Meredith Viera Worried About Money

Meredith Viera is worried about money despite being a millionaire, according to this article. Veira was quoted as saying “I’m not a doomsayer, but I’m always thinking, What if, what if, what if? It’s not like I’m trying to amass millions of dollars. It’s just that I have a sense of responsibility to my family.”

In Elements of Numbers (EON), the number 6 is also about money and home. Let us look at Meredith Viera’s Birth chart and Personal Year 2010 chart.

There are three sets of number 6 in her chart. The “money thoughts” is always present. With the additional two sets of number 1 in her birth chart, the unnecessary worries about things are always on her mind. Metal is associated to worrying, principles and the mental mind.

This year, the 6-3-9 and 3-6-9 is reinforcing the need for her to spend and make more money to gain the success she needs. Check my article “Spending on 6-3-9 and 3-6-9” for additional info. In addition, the excess of number 9s increased the “greed” temptations.

If you can plot her PY2011 chart, the 5-7-3 number combination is present. It could imply contractual disagreement, carelessness, or the lost of money – anytime now to end 2011. She should be careful with her investment portfolios.

Putting the material needs and unnecessary worries aside, let’s look at her health.

Fire is strong and further “supported” by Wood. She has to take care of her skin, respiratory and immune systems (e.g., lung infection, rashes, breathless and pneumonia). There is too much “dryness” in her – she needs to ensure she drink enough water. When Fire is strong, it may leads to heart-related problems, mental depression, and bipolar disorder. She needs to learn to control her temper, anger, stress and worries.

Practicing meditation may help to calm her thoughts, temperaments and emotions. It would also be good for her health if she cuts down on high carbohydrate and sugary food.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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