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Sam sent me an email the other day and wanted to know how he can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to help him find a lifetime companion.

Currently, there are existing metaphysics systems (e.g., Bazi, Astrology) used to find out the compatibility of two people. However, the results may not be definite and accurate anymore. People are aware of the presence and easy availability of personality profiling methods. These days, more people do take a conscious and persistent effort to change themselves to become a more positive person. As a result, the traits (negative and positive ones) vary because of the social, family, health and environmental influences.

For example, “compatible couples” can still ended in divorce, while “incompatible couples” can become lifetime soul mates. Tolerance, trust, common interests, understanding, “breathing space” and regular communication are some of the magical traits that can help couples stay together.

I have provided the steps to plot and compare the general traits of two people in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. You may want to refer to the section “Relationship Compatibility” on Page 186 for more information.

If you already have some potential friends who are “up close and personal”, you can try plotting a Relationship chart and find out whether they can be compatible to what you are looking for. Again, refer to Page 186 for the details.

Personally, I would suggest you start making friends first without checking their birth dates, and before using EON to do a quick comparison analysis.

Ask yourself what is your primary purpose of finding a soul mate? Is it because you want a companion who can:

  • Share common views, and someone whom you can be your confidante.
  • Take care of the family, house and aged parents.
  • Provide you with a luxury lifestyle.
  • Help you in your career path.
  • Control the family expenses and the kids.
  • Be lovable, and can satisfy your sexual needs.
  • Be a short-term or lifetime soul mate.

You need to focus on the most important purpose before looking for a compatible person. For Sam, he is looking for companionship; and someone who can help increase the family’s financial status.

In an elementary approach, the combined root number of the resulting Relationship chart can be 4, 6, 7 and 9. Refer to Page 186 for more information and steps to plot the chart.

Always be mindful that while you are “evaluating” others for compatibility, they are also “scrutinising” you as well. Therefore, it is equally important that you first identify your bad habits and take action to change them. Try to improve your self-worth first before you go on a “hunting” spree to look for your soul mate.

It doesn’t matter whether the birth charts are compatible. What’s important is you enjoyed each other’s companionship, have common shared values and interests. And not forgetting the laughter, joy, happiness and wonderful memories together.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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