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During the past few days, users have searched for periodic information on this site, including searched words like “month, monthly, 36 monthly, monthly chart, yearly chart.”

The standard Year and Day charts are good, but inadequate to allow me to identify more clues. That was why I started to review it while developing the FEON+ software many years back. I’ve devised the periodic pillars (like Year pillar, Month pillar, and Day pillar) in the FEON+ software, as it clearly shows extra clues. I adapted it from my Bazi knowledge acquired in 2004, and arranged the universal and personal year numbers in a top-bottom pillar, similar to Bazi Heavenly Stem and Earthy Branch pillars. I’m glad the periodic pillars have shown the consistent relevance in my case study analysis. And I’m happy FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students and FEON+ paid users have gained from using it as well. Furthermore, the steps to plot the year, month, and day pillars are exclusive to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, and the FEON+ software.

In a typical Personal Year chart, there are signs that an experienced user could identify to determine its influence on the individual, through his or her birth chart. When the numbers in locations M-N-O-P-Q on the PY chart are identical to the Birth chart, I’d deemed it as a “Double-Effect” (DE) chart. Once more, I’m glad to have formulated the DE theory, and be the first in the world (as far as I know) to announce its application usage in numerology.

In a DE-year, the energies could be repeated; and its influences (both positive and negative vibes) are also manifested doubly. When managed well, the individual could achieve “Double Blessing” outcomes; and when in an uncontrollable state, it could lead to “Double Whammy” situations. Hence, the importance of recognising when the DE-effect could be present, and to take precautions and preventive steps in your pursuits around the DE-year.

The same approach can be utilised to the Day chart and Combined Day chart too. By recognizing its potential influences, you can determine the best approach to take action. But the trouble is, many users do not know what is the best action to consider, to carry out in the day?

That’s where the Universal and Personal (U/P) Day pillars come into action. Each person has different U/P Day pillars; it’s easier to identify the “universal energies” influencing them, and the “personal energies” that are strongly energised from within the person.

For instance, if the U/P Day pillar (check sample screenshot – near “Selected Date” section at top right section, and at “Personal Day Pillars” section at bottom left) shows a 9-2 pattern, we could interpret the universal number (9) in the Day pillar as energies manifesting the visions, success, competition, greed, and humility influences.

The personal number (2) in the Day pillar implies the individual must take pro-active action to communicate sincerely and truthfully to others, to convince them, and to get their buy-in support. After all, we could interpret the 9-2 as [Vision-Talk] and the resulting number (9+2=2) is still about talking, expressing, conveying, and persuading others to support and align to the person’s vision (and hopefully, gets to enjoy the success).

In past FEN classes, I’ve shared a basic universal HOUR table to students and told them I was not contented using only the universal hour. I’ve since formulated a new Hour pillar, to enhance and complement the existing Year, Month, and Day pillars. I’ll share this Hour pillar method in future FEN classes. Aside from the Day energies, you can narrow down to the hour period to carry out the actions. And as I’ve told my FEN students, when they use the Personal Day Direction chart and applied the “Qi Tapping” methods, they could maximise the optimal energies, at that specific point in time. The effects are usually beneficial when the person acted in a timely, positive, and correct manner.

In short, with the periodic pillars (Year, Month, Day, and Hour) available, and including the Year, Day, and Combined Day charts, you can also use the FEON+ software as an almanac-like reference for date/time selection activities. And like what I’ve advised my FEN students, they should avoid misusing or abusing the theories they’ve learned in class; and not be obsessed with it.

We all have a real life to live on, and should take care of our own actions. We should not have our lives be controlled by the numbers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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