On Victor: Checking on Career, Money, and Changing Job – Part 3

In my earlier Part 1 and Part 2 articles, I’ve explained some of the innate characteristics that Victor still has in him, and it could influence him – unconsciously or subconsciously – on his thoughts, beliefs, and subsequently, his actions.

I’ve also highlighted some of the possible root causes, and provided some areas that Victor might want to check for, to see if it’s doable (mindset shift) before he continues on his journey to pursue wealth.

The followings are some of our (edited) follow-up conversations:

[Victor] I’ve read the Part 2 article, and I’m curious to know how the Wood element, which is my Career element, affects my job. Does that mean I need to find a job related to the Wood Element? I hope you don’t mind elaborating on this area.

[Ron] The suitable Career, and the Career element are two different topics. What I’ve described in my articles, is the advanced profiling, which might be confusing to you. You must understand the basics to find out what I’m describing.  Just focus on changing mindsets… try not to do multiple tasks at the same time, like “shoot first before you aim.” You might find yourself distracted again. Perhaps you might want to attend basic courses, or get my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling“ to understand the fundamentals.

[Victor] Thank you so much for explaining this part. Yeah, I plan to get your book and understand better and clearer before I make my next career move. ‘Aim before you shoot’ and make sure it’s a good shot, right?

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EON[Ron] Try not to push yourself too hard and too fast, as you could look at things differently, and miss seeing the potential truth. Focus on learning about ways to change your ‘goals’ through some form of positive mindset change. Suitable career is just a guideline and not necessarily be aligned with your passion. And that’s true because the concept of a suitable career is not “updated” to reflect today’s cross-functional roles and emerging fields of employment. Don’t think too hard about it.

The Career Element is an advanced technique. In the Part 2 article, I’ve described the potential issues that might affect your career vibrations (nothing to do with the suitable Career) during this year or last year. Again, the common “root cause” identified is related to anxiety and worries; and not taking sincere steps to stop the hasty process of growing your wealth. As you are the expert in your own life, think about the many ways you can look into on how you can resolve or reduce the unnecessary spending, and/or living a life within your means.

Once you know the root cause of your financial problem, it will be easier to stop it. You got a job, at least you got a regular pay-check to cover your daily expenses. Looking for a higher salary is generally equivalent to taking on more responsibility and responsibility. Work towards that, but first, fixed the primary problem – your fears, unfounded worries, stubbornness, principles, and those mentioned in Part 1 and 2 articles.

When you change, you’ll get the happiness you need. Money is only a byproduct, and you can easily get there afterwards. Eventually, it’s not me you should be thankful for, but yourself… because you took charge of your own life, and acted to walk on the right path, and achieved what you need.

[Victor] Once more thank you so much for the clarifications. I understand more now about how to deal with myself first. I will begin to work on the main areas and progressively work to achieve my life goals. Gonna get your book and dive deeper into this subject matter. Really interesting when you get to understand how everything falls into place.

Elements of Numbers (EON) ChartNow that Victor is aware of the areas he can improve, I hope he’ll diligently work towards completing his to-do list. Start small, work on bite-size areas, have regular iterations, do some retrospective checks, refine if necessary.

For me, this is what behavioural profiling is all about: identifying areas of improvement that a person can take, to eliminate the problem, so they can move forward, confident in their lives. It is not about being able to identify the key traits and number patterns, and personality of the person. This can easily be achieved through textbook lessons, and read my EON book. What is needed, is the progression towards “life path profiling” through measurable and achievable means, like a simple mindset change, and not through expensive “LifeCode” remedies, that are limited and can be detrimental.

Now, let’s look at the “Changing Job” topic. As I mentioned in my answer to Victor, the appropriate Career or Business table was based on the interactions of the Five Elements. In today’s context where jobs are cross-functional and roles intertwined; it may be difficult to identify the core element of the work. On the other hand, the Career element, in Victor’s case, is Wood. It serves primarily to identify periodic energies that could influence or affect the career vibrations of Victor. I posted a question to Victor:

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profiling[Ron] You mentioned that you didn’t like your job, and you’re looking to getting out fast, is it because you felt:

(A) You needed more money for financial growth.

