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While the basic Personal Year Chart might be similar for the PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and my Elements of Numbers (EON) methods, the approach to analysing the yearly chart varies. I don’t have much info about the other trainers’ approach in analysing the chart, but I know the EON method has many different tendency signs and clues available. And the way the information is gathered and formatted, it is easier to identify clues anytime, whether you are analysing the EON’s Personal Year or Personal Month charts.

Somebody posted a search for “Personal Year  forecast” and “Personal Month forecast” recently, and I thought it was good to share some basic knowledge with you to get you started with the EON method of Profiling. For advanced or extended techniques, you can always learn them directly from me in my FEN WORKSHOP classes.

When I first outlined the features of my EON software and the subsequent revisions to FEON+ software, I wanted the tool to provide more than just standard Birth charts, and Personal Year and Day Charts. Since it is a productivity tool, it has to automate other equally important charts. The uniqueness of the FEON+ software lies with the value-added features included. These are the universal and personal numbers arranged in a pillar or column format. Yes, I followed the Bazi’s four-pillar format with each pillar having the Universal number (like Bazi’s Heavenly Stems) at the top, and the Personal Number (like Bazi’s Earthly Branches) at the bottom. When I extended the method to include time-critical details, the YEAR, MONTH, and DAY pillars are displayed as well. Next, FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students knew the Universal TIME period, and the only “missing” part is the personal time factor. With the “author and researcher first, trainer second” passionate vibes in me, the urge to explore more on the personal time pillar is strong. That’s where my “research scrapbook” in Microsoft Excel worksheet comes handy, to explore and tweak the formula easily, and analyse its correlations to a person’s chart. I’m happy that the TIME pillar information is showing correlative results presently. As always, I’ll share them in class once I’ve concluded the findings.

Analysing the PERSONAL YEAR forecast is rather easy and straightforward. Of course, it is always simple and easier for me to analyse the chart. But when you are not equipped with the right knowledge and correct analytical mindsets, it can be a daunting and harder, but not difficult, task to analyse comfortably. If you have my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling,” simply find out the method to plot the Personal Year Chart. Once done, examine the chart as if it’s a person’s Birth Chart.

Well, that’s just the basic first level, which you’d might learn from other trainers. With the extended methods shared in my FEN classes, you get to look beyond the fundamentals. As I have conducted classes for many years now, it is normal that my profiling techniques to be practised or copied by other trainers too. That’s OK for me since the intent of me sharing the techniques in class, is to allow more people – students, trainers, and enthusiasts alike – to learn from the EON perspectives, to identify signs quickly without pre-determined and biased assumptions. If you’ve attended my FEN classes earlier, you’d recognise how to identify the various life aspects from the Personal Year charts. This includes the health, ability and skill sets, career vibes, knowledge and smartness, wealth, and others. FEN students also know that besides the basic association with the number 6 to money, we can also associate any other numbers (1-9) to wealth and money also. Thus, even if you don’t have number 6 in your chart, it doesn’t imply you are not rich, or would not be wealthy. That’s totally a fear-tactic kind of profiling teachings some trainers employed to compel you to sign up and learn their wealth-creations method.

In any case, through regular practices, it is possible for FEN students to analyse spouse and relationship matters from the Personal Year charts. And with other characteristic elements present, and its vibes’ information shared at the FEN classes, the Personal Year Chart could provide many hints to the attentive observers. Simply search for “Personal Year” on this site, and a list of related articles would be shown. Understand them, learn them, and try to correlate what I have described in the article with the Personal Year chart shown in the article.

I’d also encourage you to check on my yearly forecast article series “Numerological Predictive Observations” that I have put up on the first day of each year. Click here to check out my Year 2018 prediction or forecast article.

While it is easier to find out and analyse the Personal Year charts, you need to adopt a different approach to do the Personal Monthly forecast. That’s where the FEON+ software comes useful – to display the periodic pillars mentioned earlier. In case you’ve forgotten, remember I mentioned the Year, Month, and Day pillars?

The Universal and Personal Numbers of the month could provide some hint on the influences on you. In addition, checking the Day pillar could display macro-like views on an everyday basis. And when you factor in other techniques like EFV FLOW and UNZIP Code, and perhaps, including the Daily Code, there are ample clues available.

No wonder FEN students have better-equipped and continuing information on hand than those who just learned the methods (basic to mastery levels) taught elsewhere. Anyway, no one can be an instant profiling expert without practising and sharing their thoughts with others. The phrase “to teach is to learn twice” is a timely reminder, that unless we practise profiling as many case studies as possible, and sharing our analysis with others, it is a little harder for us to distinguish the difference between theoretical profiling and practical profiling.

Together with the FEN COMMUNITYWhatsApp chat group, FEN students can proceed – at their own time, pace, and place – to enjoy learning even after the class lessons are over. And I look ahead to the day when they could profile charts equally as well, if  not better than me. And you can be as well, once you’re part of the FEN COMMUNITY member.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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