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Today’s article is a continuation of yesterday’s article, “Birth Dates for Analysis” where I mentioned about receiving email from John, who wanted to know more about his friend’s characters and traits, from the number patterns identified. John subsequently emailed me with more questions and opinions excitedly, and I’ll share my answers and observations in subsequent articles.

CaseStudy_CalvinAnd for now, let me share my observations on John’s friend’s chart in today’s article. For easier reference, I shall relate John’s friend as Calvin. By the way, I will not touch base on Calvin’s basic personalities as you can read up the topic “Interpreting the Birth Chart – I” on Page 63 of my book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.

What you are about to read doesn’t imply Calvin will inhibit all traits mentioned. Instead, what you’re about to read is based on the elements and numbers present in his chart, and analysed “as is” using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Furthermore, as John could not provide Calvin’s birth date, I could only plot his chart using “reverse computation” technique.

John was right about the strong Fire energies present in Calvin’s chart. What these imply is that there are obvious signs Calvin might display, consciously or unknowingly, that portray a fast-paced person with quick-temper, impatient, critical, stressful, blunt, easily excited (anxiety), hyperventilating, poor money management, and perfectionist, that is, everything has to be done accordingly. From another perspective, there are tendency signs in Calvin’s chart suggesting traits like intuitive, self-sacrificing, acting on gut feelings, focused but easily distracted (uh? short-attention span), spiritual or religious, charismatic, convincing talker, OCD-like, and probably, including high sexual desire.

TempersThe 3-9-3-3-6-9 could be interpreted as [Fast – Success – Fast – Fast – Money – Success]. This means the tendency of becoming a money-driven or success-motivated person. Calvin might experience many short-termed successes, and these positive build-ups could manifest sense of pride, achievement, and boastfulness. And it could create a false sense of perception, that the things that he did, was correctly executed. This blindsided him somehow, to an extent of becoming oblivious to the real-world surroundings. In many ways, Calvin became the victim to his own successes. John replied when I mentioned the 3888 sounding like “born with abundance of prosperity” that Calvin is a Cantonese and “only wants to hear the good things.” We could also translate the 3-9-3-3-6-9 as [Fast – Vision – Impatient – Temper – Materialistic – Goals]. In short, like the popular songs from Madonna’sMaterial Girl” and Abba’sMoney, Money, Money,” the wealth energies could influence Calvin to be materialistic, brand-consciousness, demanding, spendthrift, and quick-tempered. Eventually, when things don’t work out as expected, there are signs of fiery outburst, emotional mood swings, and mental anxieties. He could have inculcated the “money makes the world go round” attitude from dad, while the “study hard and be successful” thinking from mum.

EON on Street Smart and Book SmartFrom an extended EON method, there are signs suggesting Calvin has both the Book-Smart and Street-Smart genes, although he is more of the resourceful person. If Calvin has not exhibited any of the fiery emotions yet, that’d be great as it implied he could have consciously or unconsciously controlled his emotions and tempers well. However, if he does, or when John noticed his obvious traits, this means Calvin need to take charge and work on a mindset shift, a transformation to change him into a more responsible, respectable, and empathetic person.

In his reply email, John wrote, “he found out these numbers attached to him – 6396 (known to him as his secret code)” This could imply Calvin might have attended basic numerology lessons conducted by other trainer, or gotten the code numbers from friends. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter how Calvin knew that to be his “secret code,” also known as the LifeCode.

I have frequently pre-warned in past articles about the detrimental effect that a person might unknowingly inflict on themselves, especially on their health, if they wrongly manifested the LifeCode energies. In the Five Elements principle, having all elements is useful and beneficial to harmonise a person’s inner and life Qi energies. Too many elements of the same kind might create excessive forces, and that once-beneficial energies could now become unfavourable and harmful. Calvin has multiple sets of numbers 3,6, and 9 in his birth chart. Having an extra set of numbers 3, 6 and 9 in his LifeCode (6369) further manifested the exasperating vibes. That could make him more temperamental and emotional when chasing after instant success and material wealth. If such unhealthy signs are not displayed outwardly, it could have implications as he might have disciplined himself and kept these emotions in him. Over time, these build-ups of excessive energies could explode. What comes next, is an uncontrollable and emotional person who shows off his worst behaviour and makes a fool of himself in front of others.


If you can, refrain from using the LifeCode wherever possible. It may have positive short-term effect for some, but not all people. When applied for long-term use, the effects might be unhealthy and to an extreme case, devastating. In many cases, the LifeCode energies would deplete after a while if left to “collect dust.” Manifesting the LifeCode energies is not for everyone, and only for those who knew when to use it at an opportune time. What’s the point of having so much money and then use them to pay for regular medical and hospitalisation fees? It doesn’t make sense. So changing one’s mindset is the best free cure, when you are aware of the probable traits and behaviours you might inhibit.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyOne more thing… Calvin is facing the “Double Effects Year” effect this year. This means every positive and negative vibes is manifested strongly – like everything’s doubled. If things are not going smoothly, especially the health part, for Calvin for the past six months, then it’s time to change his behaviours, habits, and thinking. Else, it might lead to a “Double Whammy” experience for the year. If things do work out as expected and positive, then Calvin must continue to stay in vigilance and control his emotions while he pursues his goals. Hopefully, he will end the year full of “Double Blessing” signs.

Wealth Directional MethodBesides changing one’s mindset and beliefs, it is also important for Calvin to focus on his hidden inward strengths – humility, caring, and joy. That’s assuming he has exhibited many of the negative traits mentioned earlier. Don’t just focus on materialistic gains. Instead, he could spend some time on charity projects, volunteerism, and social work. These could dilute the excessive energies in him. With less tension and stress, Calvin can be a more responsible, warm, and charismatic person, if he hasn’t displayed such traits yet.

There are many areas to talk about in Calvin’s chart, including probable health signs like cancerous tendencies, immune, skin, and urology conditions. I have also not covered extended observational patterns like Annual and Birth Codes, Hidden Patterns, and others which I have shared in my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes. For now, these are just brief observations on Calvin’s chart. Hopefully, John and his friend (Calvin) can learn something useful in this article, and make a positive change today for a better tomorrow. I’d encouraged them to learn the Elements of Numbers (EON) method for better self discovery.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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