Worrisome 4-1-5


I noticed some queries on the following number patterns 4-1-5, 6-7-4, 8-2-1, and 7-9-7 on this site recently. As always, I’ll be sharing my analytical observations with you here today. I hope you will learn something useful that can change your perspectives about your character and traits (especially if you have any of the number sequences in your chart) and work towards a better tomorrow. It’s your choice, anyway, if you want to stay where you are or walk a few steps forward each day nearer to realising your goals.

TakeStockI’ll focus on the 4-1-5 pattern for today’s article, leaving the other number patterns for another day. This way, you have the time to explore other people’s charts and see if there are similarities in the traits or habits mentioned here. By the way, the person might not inhibit or displayed all the traits mentioned below because of family upbringing, experience and beliefs, social and environmental influences, habits, and behaviours.

If you have the 4-1-5 sequence in your chart, which can be in any location and is directly linked (in close proximity), you might have the following tendency traits. From basic Elements of Numbers (EON) interpretation, we can decode it as [Plan – Alone – Stubborn]. What this means your stubborn and prideful nature could have contributed to your loneliness. You planned to be ahead of others, and aspire to be the innovative leader to change “the world” but because of your egoistic and self-centre perspectives, your reluctance to accept criticism and constructive feedback could lead to a lonely leader with few sincere and truthful supporters. On the other hand, it could also imply a contradictory habit – the subconscious thoughts of fear, the worries that you cannot handle the challenges well, and the responsibilities to stabilise your home or finances – these could lead to the habit of making empty promises. That is, you might face the “over promise under deliver” situation with regretful outcomes. On a positive side and interpreting from extended EON principles, the outcome might be different. If you can just relax, be more open-minded and less stubborn, and face obstacles as challenges and opportunities, you might experience more beneficial outlook. This means the potential ability to increase your wealth though innovative planning and executions. With continual practices and positive thoughts, you could easily transform yourself from the once charlatan-like character (remember “over promise under deliver”) to a successful eloquent and visionary person.

YetToComeAnd now, I’d like to share extra observations looking from a fresh angle – something that’s unusual and analysing from emotional and mental perspectives. We can decode the 4-1-5 patterns as [Envy – Anger – Greed] and [Melancholy – Resentment – Stinginess]. With that, it means the tendency to manifest the overzealous habit (envy) on your pursuits that might often result in frustrating moments (anger). If not proper in control, you might acquire the habit of interpreting and doing things from a self-beneficial and greedy mindset. On the other hand, the feelings of pensive sadness (melancholy) because of experience (failures and setbacks) could influence your plans. Eventually, if you don’t control your emotions and mental worries, you might acquire the stinginess habit. Nothing gets done because of your fear, worries, and stubborn attitude… unless you take action to change and move onwards to successful transformation.

“You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future” is a positive popular phrase. If you have the 4-1-5 patterns in your chart and realised you have “acquired” some, if not most, of the traits mentioned earlier, spend time on self-reflections. Get over the past and focus on your future today.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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