Multiple Effect Vibes on SHINee’s Kim Jong-Hyun

Today’s article is about Kim Jong-Hyun who committed suicide on Monday (18 Dec 2017). He was 27.

According to this Variety article, it reported that the “The 27-year old singer-songwriter was found unconscious at a private hotel in Seoul on Monday and died in the hospital. Police are treating his death as suicide.

The first notion that brings to mind when I plotted his chart, Jonghyun, as he’s also known as, was having a triple-effect vibes on the day he died. Yet, upon further checking on other charts displayed by the FEON+ software, I noticed that Jonghyun was not affected by the Triple-Effect vibes. Rather, he was affected by the Quad-Effect vibes, which could have been strongly manifested and affected this emotional stability.

As explained in earlier articles posted last two weeks, a Double-Effect vibe is when the elements and numbers in locations M-N-N-O-P-Q-R of the two charts are identical. This implies the energies and influences could be manifested twice. In Jonghyun’s case the 3-1-4-5-7-3 pattern the same M-to-R locations in his Personal Year (PY) chart are identical with his Birth Chart. That, in the EON theory, signifies a Double-Effect vibes being triggered.

On 18 Dec 2017, the day he committed suicide, the Day Chart also shows identical 3-1-4-5-7-3 patterns on the same M-to-R locations. Again, in EON theory, this implies a potential Triple-Effect vibes being manifested, since identical number patterns are present in three charts.

There is one more chart exclusively derived based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. If you have been taught about this chart elsewhere, i.e., from PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and other PON-style Trainers, they could have quietly adopted the relevance of this chart into their course of study. That’s OK for me since I’m glad the relevance of EON methodologies being used, hence shows one thing – I have done my research and homework well. And when you attended my FEN WORKSHOP courses, you are discovering the various extended EON techniques and methodologies directly from me, and not a watered-down misconstrued version. Worst yet, such theories, could be misinterpreted when these trainers are not my direct FEN students.

There is more behind-the-scene reason on the mapping of the Reflection Chart which is available from the where FEON+ software. I have also explained the reason to FEN students as well. Let’s view it is as another chart in this article for now. The 3-1-4-5-7-3 pattern also appears on the same locations on the Reflection Chart. Directly, this implies there is some form of Quad-Effect vibes being triggered, suggesting the energies and influences from the 3-1-4-5-7-3 patterns (in four charts), could possibly be manifested up to four times. The periodic vibes had to be in moderation to harmonise and balance the Qi energies influencing a person. When there is a fourfold impact, we can state that the energies are excessively manifested, and could lead to extreme outcomes. A simple analogy is to imagine you are standing outdoors, and having a typhoon-like strong wind that could blow you away, and injuring you along the way. And if you hit the wall head on, you might fall unconscious or, never wake up.

I have described the basic associations with the elements and numbers in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” The number 4 could have traits like planning, foundations, craft works, and emotions. And as I have explained and visually illustrated to students at previous FEN workshops and courses, and perhaps mentioned in many of my early articles – we could associate strong 4s as having suicidal intents. Having multiple 4s in a chart, is not so bad as the person could take proactive control and preventive measures to reduce its negative impact on them. Having Quad-Effect charts is different. Another analogy – when the number 4 energies are being manifested four times, it’s like the four-storey ceilings crashing down on you, all at the same time. The impact, in some cases, could contribute to deadly consequences.

In addition, and because of the layout format that I’ve planned for the FEON+ software, the Universal and Personal pillars of the selected Day are showing multiple 4s as well (1-4, 4-7, 4-7). The FEON+ is a practical and affordable productivity tool you can use to accelerate up your profiling analysis. As essential information is displayed within seconds, you get to identify more clues and signals than traditional pen/pencil and paper method. In Jonghyun’s case, the suicidal thoughts are simply too much for him, influencing him to end his life, with the intent that it would be the “be-all and end-all” to settle his problems, and closed the case.

On a separate note, I was discussing case studies with the students in my FEN COMMUNITY (FC) WhatsApp chat group earlier this week. Thanks to all FC members who participated actively in the chatty discussions (almost non-stop for hours), we realised there might be a new method to find out what could possibly affect a person during a specific period, based on the signs present in a periodic chart. I decided to term this method as the “UNZIP Code.” Like a typical zip on the pants, a zipped-up state would hold a person’s inner and outer self-controls together. The person is said to be in manageable control of his own behaviours, actions, and emotions. However, when the person is in an “unzipped state,” it breaks apart the inner and outer self-controls.This means the possibility of the person’s inability to control their behaviours, thoughts, actions, tempers, and emotions, in rational ways. The person is then said to be in an uncontrollable or unmanageable state. The “UNZIP Code” has a simple sequential-like identification. When I used this “UNZIP Code” on Jonghyun’s Quad-Effect charts, the signs are suggesting that as there is the need to uphold the boyband’s perfect and clean image, Jonghyun took action (acted rashly) because he could not handle the mixed mental worries, his feelings (for his fans and possibly, others), and his emotions well. This might bring him down to involve action to end his life. I also told the FC members one possible, but unfounded contributing factor could be linked to relationship matters, or because of another person.

The “UNZIP Code” is relatively a new discovery yet to be explored thoroughly for its relevance and applications to determine the potential influences that might instigate a person (consciously or unconsciously) to take certain actions when they could not manage particular issues well. Together with the FC members, we will continue to test and apply the “UNZIP Code” on as many case study charts as possible. Until then, the “UNZIP Code”is yet a theoretical method, known to FC members.

Don’t worry if you have registered for the 2nd FEN WORKSHOP scheduled for 13-14 Jan 2018. Once I have added you into the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group after class, you will be an FC member who gets to enjoy continuing profiling lessons with me and fellow students.

May Kim Jong-Hyun’s soul Rest In Peace.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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