as well. Anson has the capacity to attain money, especially this year, as the number 6 is present in his PY2018 chart. Still, the capacity to create success does not equate to making money, which means Anson has to have the “right frame of mind” by harmonising his mental state first, before pursuing his materialistic pursuits. Coincidentally, we associate the number 6 with the Metal element, which further imply his constant urge to grow his money could lead to potential unsound mind and mental sickness. From an extended EON method, we could also correlate certain number or element with the wealth or achievement tendency as well. And depending on a person’s chart, the wealth sign could be or might not be number 6.

Anson might face similar issues with his relationship as well. He could have many female acquaintances, especially this year, but fewer companions who is willing to be his girlfriend. In fact, and I might be wrong here, his female friends are unwilling to be up close with him due to jealousy, insecurity, and probably, could not tolerate his mood swinging, hard-headed principles, prideful, and hurtful behaviours.

I’ve recently developed a new 9-Year Luck Cycle Pillar formula, which allows me to identify extra clues that a person might be influenced during the nine-year period, much like the Bazi’s 10-Year Luck Cycles. The signs are suggesting a 3-2(5) pattern. That implies Anson might be influenced by the 3-2 vibes since last year. We could associate the number 3 with tempers, hasty, shortcuts, critical, focused, narrow-mindedness, sexual, creativity, religious, spirituality, and others. We could associate the number 2 with feelings, insecure, fear of falling, and other traits already mentioned earlier with regards to number 2. This means whatever he do, he might face obstacles, challenges, barriers or hurdles (depending on optimism or pessimism mindsets), and others. However, there are possibilities he could achieve this wealth (and possibly, including improved relationships) when his mind is clear and focused, and with lower expectations. Depending on how you look at it, the issues (wealth and relationships) and his health, could be contributed to a common source in many ways. While he’s troubled about his wealth and/or relationships, his mental health could similarly, be affected.

That’s briefly my observations on Anson, based on the signs present in his chart. I believe the Bazi and Thai analysis made would provide different hints to what Anson might be facing, and what he could do to set his life path towards the positive ways. While it might be contradicting, he has to moderate and test them out himself. I’m analysing from a different perspective, focusing more on the key areas and issues that could affect him – his confused mind and mental state. If Anson noted my analysis to be more truer (relevant) to his present self and behaviours, then it’s a wake-up call for him to get proactive and take preventive actions to unlock and rid the mental clutter in his mind. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of should he felt the need to seek professional help.

I looked forward to his email regarding the observations I have made. I really hope he could ease the anxieties and unnecessary worries, control and manage his emotions and tempers, and become more confident, flexible, and understanding toward others. Remain calm, relax, exercise, and practice meditation. Focusing on active participation on charity and humanitarian projects could dilute the excess multiple 9s. And when time permit, go for a medical health check even if he isn’t showing any mental health symptoms.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


Update (13 June 2018): Anson replied, “I am very much amazed. I did think of ending my life two years ago…. but no worries I am already out of that insane state for sure. To me, I am competitive, I often ask myself “why they can have that but I can’t?” or “what I must do to achieve that?” – this type of mentality.


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