(B) Your bosses are not supportive of you. The environment is toxic, and everyone works “in their own interest.”

(C) Neglected or lonely while at work (put aside the WFH working arrangement)

(D) You’ve put in much effort or utilise your skill sets, or your boss doesn’t appreciate or recognise your talents and skills.

(E) Your career path is not moving forward. There is no visible career progression, no new duties or tasks assigned.

Let me know the answer. Think hard about the main reason why you want to leave your current job. I just need only one answer, no multiple ones.

[Victor] If I select a single answer, it will be option (A) – for more money.


As highlighted in my Part 2 article, the 1-5-6 pattern is present in his PY2020 and PY2021 charts. Moreover, Victor faced a Double-Effect vibe last year, and the 1-5-6-9-6-6 vibrations manifested themselves twice, relatively. The unconscious search for wealth 9-6-6 [Vision – Money – Money] was transmitted to his conscious self, and the need to increase his wealth was felt. I posted the question to Victor after completing the Part 2 article as I needed feedback on whether my observations were on track, before starting to draft this article.

In my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes, I’ve shared and explained the concepts of using the 5-point, i.e., the above five questions (A) to (E), to find out why the person wants to change their career or job. Often this has nothing to do with their “career or business” industry. Instead, it is about identifying the periodic energies that affect Victor, or indeed everyone else.

It took me several years, research and concluded the 9-Year Cycle (9YR-C) formula. And I’m glad I didn’t rush into it, just so I could get it. That’s why I didn’t include it in the current FEON+ v1.x (Android) software. The screenshot of Victor’s EON Charts was taken from the FEON+ Pro version, which was soft-launched to existing FEN students. I expect it will be released in the coming months so that all of you can use it. Existing paid-users of FEON+ v1.x will be offered a discount. There is so much information available as clues, to shorten your observation time.


The 9YR-C for PY2020 shows the 76/4 code, while is PY2021 shows the 67/4 code. As the 9YR-C code changes every nine years, Victor is influenced by the transitioning of the 9YR-C energies from 76/4 [Supporter – Money – Plan] to 67/4 [Money – Supporter – Plan] state. What this suggests is that Victor needs to act to change his mindset to work towards achieving financial growth. After all, the number 6 is associated with the Metal element, which we could also correlate with traits such as state of mind (mental), anxiety, worries, hyperventilating, headaches, pneumonia, sleep apnea, and others.

We could also associate the number 7 with the Water element, and in turn correlate them with traits like fears, sensitive, sensuous, ripples, and others.

When we put all these together, it means Victor has to change or realign his focus from “relying on external areas to identify potential growth, so he can plan ahead” to “change mindset and focused on his needs first, not wants. Get rid of (or reduced) the swaying feelings, sensitivities, and fears, before carrying out his plan.”

I have included a visual representation of the energies influencing a person’s career vibrations in the FEON+ Pro tool. It’s not conclusive, but it provides general signs. Check out the screenshot for the “Career Growth / Career Vibes” section.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"

The top two highest item shows both “Career Vibes” and “Financial Growth” might be influencing him on the day Victor replied to me that he’s choosing the option “for better money.” The horizontal bar chart also shows that while Victor might not have supportive bosses, he felt the lack of appreciation and acknowledgement from them. Maybe he didn’t get credit for his achievements.

All right, that would complete my three-part articles on Victor. I hope Victor can handle his personal life responsibly, and not blame others except himself. After all, being the SME (Subject Matter Expert) of his own life, a little fine tuning to steer back to the right mindset path, could lead him towards confidence and competency to achieve his desired goals. The number 6 is not just a matter of money or a change in the mindset; it is also a matter of HAPPINESS, the mental state of well-being.

Happy learning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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