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Someone posted a search for “Travellers” a few days ago, and I decided to share more insights in this area here. I learned the PON (Power of Numbers) method more than a decade ago. At that time, I was only given a set of “number patterns” to remember, as the trainer confidently and affirmatively said that we could associate such patterns to certain behaviours and character traits. Naturally, I was concern with such inconclusive assumptions, coming from my prior decade years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics systems, like Bazi, Feng Shui, QiMenDunJia, and others.

In general, no one, even twins born within seconds apart, are identical. This is due to the energies at the time of birth, and when they are young – the family upbringing, the formative years (teachers, school, classmates, living environment); to when they became adult – the social lifestyle, working colleagues, partners, political/public influences, and life expectations. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the structure of the body organs, deficiencies, and Qi energies of “identical twins” are different. That is why I’d called it a naïve and illogical assumption made to conclude everything is deemed only in “black and white” state, just like many lawyers and legal professionals, in general, would assume whether a person is either “Guilty or Innocent.”

Still confused? Here’s another analogy – you bought a new apartment in a multi-story condominium, and received the floor plan to your house. Likewise, your neighbours living directly upstairs and downstairs from your house unit, has an identical floor plan too. Over the years, the ‘formative’ influences by living in your house, would ‘become‘ something you loved and desired. The furniture, lighting fixtures, curtains, bed sheets, the plants, and even the cute little magnetic ornaments clipped to your fridge, are different from your neighbours. While you and your neighbours might have identical floor plan, your house’s design and decorations, and the homely feelings, are different. And the reason is clear – you are influenced by the transient energies moving around you, and it creates a distinctive impact on you, and others as well.

Back to the topic now – the “travellers” sign. In my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” I described how the number patterns 1-5-6 (or 5-1-6) could be associated with the travelling sign. Using the basic keyword interpretation, the 1-5-6 is about [Alone – Obstacle – Money] which means a person with such a pattern in their chart – be they on the Birth Chart, Personal Year Chart, or even Relationship/Compatibility Chart – could face stumbling blocks or challenges in their pursuit to chase for financial wealth. Nah… it’s all theory – the pattern, when exists, does not imply a person is poor, forever having little money left for daily needs, or would have a destitute life.

It’s all in the mindset of the person, just like you and your neighbours staying directly upstairs or downstairs to your unit. Your mindset influenced your thoughts, and your thoughts influenced your feelings, and in turn; it influenced your behaviours and actions. When you see the stumbling block as high obstacle walls, you’re stuck within your perceived mindsets. However, when you consider the stumbling blocks as challenges and opportunities, it’s just like you are going for an army obstacle course where you need to think and plan how you are going to climb over the wall. Soon, you’d learn to inculcate the habit of looking at obstacles and stumbling blocks as “perceived dark clouds but with pockets of silver linings.”

In the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could interpret the number 5 as a duality trait, which can consume and display the characteristics of any number in close proximity. This implies the 1-5-6 pattern could exert energy influences similar to 1-5-6 (as it is); 1-1-6 (transforming and displaying traits of the number 1 on the left); and 1-6-6 (transforming and displaying traits of the number 6 on the right). Hence, the 1-5-6 [Alone – Obstacle – Money] can change anytime when there is a mindset shift. And depending on the person’s strength and resilience, they could also be influenced by the 1-1-6 [Self – Independently – Money] which implies they could gather and grow the wealth independently without the help from others. From another angle, they could moreover, be influenced by the 1-6-6 [I – Earn money – For family] which implies they could have pursued to grow their wealth and financial status because of family love and responsibilities.

In ancient times in China – or any country with villages and mountains – adventurous people who sought better life would venture out across the mountains in search for “greener pastures” or to the town, in hopes of getting a job with a better prospect. They’d travel across the mountains, with a journey faced with fears and hope, and oblivious to the days and nights suffering in extreme weather, just to pursue their dreams. That’s what the 1-5-6 pattern is also about, as we could interpret it as [I – cross mountain – make money]. When you walked and crossed the mountain to the other side, you’re travelling on a journey towards your destination. In the modern context, we could associate the 1-5-6 pattern as a ‘travelling’ sign. When the current chart has a 1-5-6 pattern, the person “cannot sit still” as they mind is always about travelling to another place, about making more money overseas (online business), and dreaming (mind drifting, daydreaming), and the fear or flight (facing risk averse or risk adverse situations), and others. Your perceived mindset is like your travel experiencesgood or bad, depending on whether you’ve adjusted or adapted your expectations to the on-going situations (the lifestyle and culture at the destinations.)

In my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes which included extended EON theories and application techniques, we could also interpret the 1-5-6 as something else, like a spiritual nature/outcome only when certain factors are present or in existence. It’s how some of us learned chemistry in schooldays – Hydrogen and Oxygen – are separate as standalone. When combined, it would transform into H2O (water).

There are so many ways to interpret the 1-5-6 pattern. Even those who owned a copy of my NIPL ORACLE deck set, would know there’s another way to interpret them, due to the specific affirmative message and symbolic signs indicated on the card, to their readings.

I’d like to thank those who’ve emailed me, asking when the next FEN WORKSHOP class would be held. Once again, I apologized for the inconvenience caused as I’m currently involved in a self-enriching project until November 2019. Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com, and I’ll keep you posted of the schedule.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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