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How time flies. In three weeks’ time, I’ll be sharing the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method at the 9th EON@SG WORKSHOP on 9 Nov 2013. I’m glad EON students have gained the knowhow and build up their knowledge beyond the basics of numbers.

Tom wrote to me, “When doing a compatibility profiling analysis, besides identifying the unions of the Root numbers on relationships, I realised I could identify extra details on the couple’s life path like how they have been (present and future) from my own observations. I can say I’m quite shock when discovering the signs.

I’ve described the methods to plot the Compatibility Chart on the section “Relationship Compatibility” on Page 186 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I’ve also explained the basic interpretations (first level) on identifying the signs when two people are together by using their birth charts. EON students (those who’d attended my previous workshops) have the knowledge to look beyond the first level interpretations. Take the case of Tom who can identify more signs beyond the Combined Root number analysis.

SampleSlides4MYAt my recent EON@MY workshop session, I’ve shown a Relationship Compatibility chart of Anwar Ibrahim and the current Malaysia PM Nazib Razak. I’ve shared with the class how to look beyond the root number of the Relationship Compatibility Chart and identify the tendency signs on their relationship by looking at the entire chart. You can check on this link for a list of articles I’ve posted previous on compatibility charts.

In a separate email, Terence wrote, “I’ve a male colleague who’s having marital problems. Their compatibility profile shows the 8-4-3 (M-N-O) and 7-2-9 (P-Q-R). Is there a possibility of a divorce because of sensual and/or non-sensual kinds?” He further wrote, “Husband and wife have not had sex for more than a few years. His wife is overly obsessed with religion and divinity. Can this be the so-called external 3rd-party influence causing possible threat?

I find it interesting when receiving emails focusing beyond the ordinary questions. The 8-4-3 and 7-2-9 patterns in the Relationship Compatibility Chart could imply possible strained relationships between two people. But that doesn’t always imply a guaranteed divorce cases as eventually, it’s up to the two of them to decide how they want their relationship bond to be like. They could have different views and opinions often. As long as both parties can discuss issues in an amiable way, they could create common and shared values which would further strengthen their relationship.

Angelina_BradWe cannot assume the strained relationship is between the couple directly. From a different analytical angle, the couple may be facing relationship problems with external parties and not directly with their spouse. Here’s an example – the happily married couple are enjoying their marital lifestyle but both are facing difficulty communicating with their in-laws. The couple has to work out together amiably to improve their communication skills with their in-laws to lessen quarrels and emotional outburst between them.

Tom mentioned in first example that he could “identify the tendency signs about their relationship by looking at the entire chart.” Yes, when you apply this technique to analyse the Relationship Chart, you can find extra interesting signs beyond the numbers or patterns present in the M-N-O-P-Q locations. With more practises, you can easily identify formative and external influencing vibes contributing to the behaviours and actions of the two people toward others.

We need to look at the individual chart of each person to identify tendency signs of obsessive influences.  For example, Terence mentioned “Husband and wife have not had sex for more than a few years. His wife is overly obsessed with religion and divinity. Can this be the so-called external 3rd-party influence causing a possible threat?

EON_AnswersIt’s important for couples to communicate, understand, and be truthful with their spouses. Over time, each person may focus on their own interest, hobbies, and life goals. Having sex with the spouse is not the only way to strengthen a healthy marital bonding. Communication is a major contributor. It takes two hands to clap – both couple has to let their spouse know their feelings and work out an amiable solution. Otherwise, the negative influence of 8-4-3 and 7-2-9 may be ‘up, close, and personal’ where the frustrated party may redirect his/her sensual moods toward external party. And these could lead to undesirable and regretful actions thereafter when transgression takes place.

UniversalPersonalThe tendency signs present in the Relationship Compatibility chart have nothing to do with the wife’s interest in religion or divination. We need to analyse the wife’s chart directly. Instead, you need to identify the spiritual vibes present in the person’s birth and Personal Year charts.

I’ve shared the method to identify the spiritual senses and vibes, and the extended ways to interpret the compatibility chart at my EON workshop sessions. Join me at the forthcoming 9th EON WORKSHOP. I promise you’ll pick up these techniques and more on that day.

Just give McCoy a call at 8356-0179 or email me ( to register for the workshop. Even though the Early Bird offer has ended, don’t worry too much about registering late. We can always work out an amiable relationship solution (hint). As long as you’re there supporting me at the workshop, I’ll make sure you get to enjoy building up the knowledge to improve your profiling skills.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun




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