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A friend introduced me to the Elements of Numbers (EON). So I went to buy the book. It’s awesome. Your book helps me to understand my friends and myself much better,” said Mike. “I would like to know if EON can also be used to calculate the house unit number. I came across an old man using numbers to calculate the house unit. I have met him and I have him calculated my unit. It was amazing. He could tell the environment in the house, characters, health etc… of the family members living in the unit. I really felt very strange.

Technically it is possible to use numbers to analyse house unit and other numerical details. I told Mike, “I have not done much research on house unit numbers as there are other areas waiting for me to explore. What other information did the old man asked from you other than unit number? I have learn the technique on environment using Bazi but these requires the person’s birthdate.  Just unit numbers alone does not reveal much on the surroundings but with the house or block numbers and the birthdate would probably show more clues.

HiddenPatternsImagine staying in unit number #12-01. Sure, you can always analyse all possible arrangement from the number patterns, including 1-2-1, 1-2, 2-1 and even 3-1 (12th floor, 1+2 = 3). So, does that mean the old man can distinguish two people staying at different houses/locations with same unit number #12-01 and yet conclude different observations?

Putting occult and spiritual capacities aside, it’s hard to explain the person’s characteristics, health and environment just by looking at the unit numbers only. How did this old man revealed so much about a person just by the house’s unit number?

Mike replied, “You’ll be surprised! I just gave him my house unit. Other than that, he is not interested. Unless you want to check on your hand-phone number if you are doing sales. Well, it’s kind of strange.

Yes, it’s strange indeed… if all the old man need is just the unit number. Perhaps there could be other questions the old man might have asked Mike and the answers could help him “guesstimate” and gather the answers he need. But when ‘common-sense profiling’ comes to mind, it was not really strange after all. I suspect, and I may be wrong here but possible, the old man is an experienced person knowledgeable in Physiognomy Profiling. In short, it means the old man is complementing his numeric observations and its possible influence with ‘face- reading’ techniques on Mike.

BehindThatMask_www.ElementsOfNumbers.comExperienced human behaviour and profiling consultants prefer profiling in the presence of the person, as they could look for signs on a person’s face and their body language. They could even detect whether a person is telling the truth or lie just by focusing on the client’s face. They could also identify possible signs on a person’s face and the locations which could help them correlate to the person’s age and the current situation. In Chinese Face Reading, there are ‘markers’ on a person’s face, with each marker area representing a person’s age. For example, the nose is associated to the wealth of a person, specific age, and his/her maturity vibes. The shape of the nose, birthmarks, or even temporary pimples or cut on the nose could suggest certain meanings. These experts could look beyond the nose and at the other wealth areas on a person’s face to identify ‘tell-tale’ signs on current situation.  Supporting the analysis with body language observations often help narrow down the quality and accuracy of the profiling result.

Besides face-reading, the old man could have used other observational methods including Yijing oracle to conclude his analysis.

Yes, you can still use the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify signs on a person’s current situation. I replied to Mike, “Now, with just the unit number alone, the ‘story’ is incomplete. A higher degree of observation on a person and their environment would be possible by checking the person’s birthdate, current Year (and possibly Month) and full house address.” You can complement the analysis by applying Feng Shui LandForms techniques for better environmental observations.

BANNER6You can buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” at major local bookstores like Popular, Kinokuniya, and Times if you’re staying in Singapore. You can also get the book at specialised metaphysics bookstore like “Wan Li Book Co” at Golden Mile Tower.  You’ll get to learn the EON method to profile a person beyond numbers. Know more about the ‘Double Effect’ vibes – take positive actions to manifest the favourable energies to improve the energies around and within you.

That’s what I did yesterday (27/9/2014) because I knew it was a ‘triple-effect day’ for me. I’ve shared the method to identify the triple-effect day, and its applications to FEN (Five Elements Numerology) Advanced Level students. Anyway, registered users of my FEON+ software would be able to identify them easily from the ‘LIFE PATH’ section. It’s a day to manifest the triple energies and I’m glad I did.

I met a few wonderful Yijing Masters at Wan Li bookstore yesterday by chance. One Yijing Master and teacher told me his students mentioned EON. We talked on various methods including PON, UCM, LQ and EON. I explained why EON is different from the other methods, and why there’s a limit to every profiling system. We agreed the Five Elements and Yijing are the base-layer fundamentals of Chinese Metaphysics, and the need for its use and applications. I then used the FEON+ software to analyse his birthdate, and briefly shared my observations on his health and personality. From the smile on his face, his positive affirmatives, and his body language, I’m glad he has found the answer to his students’ positive comments on EON. I’d a short and insightful conversations with them. And I’m glad the ‘triple-effect day’ energies are in-sync with my EON research and expansion plans.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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