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I received an email from John recently. He was curious to find out the number patterns appearing in his friend’s chart. Here’s an edited excerpt of our email correspondence.

John: My friend loaned me a book on numerology titled “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” which he bought some time ago. I read with interest, so I draw up a chart of the Date / Birth Time Chart on his behalf and came up as follows.

• Birth Chart – 7518
• Time Chart – 5379
• The result shows – 3888

He asked me about the meaning of the number 3888. I told him I had no idea. Would you mind commenting on these numbers above, like the 3888? To me, he seems to have lots of Fire Energy. Is there anything important to know besides having lots of fire energy in his chart? How do you describe the person’s character based on your finding?

ACCURACYRon: The first four-digits (on its own, in locations IJKL) of a chart does not provide a full picture of a person’s character. You need to look beyond, and onto other numbers to determine the probable traits your friend might have. Like perhaps he always (or frequently) likes to take short cuts, critical, sharp-tongue or blunt, and so on. Pass me his Date of Birth so that I can explain more through my case study article.

The 3888 sounds auspicious and prosperous with the “Fatt” (8) numbers. We can loosely translate that as “born with abundance of prosperity” in Cantonese. But that is interpreted differently using the EON method.

The 6396 is derived from an external LifeCode formula, not included among the EON principles. It’s just an over-hyped method that is supposed to be treated like a remedy’s pattern popularised by other trainers of other methods. I don’t encourage using this LifeCode number to help harmonised a person’s life energies.

My first book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” described the basic theories. You can learn more by reading the many articles I have posted on my site. Send me your friend’s birth details, and what areas of concern you are looking for. If time permits, I will share my analysis of your friend’s chart on my site.

John: I have just sought his approval to see whether he wants further advice apart from the number he asked for. He replied saying that is more than enough.


Action2It’s normal for people to decline giving out their birth dates for various reasons. One main reason, especially the older-generation Asians, is the fear the recipient party might do something about it, like performing some kind of black magic to bewitch them. Then there are others who declined for personal or privacy reasons, nothing to do with the fears. Whatever the reasons, we should respect their decisions.

As more people emailed me with questions, and normally with birth dates, it is natural for me to keep their birth details, including their names (other than celebrities and politicians whose birth dates are searchable on the Internet) as private as possible. That is why you might notice their birth dates are hidden from the chart. I also used fictional name to protect the privacy of the person in my case study articles. This way, even if there are really evil people around, it is difficult for them to inflict any harm on everyone born on the same day. And when the birth dates are blanked off, it’s even harder to do any harm. Many people also believe in retributions and “karmic” consequences. It’s akin to saying that the world is round (you know that, don’t you?), and what comes around goes around. In short, it’s like the popular phrase, “do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” When you inflicted harm on others, you will consequently, get inflicted too. Whether these are almost pure superstitions or only some outdated observations, is up to you to decide – to accept or decline such beliefs.

BANNER2aThe wonderful thing about using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is the simple way for plotting a chart, without factoring the person’s age. This allows me to analyse a person from their EON chart details, putting aside their age, for common analysis. And when actual age (or birth date) is available, we can apply the extended EON techniques to look for extra signs.

It is easy to decode the probable date of John’s friend and plots the chart accordingly. I will post a separate case study analysis on John’s friend and share my observations. Even though John has borrowed the EON book from his friend, I hope he can learn something useful to allow him to know his probable character and traits, from a different perspective. Hopefully that could encourage his impatient (and probably with a short attention span, or easily distracted) friend to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and its application principles since he had already invested in my book.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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