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I posted some articles on Melissa’s case last month. I’ve also mentioned that I’ll be sharing excerpts of my discussion with Melissa in the final Part IV article. I’ve rephrased and generalised her comments and my replies to her in this Part IV article to protect Melissa’s privacy. Oh, here’s the link just in case you need to read up the past three articles.

I’ve made the observations using the extended EON visualisation techniques. My FEN students would find it easier to identify most of them as I’ve shared the application method in class. Don’t worry too much if you cannot figure out how I could identify the ‘extended’ or hidden traits. Practise is the keyword. Get the FEON+ software to plot the various charts so you can spend more time analysing. When your EON profiling skills improve, you’ll find identifying the extra traits is so easy and fast. By then, you’ll know it’s all about ‘common-sense’ profiling.

Melissa: My career has not been smooth sailing the past few years. I’ve been looking for permanent job but couldn’t find the right opportunity. Things are moving slow. I am a divorced and a single parent with very high expenditure. I got a new house and have debts to pay. A stable income is really critical for me. Personal year of 4 refers to what? Please enlighten me.

I’ve described the tendency signs suggesting the traits, characteristics, and behaviours that Melissa may inhibits in Part-I article. For example, I mentioned she may have swaying tendencies with flickering thoughts and unnecessary worries. Look at the number 1 and 6 – these are Metal element which we can associate to mental worries. The presence of Water element (numbers 2 and 7) are enforcing the wavy thoughts. Her root number 8 is just like a wild Firehot, forceful, passionate, burning desire – that made her stressful, hard-headed and temperamental.

CaseStudy_MelissaHer career state in 2012 might have been affected by her relationship problems with others, probably with her husband. The pattern 6-5-2 [Home-Obstacle-Talk] suggest signs of obstacles and challenges at home, and the difficulty in communicating with others especially with her husband (6-5-2). And these also somehow affected her career state. In 2013, she could be materialistic-driven to chase the success she needs (double 6-3-9). These could somehow strained her financial savings and spending. Could the financial strains be for her new house? There are tendency signs suggesting her current career state might be influenced by unfavourable and opposing energies in 2013.

There are signs suggesting career movement this year. The Root 4 (PY2014) suggest that she has to ‘sit down and think hard’ what she wants to do. No more wishy-washy “I want to do this and I want to do that too” thinking. Focus is the keyword. Set priorities on her plans and carry out the more important ones. If career is the most important, then she could perhaps lower her career expectation and get a permanent job first. The lower pay may not be what she’d hoped for at first, but if she can prove her talents and control her stress and tempers, she could look forward to a permanent stable job.

Melissa: My ex-husband has been abusing and controlling me since we got married. He has never financially support me. During my divorce and separation process from year 2009 until 2014, I stayed out and lived with this boyfriend who has been supporting me. Now I have moved to a new house with my kids, I’m puzzled why my boyfriend decided not to continue the living relationship. He prefers to stay elsewhere. I like to know if we are compatible and this year, his Personal Year is 3. Is there anything I should know? He’s facing some legal issues and his business is not as good as last year. He runs a cafe business.

Immoral LoveIt takes two hands to clap. Unless it’s a forced marriage, there are passionate and loving positive energies that bind two people to come together to tie the knot. When things don’t work out as they should be, it’s easier to blame others than oneself. That said, it doesn’t mean the problem lies with Melissa and not her ex-husband, or vice versa. On the contrary, both of them do play a contributing role in the marriage failure.

Let’s analyse again using an extended Elements of Numbers (EON) technique that I’ve only shared with my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students. There are signs in her Birth chart suggesting her ex-husband could have been crazy-busy stressing himself out between home (family) and career. That might explained the abusive and controlling nature as when someone is stressed, and in an uncontrollable state of mind, their angers, flares, and tempers show up easily. At extreme cases, these could lead to bipolar disorders.

CaseStudy_Melissa_BFNow that Melissa has divorced her ex-husband, she still has to control her constant nagging towards her boyfriend or future husband. Lowering the ‘perfectionist’ thoughts would help stabilise her mental expectation and calm her beliefs and thinking. She could strive to improve her listening skills and be more empathetic. And getting rid the ‘egoistical’ and ‘self-centered’ attitudes do help. Respecting others and giving them ‘breathing space’ would help to embrace the trust and communication links between two people. Learn to listen and accept other people’s views. Melissa must do a paradigm shift if she hopes for a happier and better life ahead.

