NSQ Profiling on Donald Trump

According to this CNN article, there were displeasures over President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. Retired Adm. William McRaven was quoted to have said, “Therefore, I would consider it an honour if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency.

While this incident has no connections with the Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, it strikes some chords in me. The security (and safety) mindset in me is still present, due to past work experience.  Anyway, how Trump handled the case, has external complications and consequences, directly or indirectly.

What I’m about to share is based on the elements, the numbers, and the tendency signs present on the chart. It does not necessarily imply Donald Trump would behave like that, or his personality, conduct, or actions would be similar to what I’m about to describe. On the contrary, a person’s present mindset could change and be different from another person who’s born on the same birth date.

From EON principles, we can identify signals of a person who likes to express himself strongly, and reinforced his plans to achieve his goals, be they on politics, materialistic, or self-beneficial gains (like pride, ego, and self-centric). That’s the 2-4-6 pattern which is present in Donald’s Birth Chart, and in his Personal Year (PY2018) Chart too. This means, Donald is facing the Double Effect (DE) vibes this year. The energies – positive and negative ones – are manifested twice this year. Everything looked to be at double times – the good ones could lead to Double Blessing outcomes, and the bad ones could lead to Double Whammy outcomes. And the DE impact could still be present and active until early next year.

The 3-3-6 pattern in V-W-X could imply a hasty action to carry out the goals quickly, without considering whether it could hurt anyone or not. The multiple 6s in his birth chart could be interpreted as money and materialistic gains (for businessman), political stability and protection (for self-sacrifice politicians), and strong self-centric mindset (for proud and prideful leaders who cared more about their self-egos than others). It could also imply brutality (for people fearing competitions and losing out), and the principles of the law (for enforcement and political detentions).

Whether Donald has one of these traits mentioned, or most, or all, is something for you to observe and analyse. Still, as I’d mentioned earlier, the tendency signs are there, and it implies a person could inhibit such behaviours at one time or another.

Ok, let’s move on to the main focal point of today’s article – checking on Donald Trump’s personality and behavioural trends or inclinations, from another perspective using a complementary profiling method. What I’m about to share, is a brief introduction of the NSQ PROFILING method, and how we can identify extra clues to complement the EON method.

From the NSQ Chart (with his birth date and birth time present), we could interpret that as a person who has strong determination in performing what he feels right. In addition, once the person has set his mind on, he’d focus and ensure things get done his way, no matter what occurs later. His willpower and determination are strong, and these could imply a hard-headed person without emotions and empathy. The scepticism and spirituality signs are missing – this implies a person who fundamentally believes in himself, the self-centric and self-egoistic mindsets. He’d favoured the “show me the hard evidence and facts” as otherwise, anything else is considered, fake news.

From another angle, there is an extra area suggesting strong selfishness and an overzealous type of individual, who always at constant worry others might become better than them. Hence the act of belittling others (or talk down) as much as he could, before others get into the mode. The expression and action traits are missing – these imply a person who could not express himself well, and the ability not to focus clearly before taking action. That could be one probable reason for his frequent yes-no-yes decisions and sudden retracting of actions that we have often seen reported through the mainstream media about Donald.

The activity plane is incomplete, and that suggest a person who trusts in the outcome and final results, and not the beginning or process, which to them, can be handled by others. The self-reflections and wisdom characteristics are missing as well, and it means a person who seldom revisits his actions, and weighs all consequences before a decision is made. The strong gung-hos and intellectual mindset are there, but need pushing hard to get him to optimise them.

This year, from his NSQ Year Chart, the supreme mindset of a leader is further reinforced – it’s entirely, about “I, Me, and Myself” thinking that influenced the decision. The “I mattered more; I think, and I’m more important than you” feelings stay strong and present. From the mainstream media and Internet sites like this YourDictionary page, some of Donald Trump’s popular words include “big league, believe me, winning, stupid, weak, loser, and smart.

The NSQ PROFILING method is more than a nine-square chart analysis that’s common in the West. Just like what I have enhanced and expanded the basic numerology into the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, NSQ‘s strength is moving forward similarly. There is the Behavioural Impulse and Behavioural Intelligence Charts that I’ve formulated to enable a user to identify straightaway the probable behavioural inclinations that a person might act upon.

You can apply the NSQ method to profile a person, without knowing any other profiling or numerology methods. However, when current FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students combined their EON/FEN knowledge with NSQ, they could identify more clues about a person from wider perspectives. And when they understand how the Behavioural Impulse and Behavioural Intelligence work; they can create remedial actions to minimise the negative influences from affecting a person (or themselves) too strongly. They became more confident with better-improved profiling skill sets. When the energies are harmonised, the individual is more positive-inclined to grab the opportunities to live a better and healthier life ahead. Users who studied UCMHP, PON, LifeQuest, and Visiber, would find learning the NSQ method to be an advantage over those who don’t, since they’re equipped with a unique set of practical, profiling tools to analyse a person.

I’ve conducted two NSQ classes some years back, and have regularly received request to conduct the NSQ class again. I decided to revise the course and focus on the fundamentals and key techniques using the visualisation approach. This way, I could give higher-value lessons to the students, in a more productive and efficient way. Furthermore, just like FEN students accessing the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group for after-class tutorial and sharing lessons, there will be a similar NSQ chat group formed as well, to allow NSQ students to share and learned to continue lessons with me and other students.

The 1st NSQ PROFILING workshop is scheduled for next month in September 2108. Check this NSQ PROFILING course page for more details.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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