The “Energy Sucker” number pattern

Someone searched for “energy sucker numbers” a few days ago, and it caught my attention as the rest of the searches were mainly on number patterns like 8181, 547, 988, 988786, and so on.

The question that occurs to my mind, “is there such a number pattern to identify an energy sucker, or an “energy vampire” that drained you out, making you very tired, exhausted, and feeling bad subsequently?” Often, these energy suckers don’t even know what they are doing, but they just exhaust you when they are around. People known to have the behaviours of an energy sucker tend to be toxic, mostly pessimistic, and often create an emotional drain on you.

Currently, I’ve not done any research on identifying an energy sucker characteristic, or even questioned if there is such a pattern-like sign that we can identify on a person’s Birth Chart. Maybe, it’s because there isn’t a compelling reason to find out if there is such an “energy sucker” number pattern. Anyway, I thought it was great to share some insights from my perspective, to allow users like you and more for the FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students, to digest and observe with an open mind, from an EON’s practical and logical views.

Let’s set aside the curiosity or debate on whether a specific number pattern exists that we can associate with a person deemed as an energy sucker or energy vampire.

In actuality, I could connect the energy sucker characteristics with all numbers. That is to say, everyone of us, regardless of the Root number and various numbers elsewhere in our Birth Charts (i.e., numbers 1 to 9) can be an energy sucker, anytime. It’s obvious now, isn’t it? When the negative influences rule our mind, we tend to be more toxic, intrusive, pessimistic, self-centric, chronic complainers and critical. At the same time, our thinking preferences became the primary focus, and the egoistic pride makes us feel more intellectually superior and capable than others. We love to belittle others to make us feel better. All these negative habits and actions, is because we want to be heard, understood, validated, and so on. In reality, we are all potential energy suckers.

No, I’m not like that,” some of you might say. Sure, I hear you. You might be like that previously, but not today. That’s because you took charge and control your emotions, and let the positive thinking occupies the more serious side of your feelings. In any case, what’s more important is to identify how an energy sucker works, so that we can avoid being one ourselves. And stay away from somebody whom we identified as one for a reason – we do not want to be emotionally drained by these people, and spoil our moods for the rest of the day or night. According to this online article, the good thing is that the action of a person behaving as an energy sucker is more of a habit than permanent traits that’s in us. And like any habit that we presented, we can get rid of the negative ones if we are serious about changing them. That stated, it has nothing to do with the Birth Chart or specific number patterns identified. Being an energy sucker is just focusing and working on our negative characteristics. Let me share the similarities of the nine questions indicated in the same page:

  • I do the majority of talking in common daily conversations (Number 2 – EXPRESSION)
  • I interrupt people while they’re talking (Number 3 – CRITICAL)
  • I move around a lot, physically and verbally (Number 5 – FREEDOM / CHANGE)
  • I don’t say thank you (Number 9 – COMPASSIONATE / SERVICE)
  • I take things personally (Number 8 – RESPONSIBILITY / RECOGNITION)
  • I have a negative take on most things (I like to call this being a realist) (Number 1 – LEADERSHIP / SELF-CENTRIC)
  • I practice one-ups-manship in conversation (Number 7 – SUPPORT / CHARISMATIC)
  • I make things all about me (Number 4 – PLANNING)
  • Being understood is very important to me (Number 6 – SECURITY / STABILITY)

I’ve tagged the relevant number for each question, and included the associated reasons behind each list item as well. While it may be inconclusive or be different from your choice, nothing is definite here although the tendencies are stronger from EON perspectives.  The cause – each number has associated traits that we could identify with other numbers too. And like what I’ve shared with FEN students, each number has its own Yin-Yang characteristics, and its expanded traits. Such consciousness is important to allow FEN students to identify more clues beyond static, narrowed-focused analysis.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambition. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

If you haven’t already noticed, the nine questions relate to the negative prospects of each of the nine numbers. Put aside the coincidence in the nine questions as i’m using it more of a reference to showcase the probable actions to each number. For instance, a good leader will truly accept differing views, criticisms, and opinionated comments – be they real or fake – and humbly consider them as different people has their rights to make their own judgement. Sadly, many politicians are self-benefiting than self-sacrificing, with the arrogant mindset that without them as the leader, the people would not enjoy better benefits. Hence, the idealistic views that they are always RIGHT while others are WRONG. Eventually, they do have a consequence on our health, happiness, and success when we stick with them for too long.

Once you realised the essence of the Five Elements principles, its dependencies and interdependencies on other elements and its associated numbers, you’d noticed that every number has “two sides” – the positive “energy givers” side, and the negative “energy suckers” side. Either way, you have the option to decide what’s best for you. There is, to me, no such absolute number pattern that we could associate with to determine if people are a potential energy sucker, from analysing their birth charts. In retrospect, a person with potentially high positiveness that others could assume to be “energy givers” may transform into “energy suckers” occasionally. From the good, polite and responsible person, to be the vampire who sucks our blood and drains us out. Possibly, we became walking zombies that in turn, allows the negativistic to flow through us and make others like zombies too.

That reminded me of some external trainers, who likes to promote pessimistic “fear tactic” profiling; where every identifiable number pattern in a person’s chart could be determined by a perceived, stereotyped and biased opinion on the person. While such cynical analysis could impress us initially, it invoked our fears that we might become one soon unless we learned the preventive measures from the trainers.

Even in my FEN classes, some students came initially like “energy suckers” who interrupted the class with questions, feeling that they wanted the best only for themselves. I don’t blame them as they might have paid ten times more earlier by attending a different profiling course conducted by other trainers. They got “influenced” and became energy drainers too. Thankfully, when they leave the FEN classes after the 2-day sessions, they transformed into energy givers instead. Change, is what they practised. Perceived negative mindset, is what they thrashed out. And becoming energy givers by helping to distribute the good words around on the FEN classes, is how they felt appreciative with the passion and commitment that I’ve passed on to them. Eventually, FEN students know that they could enjoy the lifelong profiling learning experience with me.

I’m grateful to receive FEN students’ opinions on EON/FEN, and my research and teachings. I’ve explained the importance of checking out the two sides in a number before concluding our observations. And they know truly, that profiling opinions can be identified through proper “root-cause” analysis, and not by hasty focusing on “number patterns” only.

You can be like the FEN students who opted to be become more energy givers than energy suckers, once they learned the extended EON visualisation techniques, and other behavioural inclined methods. They saw others with broader views, and could help others with practical and affordable ways eventually…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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