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I noticed some of you tried searching for bipolar on my site the past few days. I was curious and decided today’s topic is all about understanding the traits of a person with emotional and temperamental tendencies.

In recent times, we have read about celebrities having emotional and temperamental mood swings, throwing tantrums and getting into a rage in public, engaging in domestic violence against their loved ones, and showing obvious signs of assaults and bipolar disorder. For some, the legal “unbinding” acts leading to separation and divorce are impending.

What causes a person to display such tendency traits? How can you identify the traits on a person’s EON chart?

TempersIn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can associate strong Fire to negative traits like fiery tempers, rage, anger, and violence. We can also associate strong Metal to negative traits like mental disorder and unnecessary worries.  When we put the two elements together, the combined vibes could result in traits like mental anguish, fiery mood swings, extreme hostility, and bipolar disorder. If you noticed a person has multiple sets of numbers 3 or 8 (Fire); and 1 or 6 (Metal), they could fall into the ‘high-risk group’ of people having such negative traits. Of course, if the person has strong willpower to control his tempers and learn to flip his negative energies into positive vibes, the influence of the negative traits on them would be lower.

Now, look at this year 2013: 2 [Fast Moving] – 1 [Mental] – 3 [Temper] = 6 [Mental Stability]. These are just some of the negative Universal vibes present this year that could influence everyone, including you and your loved ones. Try to exercise tolerance and thrash away any past resentment if you can – these are the key actions you need to take for a happier relation with other people.

CaseStudy_JackWhiteI was searching the web for ‘interesting’ case study examples and came across this recent TMZ article. In the article, Karen Elson claimed Jack White “has an explosive and violent temper … and has berated her in emails loaded with profanity.” Both of them were married in 2005, separated in 2011, and finally divorce in 2012.

“Wait a minute… there was no strong Fire or Metal in White’s EON chart!”

I agreed the mental anguish traits are not obvious at first look on White’s birth chart. Remember the popular phrase, “everything happens for a reason?” Perhaps you may want to check this Wikipedia article on Jack White to know more about his ‘personal life’.

Let’s try to identify the tendency traits related to health-related actions. The numbers 2 and 7 (Water) denotes the sensual feelings, insecurity, sensitive, and muzzy thoughts. The numbers 4 and 9 (Wood) denotes the emotional and competitive traits. The numbers 1 and 6 (Metal) denotes mental worrisome. When we put these elements closely, it creates the stereotype of an excessively sensitive person with signs of mental madness and craziness (eccentricity).

In 2011, White is facing a “Double Effect” year. All vibes are doubly manifested – extremely emotional, increasing mental worries, and obsessive sensual pleasures. Could these excessive negative vibes caused Karen Elson to claim that White “has an explosive and violent temper … and has berated her in emails loaded with profanity?

Register for the EON Workshop now!The 4-8-3 in White’s birth chart is a sign of relationship strains; and the two sets of 5-7-3 patterns could suggest lawsuits and monetary loss. These imply White could have experienced relationship problems that could lead to separation and divorce (at extreme end) if he don’t take action to exercise toleration add control his tempers and behaviours. If you’ve read the earlier mentioned Wikipedia article, you’d have read about White’s multiple marriages and divorces; and his eccentric actions. I noticed one ‘triggering’ pattern present in the chart that could have influenced the relationship strain White has with others. The presence of this pattern (even without the presence of 4-8-3 or 8-4-3 patterns) could aggravate unnecessary fiery quarrels. It could be because of the insecurity, sensitive and possessive nature White has causing further relationship strains and divorces with his ex-wives.


On July 22 2013, a Nashville judge barred White from having “any contact with Karen Elson whatsoever except as it relates to parenting time with the parties’ minor children.”  White has to control his stubbornness, feelings and emotions. Otherwise, it could spark off more legal entanglements in the later part of this year and next year (with the double sets of 7-5-3 patterns) causing instability (in his mind?) and unnecessary monetary loss. There are also signs in his PY2014 suggesting short-termed passionate and loving temptations and sensuous exploration pursuits that could spark off more fiery angst, aggravations,  and frustrations on others.

Diabetic_TendenciesOn health side, White must reduce his sugary intake (take less sweet stuff, potatoes, and carbohydrates; drink less alcohol and smoke less) as there are tendency signs suggesting being in the “high-risk group” of people with diabetic and cancerous tendencies.

I’m looking forward to share the extended methods to identify health signs like diabetes, cancerous tendencies and many others (including the triggering pattern mentioned earlier) at the next EON WORKSHOP session.

If you’re staying in Malaysia, please register early if you want to attend the EON Workshop on 21 September 2013 (Saturday). Besides the attractive offers for early bird registrations, I’m limiting the number of participants at the session to allow quality time for everyone to learn and enjoy on that day.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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