Ferocious Effects of 6-6-3 in 2011

With slightly more than four months left to the end of 2011, we have seen some ferocious effects of the 6-6-3 vibes. Many people wanted fast, instant success; and to become instant millionaires. Some people have unfortunately experienced the temperamental effects as well.

I posted this article “Releasing the Disclosures in 2011” on the first day of the year (1st Jan 2011). I mentioned one of the tendency vibes identified for this year (2011) suggested there would be more disclosures that “would lead to more Leaders and Heads rolling emotionally, causing undue stress, tempers and damage control often.”

Remember WikiLeaks? Anyway, there are concerns Rupert Murdoch’s media empire could be affected with the recent phone hacking disclosure incident, according to this article.

Many people familiar with the Power of Numbers (PON) would know the general signs of 6-6-3. Sadly, most people would not know there are “hidden energies” present between people in the year. While most people would focus on the whistle-blowing tendencies, there’re also general signs of relationship tensions and strains this year. It can happen to anyone – you and your loved ones, your business partners, your workers, your supporters, your peers, your suppliers, and just about anyone whom you have communicated with.

“Feel the Fear, Experience the Success” has been an inspiring quote I’ve used for my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Be consciously aware of the negative effects that may affect your relationship with another person (usually associated to the 8-4-3 or 4-8-3 number combinations). Take precautions if necessary while you focus on achieving your goals. In addition, an experienced person can actually use these “energies” to break-free from stumbling blocks that could affect the growth or achievement of goals.

Let’s use the 8-4-3 or 4-8-3 vibes as an example. It doesn’t always mean if you have 8-4-3/4-8-3 in your Personal Year chart, everything related to relationship would, at best effort, be at damage control stage. No, it all depends on your purpose and focus. If it’s about relationship with your loved ones, then at all means make sure you don’t step beyond the moral and ethical line. You can also use the negative vibes like “using poison to fight poison” and turnaround the vibes into a positive one for you, as long as there is no misuse or abuse, and no harm’s done on anyone.

I discovered the hidden energies present in the Year 2011 vibes by accident, while trying to identify other tendency signs. The signs are present. It’s just that we didn’t notice it. It’s just that our mental view were not optimally trained to adopt a 360-degrees analytical approach. With the recent report that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s marriage are on the rocks, it’s impossible not to notice the hidden effects of the year vibes on them. Anyway, I’ll share the discoveries of the hidden vibes with you at the 2nd EON Workshop.

I noticed an increasing number of new visitors to this site. If you have attended Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) course before, welcome onboard and enjoy the moments of continual learning experiences. Get a copy of my book to increase your numerology power. The Elements of Numbers (EON) method allows you to extend and expand your PON knowledge beyond the science and power in numbers. Digest the articles I have posted on this site. If you find the articles interesting and helpful in your profiling analysis, share it with others. Let your friends know. Your thought is the key to better destiny. The more you “share and give”, the more you will “receive”. And the more positive energies you can attract.

Stay Focused. Bless others and you shall be blessed too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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