Melissa mentioned her boyfriend’s PY2014 root number is 3. Besides the common associations to the number 3, it could also suggest one key aspect – FOCUS. His boyfriend could be rethinking his plans and actions, and focusing on his priorities.

The 5-7-3 pattern in her boyfriend’s EON chart could suggest financial lost, probably because of carelessness, distractions, and oversights in handling his business. His distractions might be for a loved ones and it triggered a mindset shift. There is a possibility of an emotional and heartbreaking times in the next few months as the 8-4-3 quarrelsome vibes are present in next year’s vibes (PY2015). There are signs of improving financial stability or happier family or home.

Melissa: My boyfriend (Victor) is a married man from another country. He came to Singapore to work so he could continue to provide financial support for his family back home. His wife had an accident and is wheelchair-bound. I met Victor when I was going through difficult times with my then-husband some years back. Our feelings became closer eventually and Victor and I had a wonderful living relationship even though I knew he’d not divorce his wife. Now he has decided to leave me because of moral obligations to his wife and family back home. We have no future at all and I still love him. I am really lost and stuck in this rut. He is kind, genuine man and sincere. We gone through lots of hardship, ups and down last few years together. To split is really hard. 

CaseStudy_Melissa_BF_PYIn my Part III article, I mentioned possible manipulative relationship with signs suggesting self-interest at heart, or one person is “making use” of the other party to achieve his or her goals. Victor was feeling stressful over his wife’s health condition and came over to Singapore to make more money so he can take good care of his family. Melissa was having troubles with her then-husband and was moving towards the divorce path. Both of them needs someone whom they can trust and pour their grievances, frustrations, and worries. They could have started as good friends, perhaps with Melissa patronising Victor’s café outlet. Eventually they could have found solace with each other (2-7-9, 7-2-9). There’s so much to talk about the happier times, putting aside their individual problems aside.

Victor has decided not to stay with Melissa for reasons unknown. There is a possibility he might have realised that he still has a wife and kid back home, and 2014 vibes could have influenced his thoughts and unconsciously reminded him of his moral duty. Or he’d prefer Melissa not to worry too much about his financial difficulties, and need the space and time to be alone to work out his problems.

I replied to Melissa, “Whatever it is, you have to start strong. Your kids matter and they still have their dad even though you’re separated. But you have to take care of your own health… Stay healthy and be focused… and have the energies and strength to realign your thoughts and plans. That’s number 4 – plan and act. Oh, learn to relax. You’re feeling too stressful… and these could trigger unwanted quarrels… because of the frustrations, stress, anxiety, and the urge to finish things fast. Relax, learn meditation, and consult family counsellors or anyone who can help you tie over the situation.

Definite MistressMelissa should move on with her life. She should learn to let go her relationship with Victor as unless Victor divorced his wheelchair-bound wife, Melissa might not enjoy true happiness with Victor. Happiness comes about when both Victor and Melissa realised their moral duties. Instead of being lovers, they can always continue to be platonic friends putting past sensual thoughts aside.

Melissa: Recently I have met another guy online, he is from New York, USA. He’s also a divorcee. He seems to give me hope and future but I’m worried it could be another cheating case. He is willing to move forward with me after knowing all my past and current situation. He would like to relocate to Singapore to build the relationship with me and settle for good.

Selective ListeningMelissa has an alternative shoulder to lean on if this new guy has already divorced his ex-wife. She should not hasten the relationship just to fill in the ‘spouse gap’ for herself and the ‘father gap’ for her kids. It’s not as simple as finding the right-matching puzzle piece to fit the missing puzzle. If the picture in the right-matching puzzle is from another picture puzzle, no matter how well the puzzle piece matches, the entire puzzle picture won’t look visually complete. It’s great this new guy empathises with Melissa and is willing to move to Singapore. What’s important for Melissa is she has to change her mindset – her attitude, self-beliefs, habits, and behaviours – and take actions to let go past resentments and move on. Don’t worry unnecessary. It’s counterproductive to worry if this new guy would be like Victor or her ex-husband. Spend the time knowing this new guy and less on the worries as no one knows for sure if the new relationship could work out. While she takes precaution, she must manifest her positive traits and work hard to reduce her negative traits.

When a person feels, think, and act positively, their outlook becomes positive too. The Root 4 in her PY2014 suggest PLAN. That what she needs. Focus and prioritise what she wants to do, and carry them out. Sure, there are obstacles and challenges ahead. Melissa should face these challenges positively and transform them into opportunities. If she can do that, her vision of a permanent career, a loving spouse, and a happy family may be a reality.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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