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Yes, you are right,” replied Ben after I told him, “This year she’s facing some kind of Double Effect with the 483. She’s extremely emotional and temperamental.” Ben’s relative, Agnes, wanted me to check if it’s a suitable time for a medical operation later this year or next year. Agnes has a sister who had undergone a successful smooth operation late last year, after I suggested it was better to have the operation in 2015 instead of this year due to more advantageous vibes present. Seeing that her sister is enjoying a healthier lifestyle after the operation, Agnes wants to know when is the favourable time for her knee operation.

CaseStudy_AgnesLet me share my observations on Agnes’ health from the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles. By the way, what you’re about to read doesn’t imply Agnes would inhibit all the traits, and behaviours mentioned, or experienced the events stated. This is because a person’s eventual beliefs, habits, and actions are depending on their family upbringings, social influences, the environment, and even the time of birth. Hence, what you’re about to learn about the possible traits Agnes might inhibit is based on the EON principles.

She has strong innate emotional and temperamental characteristics by nature, based on the elements and numbers present in her birth chart. This means a higher tendency for her to get heated up unnecessary, with frequent abrupt mood swings that might strain her relationships with others, including siblings and relatives. By applying the visualisation technique and using an analogy, Agnes is like the charcoals in a BBQ pit. There are too many charcoals, which make it difficult for the fire to light up and burn quickly. This means there might be some form of suppression – the agitation, anxiety, anger, and unhealthy feelings, together with signs of depressions. There are so many things Agnes wanted to do or pursue but due to her “charcoal-like” traits, it might be very stressing for her to focus on delivery her promises with best efforts.

Selective ListeningThe multiple 4-8-3 patterns in Agnes’ birth chart could suggest the lack of tactfulness and average relationships with others, possibly including her parents and siblings. There are signs suggesting she might be more emotional when communicating with her Father, and getting temperamental and stressed up when communicating with her Mother. Agnes also has the “selective listening” habits, and it could have manifested because of her childhood experiences. The occasional “heck care” attitude could lead to unnecessary overspending too, and the mental distractions could lead to carelessness, oversights, and assumptions in the tasks she’s doing or handling.

stubborn_emotional_temperamentalFrom an extended EON perspective, her Natal/Birth Code signs are suggesting Agnes has the frequent urge to talk (or boast) about her visions, goals, and successes. That, by itself, is not a bad thing when a person takes pride in his or her successes and shared their journey of experiences with others. However, things are not like a smooth straight road for Agnes. There are signs of obstacles and challenges ahead, which imply some kind of frequent restart in her pursuits. It’s like the feelings of initial excitement when she takes a bold three steps ahead, and subsequent feelings of disappointments and frustrations when she realised she needed to backtrack two steps. That means whatever efforts she has put in and have good intentions in helping others, others could perceive her “insincerity” for taking one step forward and not the three steps as thought. Imagine the unappreciative feelings had on her. And that could have further aggravated her emotions and tempers. She’s like the tempest in a boiling teapot. But there is more hot air than steam! That might have resulted in the fiery outburst as a means to relieve her self-controlled stress.

On the surface, there is no clear indication that Agnes is facing the Double Effects vibes on the numbers this year. However, from an EON perspective, she still is as the 4-4-8-3-3-6 in her birth chart and the 4-9-4-4-8-3 in her PY2016 chart is signifying a “Double Effectof the elements this year. What this implies is that whatever I have described on her probable traits, behaviours, and actions earlier might be manifested doubly. And that is not a good time to have a medical operation – it could worsen her health conditions. I told Ben next year would be more beneficial to Agnes to have her knee operations than this year, if her current knee problem is not serious.

Know Your LifePath. Control Your Destiny.Remedies? Yes. Free? Yes, of course. Agnes could make use of the time hereafter to her operation date to learn some form of calmness activities like meditation, yoga, or redirect her excessive emotional energies by getting herself involved in humanitarian and charitable projects. Shouting out loud (like in large grassland, or at the mountain or hill top where it doesn’t disturb or irate others) is another way of releasing the build-up energies in her. Have roller-coaster rides too if her health and safety are not a concern. Even enjoying a fun, laughing therapy session might be healthy too. The important point is – she has to open the ‘valve’ to release the compressed tensions inside her. She has to let off past resentments, and control her mental state, i.e., reduce her unfounded worries, fears, and anxieties. In the Five Elements principles, strong Wood elements could affect a person’s liver, kidney, and limps. This means no extreme sports that require sudden or abrupt jumping or running.

confusionUnless Agnes is sincere about improving her health condition and continue with a better healthcare regime, there are signs she might suffer from some form of breathlessness, pneumonia, dehydration and thirst, and sleep apnea. There are signs suggesting she belongs to the “high risk” group of people with cancerous and diabetic tendencies. This means, at extreme cases, when emotions and tempers are not in proper control, the cancerous symptoms might surface. She has to cut down on sugary drinks and high-carbs food. She has to slow down her pace and not act hastily or do things abruptly. I’d recommend she goes for regular medical checkups and has health insurance policies if she has not already done so.

Even if Agnes (or even you, if you have similar patterns in your charts) currently do not experience most of the health symptoms mentioned, she still has to take good care of her health. As the signs are based on the vibes present in her charts (like birth chart and Personal Year charts), it is important she consciously reminded herself to take preventive measures to reduce the possibilities of the health symptoms from surfacing.

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, and what might have affected or contributed to your behaviours, habits, and action is handy. Changing them and getting rid of old and bad habits and belief is even better and healthier. Not doing anything about when you know you must take good care of your health, is nobody’s fault but yours when your health condition worsens.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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