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Today’s article is on the 5-5-1 patterns. Before explaining further, I recommend you to get a copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” if you’ve not already done so. You can buy them at major local bookstores like Popular, Times, and Kinokuniya if you’re staying in Singapore.

HiddenPatternsI’ve included traits associated to the numbers in my book. I’ve also explained how the number 5 could inhibit the traits of other numbers when in close proximity. And the general influence and behaviours of the person could change, from subtle to drastic ways. For example, the 5-5-1 could transform to characteristics associated to the 1-1-1 patterns.

Well, that’s only a generalised statement since we’re focusing on the 5-5-1 pattern only. When you look at a person’s chart, there are traits from other numbers the number 5 could inhibit. Anyhow, since we’re focusing on 5-5-1 only, let me share my observations here starting with the basic keyword interpretations.

  • 5-5-1 [Stubborn – Stubborn – Alone]
  • 5-5-1 [Obstacle – Challenge – Leader]

I hope you could identify and correlate the behaviours of the person in general. Of course that is if you’d already had some formal lessons on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Well, if you’d attended PON, UCM, or LifeQuest classes from other trainers, technically you should be able to derive at similar observations especially if your analytical skills are good. Anyway, you can gather more basic traits related to the numbers 1 and 5 in my book especially if you’re new to the EON methods.

CaseStudy_551Now, let’s look beyond the basics and use the extended EON techniques. By opening wider your profiling window to visualise beyond numbers, some of you could probably identify extra signs similar to what I’ve listed below:

  • 5-5-1 [Fear (Risk) – Obstacle – Lonely]
  • 5-5-1 [Apprehensive – Adapt – Innovate]
  • 5-5-1 [Digestion – Ulcers – Mental]
  • 5-5-1 [Stubborn – Stubborn – Worrisome]
  • 5-5-1 [Risk Taking – Challenges – Innovate]
  • 1-1-1 [Self-ego – Pride – Mental Instability]
  • 1-1-1 [Self-centric – Warfare – Leadership-ego]

Double Blessing or Double WhammyIt doesn’t matter what traits the person inhibits as long as they could manifest the positive ones while taking care of the probable negative influences. Apple was facing a ‘Double Effect Year’ 5-5-1 vibes in 2012 after the late Steve Jobs died on 5th October 2011. He was 56 years old then. Mark was facing a ‘Double Effect Year’ 1-4-5 vibes in 2011. Mark then continued to “focus on what he does best after getting advice from Steve Jobs that he (Mark) could create a management team focusing on building as high quality and good things.” according to this Wikipedia page. The energies are doubled. The urge to plan actively and adapt obstacles and challenges as opportunities are manifested.

EXTEND1Once again, it’s equally important to look at the entire birth chart in its entirety instead of just focusing on certain number patterns. On a micro view, the patterns could reveal noticeable traits of a person’s behaviours and possibly, their actions. On a macro view, the overall numbers (and elements) present in a chart could allow you to find out the influential strength of the vibes present in a person’s chart. A person could have negative vibes from micro view. When there are more positive vibes from macro view, it could imply the person’s negative vibes might not have strong influencing vibes in general. In short, we can also say the positive vibes are influencing this person to an extent that they’re in better control of their tempers, moods, mindsets, behaviours, and actions.

You should profile a person beyond number patterns… and not make out their characteristics based on your narrowed observation from one angle. It’s great to do a macro profiling analysis on the person from a 360-degree perspective if you want to identify clues that could help the person knows his or her true self better. And as well if you want to help them transform to a better and positive-looking person.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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