Same Birth Charts, Different Cycles

After posting the article, “Same Birth Chart, Different Birth Dates” yesterday, I noticed I could further extend the analysis by focusing on the features which are currently available in the FEON+ software. One of them – and the easiest and fastest way to “see” the difference in attitudes and behaviours between Peter, Henry, and John – is to look at the “Pinnacles & ChallengesChart and the “Life Path Periods” table.

The “Pinnacles”or “Opportunities” provide general signs (like opportunities and events) that a person might experience during a certain period. The “Challenges” is about the different aspects (like stumbling block and, obstacles) that a person might encounter during certain periods, and the need for them to develop skill sets and improve their attitudes and characters. The “Life Path Periods” represents the influence and effects on a person, and the need to develop different positive traits during the age periods.

As shown in the screenshot of Peter’s chart, John would be having the influences of number 1 in his Opportunities aspect, and number 6 in his Challenges aspect. His Life Path Periods would revolve around the energies manifested by number 8. Peter, on the other hand, is influenced by the number 4 (and possibly, number 8 because of his age (50)) in his Opportunities aspect, and number 3 in his Challenges aspect. His Life Path Period is number 2. And finally, Henry has the number 4 in his Opportunities aspect; the number 3 in his Challenges aspect, and the number 5 in his Life Path Periods.

With the different numbers in the Opportunities and Challenges aspects, Peter, Henry, and John, are influenced by the specific number vibes present. For example, while there are ample opportunities for Peter to focus on, the number 8 is also about managing his money well, and the need for stronger responsibilities. And with the number 4 present as well, he needs to work on the “pay forward” initiatives and execute his plans tactfully. He must focus on humanitarian and charitable activities whenever possible, either by donations (if he could afford it) or through volunteering exercises. Of course, the number 8 is about stress and having crazy busy vibes – and since he has just passed the 48+ age indicated in the Opportunities aspect, he needs to learn to slow down and take good care of his health, especially his mental and heart. With number 4 present, he has to control and manage his emotions so that he can focus on setting up the foundations in his next life chapter.

Both Peter and Henry have number 3 in their Life Path Periods table. That means the extra need to focus on their creative strengths and passions to help others and encourage them to seek a purposeful life. At their age, they don’t have to pretend to like things just because they are challenging. It’s also time for them to be less critical, blunts, temperamental, and do things abruptly. Inspire others and perhaps, work on spiritual (or religious) insights, rather than worrying about their sexual abilities.

John is experiencing entirely different opportunistic vibes – the number 1. That could imply the need to stand out among his peers, to lead by examples, and to demonstrate his leadership abilities. He has to stay focused, putting aside the fears, self-ego, and unnecessary worries, and lead the way. His Life Path Periods is 6. Yes, while we can easily associate that to money or financial matters, it is about family responsibilities as well. This means the need for savings if he plans to start a family, and to spend wisely and prudently. He is having the number 8 in his Life Path Periods. That implies the need to withstand any hardship, be tolerant and adaptable, and focused on proper work attitudes. He needs to be prepared for relentless pursuits and perseveres before he can see success and enjoy the fruits of his labour later.

There are many other Cyclic Charts that I’m researching and analysing. One of them is in the Life Forces and Numeric Energies that I’ll be sharing for the first time at the coming FEN WORKSHOP. It allows you to look for the opportunities and changes in a specific cycle period. For example, John is 23 years old, and is currently in Cycle 1, which focused mainly on the individual action. Peter is 50 years old, and is currently in the Cycle 3. Henry is in Cycle 4.

Each Cycle has an influence on certain numbers in a person’s birth chart. With the four Cycles in place, we could derive the CYCLICAL CODE that is similar in theory to the five-digit ANNUAL CODE that I’ve introduced some years back. Peter, Henry, and John have the patterns of 1784 as their Cyclical Code. And when we correlate the Cyclical Code patterns with the individual’s cycles, this mean John needs to focus on number 1; Peter on number 8; and Henry, on number 4.

I’ll share the steps to interpret the Cyclical Code patterns in class as I noted its relevance in providing subtle signs that can act as a guideline for a person to refer to, and know what numeric energies to manifest, in order to obtain the benefits and favourable outcomes during their cyclical periods.

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Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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