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It doesn’t really matter once you understand how the number patterns or a series of numbers closely-tied together, are present in various locations of a person’s chart. I remembered many external trainers, including recent YouTube videos put up by many PON-style trainers, have always been using the “fear-tactic” approach to over-exaggerated the frequencies of extreme effects on certain number patterns.

While the negative extreme effects do happen, such incidents are few as many people do change over time because of the time-related energies influencing us. Take the case of a recent search on “People with 8-4” by a user. While one extreme case of the 8-4 (and 8-4-3) pattern might result in separation (between couples, partnerships, and even life), you have a major role to play to decide whether you want the excessive negative outcome to happen to you. If you don’t want such outcome to hurt you, it’s time for “wake-up” call for you to do something about it. Luckily for us all, our mindset, habits, attitudes and behaviours do change over time, and it does influence our actions as well.

A person with an 8-4 pattern on their chart, does not necessarily mean they’d be separated or divorced. Depending on where the 8-4 pattern is located in the chart, it could only be about the person having a poor EQ communication skill set, or just being untactful or un-diplomatic with others. And when such pattern is located in a specific area of the chart, it could mean they might be exposed to others who often invoked their tempers and angers; or parents or relatives who were sometimes at loggerheads, and it might affect their family upbringing experience.

From the Five Elements principles, the number 8 is Fire element, and 4 is Wood element. When you have both elements coming together, it could produce some kind of fire – the fiery emotions, hot tempers, and so on. However, since number 4 is Yin Woodlike a plant, creepers, grass, or flower – its sustainability is weak. Any fiery emotions or disagreements resulting in quarrels or heated arguments, are unusually short-lived. Others could view that person as having quick-temper, self-blaming, or mood swinging attitudes.

That’s only one part of the entire personality profiling, when we looked at the 8-4 pattern. Even so, we still need to focus on other numbers or patterns present in the charts, to conclude the personality traits of a person, since they (the other numbers) are equally important and could impose influencing energies on their mindset, thoughts, and perceptions. That is why we should not hastily conclude that certain number patterns in a chart, is a sure-fire route to eventual dreadful outcomes. It’s like having a 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3) on a chart, and people would quickly stereotype and conclude you’d be separated from your loved ones, be divorced (if married), or have very bad EQ and frequent quarrels. That’s only like one page of the 1000-pages of the personality book, and there are so many pages unread or unexplored yet.

From another perspective, the 8-4 pattern could give rise to a person’s ability to become more creative, passionate, and having positive thoughts, which could eventually help them to develop their strengths. They could even bring joy, peaceful words, happiness, and harmony to those around them; rather than the quarrelsome, temperament and argumentative traits you’ve presumed them to be. So, the point of today’s article is, while identifying quick traits associated with certain patterns might be fun, we should not conclude them to behave over-75% to be “like that.” Remember, you’re only reading one page of the 1000-page book about the person.

And when you learned the EON (Elements of Numbers) method and my extended FEN (Five Elements Numerology) techniques, you might find a person with “8-4” pattern could imply better smart-genes, wealth luck, career boost, resourceful, and having positive good vibes.

If you’ve been trained elsewhere by other trainers, it’s time to pause and re-look at what you’ve found out so far, and apply them to as many charts as you can. Chances are, you’d see that just looking at number patterns alone, does not reveal the entire truth of a person, every time. For all you know, the person could say, “Yeah, I used to be like that, but not now.” What it entails is that a person’s chart, and all other periodic charts, is not static most of the time. In fact, as time goes by, the transient energies surrounding the person – within and around them – do move dynamically, and these would influence their thoughts, behaviours, and actions.

What you experienced now is a result of your past actions done yesterday or earlier; and what they’ll experience tomorrow is an outcome of what you want to do and act today. Hence, it doesn’t really matter if you have as many of the pessimistic number patterns your trainers have pre-warned and emphasised with strong affirmations that you’ll eventually walk towards the wrong, negative path. What’s significant, is to beware of the consequences (from bad actions) and promising outcome (from good actions), and decide how you want your experience to be like, while taking this “destiny-fate” journey. You can act poorly and have frequent arguments with others; or you could share your creative ideas and passionate vibes to help others become happier, positive, and forward-looking – even if you’ve the 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3), 7-2-9 (or 2-7-9), or 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) and other number patterns in your chart.

Life, is like a cycle of peaks and valleys. Recognise when to manifest, magnify, and amplify your strengths during the peak cycles (like knowing the 9-Year Luck Cycle Period); and when to manage and control your negative habits and thoughts when you’re in “valley” periods. It’s simply like knowing where you are in your Rhythmic Cycles wave – be aware and ride with the flow of the tide, enjoy the scenes while you build your strengths, and jump out to the opportunity ship when it comes along.

Regards, Ron



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