Will the World End on 29 July 2016?


Today is Monday, 11 July 2016. In eighteen more days and we shall know the answer. A friend emailed me with a YouTube link to a video proclaiming the world would end on 29 July 2016. It’s worrying to know that the world is ending in just slightly less than three weeks, and majority of us are still minding our business and chasing personal goals. Anyway, I clicked on the YouTube link, out of curiosity, to find out what the 33-minutes video is all about. I was done watching the clip in less than 20 seconds as there weren’t any interesting segments (personal preference) to listen or watch. I was more keen on plotting the chart for 29 July 2016 (Friday), and see if there are any signs I could identify that suggest similar “world calamities” prophecy.

Oh, by the way, today’s article is different and unique. Please read today’s article in a light-hearted manner. Laugh out loud if you have to. Worry if you need to. Learn if you want to.

BANNER2aI guessed I wasn’t worried I could experience the world ending in this lifetime if the prophecy is true. Neither am I a naysayer or sceptic nor a believer. We have limited means to escape when the world really ended in the dramatic, apocalypse manner. Could the effects be almost like those depicted in many of the catastrophe movies, and only the heroes could survive? And should we survived another day, the morning after on 30 July 2016 (Saturday), then we must be thankful it’s just another miscalculation on the prophecies, or because of someone’s bad interpretations. Actually, we can’t blame the “ancient” people for the wrong predicted dates as they don’t have scientific calculators or telescopes to help them observe the stars and plot the time charts. Relying on celestial bodies (like sun, moon, planets, stars) might come useful to determine the directions and entry/exit points. It takes time, mental maths, focus, and patience. Any miscalculation could mean hundred or thousand days, or centuries off from the actual date when the world ends. Maybe their predictions are correct but modern-day experts misinterpreted or miscalculated the date…


Anyway, let’s get back to my Elements of Numbers (EON) observations. There were indeed, uncanny signs present. Let’s analyse the date – 29 July 2016. It has two sets of numbers 2, 7, and 9 – that’s coming from the day/month (29/7), and the year ((2 + 16[=7])=9). Confused? Don’t worry, just check the chart on the top left. There are multiple sets of 2-7-9 (at least six sets) present. In extended EON keywords, we could associate the 2-7-9 as [Talk or Communicate – Support or Community – Closure or Completion]. What this means is that on that day, there might be lots of activities in the social media space on some kind of completion or closures. A massive cyber attack? Gay rights? Social media manipulations? As we also correlate the number 9 with humanitarian acts, could it imply some form of human closure like the end of human race? Or the passing of a global influential person, a popular religious person, or a prophet?

Amazed? Is it a coincidence? Let’s look further.

For a special day to have a devastating effect, it means the energies on 29 July 2016 has to be manifested strongly. In simple terms, there has to be some form of “Double Effects” pattern. I was curious and decided to explore further. I started with using 1/1/2016 as the birth date of this year (top right chart), and noted there was indeed a “Double Effect” pattern (2-9-2-2-4-6) between the Birth chart and “Combined Birth Chart.

Coincidence again?

I then plotted another chart, this time using 1/1/2000 as the birth date for this century. Once again, there was the “Double Effects” vibes on that day with the 2-7-9-7-2-9 patterns appearing in the Birth Chart and Combined Day Chart.


Nah, just another coincidence?

Ok, I hear you. Now let me show you another chart, this time using the last century’s date – 1/1/1900. Again, the “Double Effects” vibes (the 4-6-1-7-5-3 pattern) is present between the Birth chart and the Combined Birth Chart.

No, that’s another coincidence again.

Now, just in case you haven’t noticed, the strengths of the three numbers – 2, 7, and 9 are very strong on that day. Even the Universal and Personal vibes is showing such signs, for the Year (9-2), Month (7-9), and Day (9-2). The Wood and Water elements are strong. We also associated the Water element (numbers 2 and 7) with fears and insecurities. We associate the Wood element (number 9) with growth and upward movement. Could there be fears that something is going to happen on 29 July 2016would there be divine, aliens or ancient space craft discoveries, or levitating (or strong magnetic) effects observed on that day? Would there be devastated flooding, earthquake, volcano eruptions or tsunami on that day? Would we experience fearful tornadoes and unprecedented cloud-forming effects, water sprouts, high waves, or water cyclones on that day?

CaseStudy_20160729_BaziI don’t know and I don’t have the answer to share with you if the prophecy is true. Can we all look forward to enjoying our Countdown to 2017 New Year’s celebration? Do you plan to have the last dinner with your loved ones and friends the day before the prophecy strikes?

When coincidences are one too many, the curiosity doesn’t stop here. I decided to plot another chart, this time using my unreleased BaziCalc+ software to plot the Bazi chart for 29 July 2016. Coincidence, the Ren-Zi characters in Day pillar denotes strong Water element too.

Let’s give ourselves another 19 days to find out if there are calamities reported around the world. Like in any forecast, there is no 100% that the prediction will come true. Likewise, we cannot confidently proclaim 100% that the prediction will not come true. This means there is a certain percentage of fear that events might happen in varying ways on that day. Although the odd of it happening is high, we must not be too complacent. For now, we will survive. We will be stronger as we braved yet another ancient prophecy. As long as we take precautions (and not have the “it will never happen to me” mindset) and carry on with our lives positively, we would be able to overcome any setback even when Murphy’s Law strikes. So drive or walk carefully and safely.

Spread the joy and love with others, not fears and resentments. Don’t live through the day and go on binge drinking and eating as if there is no tomorrow. Instead, be forward-thinking, eat healthily, learn to adapt, and have a more purposeful life. It’s still not too late to work towards a better tomorrow today.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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