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Finally, in today’s article, I’ll be focusing on Yvette’s Career element and the vibrations that affect it. You might want to check out my previous two articles “On Yvette: Checking on Career Vibes – Part 1” and “On Yvette: Checking on Career Vibes – Part 1.5” to learn more about her characteristics and behavioural traits that, in many ways, contributed to the problems she faced at work.

Coincidentally, Yvette’s Career Element is similar to another three-part article that I’ve posted, “On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing JobsPart 1, Part 2, Part 3.” Her Career element is WOOD. Yvette mentioned in my Part 1 article that she “liked education, but when I’m in it, I feel stuck and depressed.” In the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we could associate the Wood element with growth, trees, and paper. Jobs such as paper and wood crafts (e.g., paper sculpture and origami, furniture), carpentry and education are the areas related to the Wood element.

Why did Yvette feel so trapped and depressed while working with her desire to work in the education industry? Getting stuck and depressed while working in the industry you love is a mental trap. The contributing factors affecting Yvette and her toxic work environment are in part due to the actions she might have created, unknowingly. As I’ve mentioned in Part 1.5 article, “Whenever we think we have conflicts with other people, we should always look inside ourselves… as, most often, we ourselves are part of the problem and the solution.

Elements of Numbers: Elemental StrengthsLet’s revisit Yvette’s EON chart. The 5-5-5 pattern in her Birth Chart could also transform to become 9-9-9, which is all about the Wood elements, and its associations to success, visions, entrepreneurship, humanitarian, and education.

When I applied the visualisation technique, Yvette’s chart reminds me of the mining activities in the desert with pockets of trees and bushes around. Then there are the high metal tower structures, with the burning light or spotlights shining at the top of the towers. This reminded me of the movie “Mad Max.”

There’s one element lacking in Yvette’s chart, and that’s the Water element. From the screen shot above (taken from the FEON+ PRO software, currently available only for FEN students), the Water element is low while the strength of the Metal element is high. In the principles of Five Elements, it is important that the flow of energies is constantly moving (harmonising, balancing) rather than stagnant. As an analogy, her charts reminded me of a faulty water hose nozzle; no matter how you press the nozzle, there is no water coming out. Imagine what might happen when the water accumulated over the water pipe? Technically, nothing would happen if the nozzle was fixed firmly to the hose. However, if the nozzle is not tightly fitted to the hose, it could create an unnecessary effects, just like those old “Tom and Jerry” cartoon shows where the water will burst out, spraying around, and wetting everyone. This may seem funny, but when we establish a correlation with Yvette’s case, we must be careful.

Yvette must take care of her health and hydrates adequately; drink a moderate amount of water even if she is not thirsty. The lack of Water element doesn’t mean she’s lacking in traits associated with the element, like sensitivity, waving fears, mood swings, and rippling thoughts. On the contrary, such features are present and strongly manifested although the element Water is weak. From the Five Elements perspective, Water element supports Wood element, her career. Strong Wood element will weaken and exhaust Water element, and affect the Metal element – which might be what Yvette is facing currently. Technically, this implies the lack of support for her career, and what Yvette needs to do is to strengthen and enable the flow of the Water element to pass through and support the Wood element, and in turn, to take the right action (Fire element). And like a desert-like environment, the multiple 5s are just too “dry.” Hence, strengthening the Water element would “wet” and soften the dried, hard earth, so it doesn’t crack up easily, reducing the unnecessary fears and worries, anxiety, and others.

As mentioned earlier, the 5-5-5 pattern in her birth chart, and as well as in her PY2021 chart, can also display the secondary influence of another number in close proximity. This implies the 9-5-5-5 pattern in locations M-N-O-Q might display the 9-9-9-9 influences. From a career perspective, since Yvette’s Career element is Wood, this could suggest strong competition at work, where her peers or bosses might feel insecure with her strengths and talents, and would take whatever means to suppress her capabilities at work. Again, it would be great for Yvette to enhance her Water element, also to dilute the multiple 5s to manifest the influences too rigidly.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingI added the Elemental Strengths option in FEON+ PRO showing three graphs. I wanted an automated visual on the elemental strengths of a person, fast and easy. To me, mundane or repeated plotting tasks should be automated, leaving me more time to explore other areas of the charts to identify more clues.

In addition to strengthening her Water element, Yvette must also make sure to change her mindset and perspectives at work. She might be portraying the “expert leadership” style, which tends to be task-based, or an “achiever leadership” style that focused on results, metrics, and KPIs. What Yvette could do, is with a changed mindset, she could adopt the “catalyst leadership” style that focused on growth, adaptation, and guiding others with a purpose; and to build a culture of learning organisation, focusing on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) rather than enforcing SMART goals and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Elements of Numbers: Personal Year ChartsOn a personal level, she has to strengthen her self-awareness (emotional awareness, self-confidence) and self-management (self-control, conscientiousness, adaptability), and work towards social awareness (empathy, service orientation) and social skills (change catalyst, building bonds, collaboration). That was why I mentioned about taking effective communication and self-management courses to heighten her awareness and skill sets, to own her emotions and to build better emotional intelligence, through sustained practice. And it’s also related to the Water element…

The root-cause is the strong number 5 which affected her. The manifestation of the Water element could help dilute the Earth element. Once this is done, Yvette may experience less mental stress at work. She might want to explore using the “Empathy Map” or even the “Johari Window” to get a better sense of herself and her work. Hopefully, by doing the self-reflections and working on areas to improve, she would be able to understand the positives, and the blind areas to strengthen. Instead of doing almost every task at work, she could delegate important tasks to her team members as well, and strive to change her team’s organisation structure from a silo top-down approach, to a “Holacracy” organisation which can be possible with habits and mindsets change.

And as Yvette mentioned, even if she was to change jobs to work for another company, possibly with better remunerations, she might face – or create – similar toxic environment at work. And she has nailed the problemit’s about her, and that why it’s important that she changed her habits and mindsets first, and work as a team and collaborated with others. If she could start acting to change her habits and mindset, that would be great, as the energies coming from her PY2022 chart suggest better career prospects coming. And because of the transitioning influencing energies, she might see some clarity at work in the final months of this year.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles on Yvette and learning more about how I profiled her charts. It is important to make a profile from a growing mindset where you allow yourself to look at a chart from different angles, and not just with a fixed mindset. I’ll be sharing how to identify the Career elements, and whether it’s a positive sign to “change jobs” depending on your career needs, at the “Agility in Profiling” webinar on this coming Thursday (17/6/21, 7:30pm, Singapore time GMT+8). Register now (click on this link) to learn a technique – Career Profiling – which you can use personally or help others if you provide profiling services.  I can’t wait to share the Career insights to those of you who’d already registered, on this Thursday evening.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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