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I was ‘stress-testing’ the main chart section of FEON+ software yesterday. And I noticed there are separate patterns that could suggest ‘sex-deprived’ and ‘womaniser’ trait-like tendencies. The 4-5-9 (and 5-4-9) vibes could, at the extreme end influence a person towards the sex-deprived tendencies. Fortunately, most people these days are more health conscious and do take care of their mental and holistic health. And they could direct their energies toward the risk-taking and challenging pursuits – exhibiting more on the risk-taking or fear of taking risk characteristics than the sensual acts.

EXTEND1It was even easier now to identify signs from the coming-soon FEON+ software than my current EON (Android) v1.x version as FEON+ supports the Time of Birth charts. I was researching on people known to be ‘womaniser’ publicly and quickly added that into the FEON+ software with their birthdate and time. And I noticed obvious tendency signs (from birth chart) and the not-so-obvious signs (from Time of Birth and Combined Time of Birth charts). I’d put aside analysing the Time of Birth chart previously as I wanted to focus on the main Birth chart. Now that I’ve added the Time of Birth chart into the FEON+ software, I realised it is a time-saving feature as I could now identify extra clues on the subconscious traits of a person.

OK, enough on sensual traits and let’s look at the 9-8-8 pattern instead.

A quick look at the 9-8-8 pattern shows up the following signs:

  • [Success-Stress-Stress]
  • [Humility-Responsible-Responsible]
  • [Goals-Relentless Pursuits-Responsibilities]
  • [Success-Responsibilities-Stress]
  • [High Aspirations-Relentless Pursuits-Stress]

I’ve listed basic traits association to the numbers above. You can interpret them on your own and compare them with your profiling notes. You can also get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to read up on the keywords associated to the numbers 1 to 9, and the tendency traits and characteristics associated to these numbers.

From an extended EON perspective, the extra clues include:

  • 2004JSelf-sacrificing traits. Person could be working relentless for a motive, usually for the sake of their loved ones, family, financial security, and their homes. As a result, others often could interpret their outwardly behaviours and actions as a hard-headed, snobbish, forceful, perfectionist, blunt and direct person. And any traits you can identify with a demanding shrewd businessperson who work extra hard to ensure they meet their goals regardless of the consequences at times.
  • Emotional fear.

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    Perhaps at the expense of others…

CaseStudy_AndyLauI’ve included the EON Chart for Andy Lau (popular Hong Kong celebrity) for case study here. Though Andy has the 9-8-8 pattern in his birth chart, it doesn’t imply he has all the positive and negative traits mentioned earlier. However, there are tendencies the traits could be more prominent when the pattern resides in the M-N-O locations since M-N are contributing influence leading the main characteristics of the person’s Root number.

Having said that, we cannot simply look at the M-N-O locations for obvious traits as there are always other contributing influences coming from his formative influence and external environmental influences. For example, the strong 9s present in Andy’s birth chart imply a person having strong-willed, emotions, temperaments, humility, and success-driven habits at a young age. That could easily invoke fiery tempers and emotions when he’s not in control of his mental state.

Next year (2015) is his ‘Double Effect Year’, a year where he needs to take care of his holistic health while focusing on his ’crazy-busy’ responsibilities towards his career, home, and family.

Want to know how to identify extended traits? It’s easy once you understand the elemental traits and hidden patterns present in a person’s chart. And you can learn it at the FEN BASIC and FEN ADVANCED Level courses which we’d be scheduling soon. Call Daniel at 9853-1777 for class details.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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